Mummy’s Gateman Episode 5



  • Marie’s POV:

Me and mum had breakfast that morning together for the first time in a long while. It was awful as usual with multiple questions especially about my dad (the man she doesn’t even want to see) making me feel like I was a suspect in FBI investigation.


Breakfast finally ended and I was so relieved when she told me she was going to be gone for two days. What a relief that was as I’ll have some peace of mind and also some time with Francis. I couldn’t wait for her to get going already.


I felt like jumping up for joy when her convoy of three black cars finally drove out of the gate.


This time, someone else was opening the gate for them and not Francis.
(I didn’t even know how many gatemen we had)


“Where the heck is Francis?” I kept thinking as I stood there glued to the floor beneath me.


I opened the front door and walked down the tarred pathway determined to go and find him. I was thinking so much as I kept humming a Marley song that I wasn’t even looking at where I was going to until I bumped into one of the cleaners who was carrying a bucket of water. Oh no! Not again!!


The liquid splashed on the black tailored wide leg trousers I was wearing. What the heck? I shrieked as she screamed in shock and goes down on her knees begging me not to fire her.


I quickly told her to stand up. She was so scared thinking I’d fire her.(She’s mistaking me for my mother)


When she finally got up, apologizing for the hundredth time, even after I told her it was nothing,I noticed that she also had the water soaking her clothes even more than it did mine, I urged her to clean up as I went in to do the same.


When I turned around to go back inside, I remembered why I was outside in the first place and called her back making her flinch a bit.

I can’t believe what I’m about to say!

I just asked her to go and call Francis to the small sitting room upstairs. Oh boy!


I quickly went upstairs to change up as I wouldn’t want Francis to see me looking like I was just drawn up out of a well.
I wonder why this always happens when I try to go and see him.


I got out my room a few minutes later and walked down the hallway straight to where the small sitting room was to see him standing backing me. He was curiously running his eyes around the room.


I stood there with eyes following his body up and down. He wasn’t in his smug uniform today which made me smile inside. He had a t-shirt on making his firm muscles stand out.


As I was still stuck staring at him as if he just came down from the moon, I realized I was drooling as I felt a trail of saliva fall on my t-shirt.

I cussed under my breathe as I tried to get rid of it.


That was when he turned to look at me with a smile on his face. That was when I got the view of his six pack chest through the body fit t-shirt which were killing me.


How can one person have all this qualities?

He walked closer to where I was and pointed to my t-shirt which had Bob Marley’s picture printed on it before he continued:

‘You listen to Marley?’ he asked with surprise evident in his voice.
‘Well, yeah!’ I answered in a duh tone as I gestured him to sit down.

‘Are you also a fan?’ I managed to ask after he sat down.
‘Yeah! A big one!!’ he answered with a little laugh.


30 minutes later 😊

We talked at length about Marley’s life and music. We also talked about Skip, Julian, Ziggy, Damian, Rita, Stephen, Jo Mersa, Rohan and every other Marley out there.


I was surprised that he equally knew so much.

We sang some of their songs and laughed at each other’s voice as both were not the best.

The tension was high when he sang ‘Is this love’ which is my favorite.
I felt like kissing him there and then.


Finally, someone to share my craziness with. We also talked our lives and things we like.

I got to find out that he has a degree in Computer Engineering. This is not a usual Gateman you know.


Suddenly out of nowhere, I asked;
‘Why are you a gateman Francis when you have a degree?’


‘Because I have to earn money you know, not everyone is like you Rie who has everything.’ He says with a little laugh before he continues, ‘plus, I didn’t want to stay out work forever.’


He was right about that, I have never earned a dime in my entire life but I just looked at him with an eye roll which makes him laugh more and snicker.


‘I’m doing it for the meantime though the pay is good, I look forward to getting a better job someday, hopefully.’ He concluded.


As I wanted him to say more, Lucy came in to tell me that lunch was ready. With this, he decided to take his leave but I insisted he stays and take lunch with me!


With this his mouth went wide with shock. I know he wasn’t expecting that.

I looked at Lucy who was equally surprised but quickly dissolved it with a smile.

‘Let’s go’ I say to them as I pull Francis along with me.


I turn to look at Lucy who gives me a wink and I tried not to laugh.



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