Mummy’s Gateman Episode 6


Marie POV:

Lunch with Francis was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed every bite and mouthful. But my mood changed when he had to return to work.


He had been inside for some hours so, I reluctantly had to let him go. I asked for his phone number only for him to say that he doesn’t have a phone. Unbelievable!!


Immediately he left, I dialled Sam’s number (Sam’s my driver). I went into the Sitting room and sat down waiting for Sam to arrive.


A moment later, there’s a knock on the front door and Lucy who was now helping me braid my hair, got up and went to answer the door.


‘It’s Sam’ she announces as she walks back inside with Sam following closely behind her.


I told him to wait for me in the sitting room upstairs while I go to get something from my room.


By the time I returned from my room, Sam had settled down comfortably in one of the sofas and was holding a glass of juice.(Which I’m sure Lucy gave to him)


‘I need you to do something for me’ I said after settling down in a sofa opposite his own as he dropped the glass and paid attention to what I was about to say.


After I had finished giving him the instructions on what I needed him to do for me, he left and I went back downstairs to the sitting room where I found Lucy dancing and singing along to a song that was being played on YouTube Music on the large Digital TV screen that occupied half of the wall it was plastered on.


It was funny to see her holding the hair brush she was using earlier in brushing my hair as a microphone as she sang along.


It was a song done by Chris Brown and Tory lanez it had a reggae and dancehall vibe to it and as a fan of reggae, I went closer to the screen to see the title. It was a song called ‘Lurkin’

🎶Chris Brown:
Put it in my face
I’ll be alright
Make your legs shake
Guess I’m doing it right
Just gimme a kiss
It’s a late night
You can see it in my eyes
Baby I’m lurking…


On and on the song kept going.


It was awesome and I joined her in dancing until the song ended and another track started playing.


We finally relaxed amidst loud laughter and giggles as we went back to hair business.


Lucy is the sister I never had. She makes me laugh, knows me better than my own mother and offers such great advice anytime,any day.


She knows almost all of my secrets except the one secret that I’ve never been able to tell anyone else.


I blabbed a little bit about me and Francis and as usual, she made me see the pros and cons of being friends with him and having anything more to do with him in future.



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