Well, Esang Ubong does not have any body, he is from a poor family. The king and his cabinate members begin to plan on how to set Esang Ubong up and banish him from thier kingdom. Oh God would they succeed? Please God don’t allow them succeed. Hmmmmmm.

They work out a plan and bring it into reality and the plan was “if you know that you where not born in Eku mkpata kingdom and your parent are not from here, we are giving you three market days effect from now to vacat this kingdom or else you will be force to be deported out of the kingdom to where you belong” that is the degree from our king says the town cryer, the entire kingdom where in silent as if the whole kingdom where in a grave yard or semetry.
Esang Ubong is not from Eku mkpata according to them. He was carried into the kingdom during war with the kingdom his parent recide and another kingdom. His parent run into Eku mkpata for the sake of thier lives and that of Esang Ubong because he is the only son and they dwell there till now. He is away that he is to be The next king but the king and his cabinate members begin to claim that Esang Ubong is not from Eku mkpata because of thier selfish interest. How will Esang Ubong become a king now that the entire kingdom is away that he is not from Eku mkpata?
Episode 4 is the next ink that will explain how.

Samuel Elisha


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