• But how will Esang Ubong become the next king when the first son of the king is still alive? And that is the reason why the king want to kill Esang Ubong. What will be his fate now? Hmmmmmm. Well, since thier high priest is died, the king of Eku mkpata kingdom send his guards to the neighboring kingdom to bring the greatest chief priest ever lived in order to come because the day to announce his son a grown prince was fast approaching. Here comes the greatest high priest who ever live but there was a problem, the problem is “five young men must go to the under world call 40 godness of authority to get the staff of authorit.

The king and his cabinate members have even forget the fact that no body is permitted to become the king without the staff of authority and according to thier tradition, you can’t become a king without the staff of authority. Badly enough Esang Ubong was among the five young men, this king is highly wicked and heartless. Why did he choose Esang Ubong among the young men? Because he wanted them that are not from Eku mkpata kingdom to witness the coronation of his son as the grown prince. Will Esang Ubong survive it, and note that the meaning of Esang Ubong is Staff of authority. Oh God help him.

They begin to go in search of the staff of authority by going to the 40 godness of authority and they start it in the evil forest in thier kingdom. What will happen if non of them survive it? Will the first son of the king still become the next king if non of them return?
Episode 5 will be the next ink that will tell us.
Samuel Elisha

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