Mummy’s Gateman Episode 8



  • Francis’ POV


I was woken up the next morning by the sound of my new phone ringing.


I picked up immediately I saw the caller ID ‘Babe’. She was the only one who has the number anyway.


Her voice on the other end of the phone sounded like she was still in the bed.

📞 Good morning Rie

📞 Morning Frankie, how are you doing?

📞 I’m good and you?

📞 I’m okay. I just wanted to hear your voice this morning. I’ll video chat you once I’m done with breakfast byeeee love you…

📞 Bye. Wait… what?
Before I could say anything else, she had already disconnected the call giggling.

She just said she loves me? Is she even listening to herself?

I lay there in the same position as if I was frozen.


Loud honking of horns outside the gate gets me back to my senses as I rushed out of the room to open the gate knowing fully well that it was my boss returning home.


After opening the gate, the cars started driving in slowly as I waited for them to get in so I can close the gate again.


The glasses unwinds and the boss pops her head and calls me. She doesn’t even know my name.

I ran up to where she was and she gave me a resounding slap for making her wait outside the gate for long.

She wasn’t there for up to a minute.

I felt so bitter as I clenched my jaw in anger, I felt my boiling blood rushing but I dared not move or say anything.


Stuck to the floor, I felt embarassed, broken, insulted and rooted to the ground as the cars started driving into the long driveway.


After they were a bit far off, I was able to walk back slowly to where the gate was still open to close it.


If only I could survive for nineteen more days when my salary will be due, I’ll definitely quit.


Even though the money was not enough to solve my problems, I was just fed up.

It’s not the first time she has done it though.


I kept scratching my head as I walked back inside with my head down. I needed to call my sister. Thank God Marie had recharged my phone with twenty thousand naira worth of airtime, I could stay on phone for the rest of my life.


  • Marie’s POV:

I just got off the phone with Francis but I wasn’t ready to get out of bed. I can’t believe I just told him that I love him, I hope he didn’t hear that! I thought to myself as I rolled over on my stomach and tried going back to sleep but that was not going to happen as a soft knock landed on my door. It was Lucy as usual.


‘I’ll be out in a moment Lulu’ I answered as I tried getting out of bed but my legs were tangled in the blanket causing me to fall to the floor with a heavy thud.


Thank God for the Asian rugs on the floor. They absorbed most of the pressure or I would have ended up with broken bones.


I was finally able to get up and free myself from the blanket as I walked sorely into the bathroom. I looked at my face in mirror and discovered that I had mild rug burns on my arm, my leg and my face. I looked really roasted. I sighed as I finished brushing my teeth and stepped into the large bathtub for a warm bath.


By the time I got down to the dining, I found my mum already sitting. (When did she even return?)

There was broken glass on the floor and a spill as well. One of the maids was on her knees opposite her crying and begging my mum.


As I finished descending the stairs, the front door opened and two security men rushed in and carried her out of the house as she screamed and begged for mercy.

It all happened so fast!


I didn’t need to ask my mum what just happened, it’s obvious that she dropped the glass and mum fired her. Such a nasty temper.


‘Good morning mum and welcome back’ I greeted as I sat down and started eating without even looking at her or waiting for a response from her.
I wasn’t interested in finding out when she got back.


‘Morning’ she finally responded icily and got up from the dining angrily and walked towards the kitchen probably to fire more people.


She didn’t even notice the rug burns on my face. ‘Mother of the year!’ I scoffed inwardly as I dropped the glass of water I was drinking from and got up from the dining.


I think I’ve just lost my appetite.
I walked back to my room to make the video call I had promised Francis. That’s definitely going to make my mood better.



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