Mummy’s Gateman Episode 9


  • Marie’s POV

I got into my room and locked the door behind me.
My phone was on my bed. I jumped on the bed and carried it up only to find out that I had a missed call from my dad about a minute back. I decided to return his call.

When I was done with the call, I opened my Facebook messenger app and placed the video call to Francis. He picked up almost immediately and I could see his smiling face on the other side as he kept waving at me.

He had a cut on his lip which made it swell slightly.

‘Whats wrong with your lip?’
‘I uhm… I don’t know. Maybe bad sleeping position’ He said with a shrug while scratching his head nervously trying to conceal the fact that he was lying before he stopped to take a look at my own face.

‘Its just rug burns’ I said before he could even ask.

We talked for a while but he seemed like he was pissed off about something. I had to end the call when he heard horns outside.

Looks like my mum is having guests.

A knock sounded on my door and I got up to see who it was. It was my mum asking me to come down and greet her guests. I rolled my eyes as I closed the door behind me and followed her downstairs.

It was the wife of the one of the commissioner for agriculture and her son Jude.(he looked more like Judas to me)

I finished with the greetings and was about to head back to my room when my mum urged me to spend some time with him. I tried to refuse but she furrowed her brows and glared at me.

He stood up and walked towards the front door and held the door open for me to walk through. I sighed and walked reluctantly outside as he closed the door and followed beside me.

We kept walking quietly until he decided to break the silence by starting a conversation.


I responded passively to all his questions. He reached out and held my hand as we kept walking. I didn’t want to stop him so I don’t seem rude.

Maybe my mum is trying to play nice and get a contract from their family or something, I didn’t want to spoil things for her.

As he kept blabbing about one thing or the other, I saw Francis.


He was helping Mr Okon mow the lawn. Immediately he saw me, he looked up and gave me a small smile but immediately, his expression changed to a sad one when he saw that Judas’ (I mean Jude) was holding my hand.

I tried to wriggle my hand free from his hold immediately but by then, Francis had already looked away so he didn’t see any of that.

I felt like slapping someone but I also felt like crying. I just succeeded in hurting the guy I love.

I turned and ran to the back of the house to cry somewhere and left Jude standing there speechless.




  • Marie’s POV

I finally sneaked into the house through the back door when Lucy told me that Jude and his mother just left. I didn’t want my mum to ask me why I left Jude outside.


As I walked slowly up the stairs, I heard my mum clearing her throat behind me and I knew I had to face the music. I didn’t know she was sitting down on one of the sofas.


‘I want you to have dinner with him on Friday’ she said as she adjusted herself in the sofa without even looking at me.


‘What if I don’t want to go?’ I fired back angrily.


‘Your dad baby girl ,You wouldn’t wouldn’t want to lose him’ she answered coldly and picked up the remote control and turned on the TV signalling the end of the conversation.


I continued climbing up the stairs holding back my tears until I got to my room and burst into the bitter tears that I’ve been holding back now.


My mum has been blackmailing my dad for the past fourteen years ever since she got hold of evidence that my dad had been involved with drug dealers in the past and he had actually started his business using drug money.


After the divorce, he had given her fifty million naira as compensation for her to keep her mouth shut and she promised not to ever bring it up.


She even handed over the evidence to him but had made other copies which she has been using to manipulate me to do whatever she wanted.


The love I have for my dad is the only reason I have to go through all that she is putting me through. That’s why I’d do anything to keep him out of jail.


I cried so much that it felt my eyes would pop out of my head.


Not long after, a knock was heard on my door and I got up wiping my eyes to see who it was.


It was Lucy. She doesn’t know about the issue with my dad and mum.


She gave me a hug and patted my back consoling me. I’m sure she thought I was still upset the whole Jude issue.

However, she had something important to tell me.


She told me about how my mum slapped Francis in the morning because he delayed in opening the gate for her. (That explains the cut on his lips. It was definitely caused by her diamonds hitting him)
I felt so mad at her and equally sorry for Francis and embarrassed about my mum’s behavior.


I need to apologise for this before he starts to think that I’m like her.


I’m nothing like that woman. I wonder what my dad saw in her.



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