Mummy’s Gateman Episode 4



Marie’s POV:
I sit and patiently wait for him on the swing playing a game on my phone as Glory; the maid I sent goes to fetch him.


As soon as they arrive, I ask Glory to leave us alone and beckon him to sit beside me which he does without hesitation.


I can tell he’s checking me out with the way he looks at me. He’s so attractive right now.😘


His pink lips now staring me in the face, his eyes like that of a little puppy and his smile is something to die for as it displays a set of sparkling white teeth.


He just told me his name is Francis, he has the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard and he’s so funny too. He looked hot even in the smug uniform he was wearing.


‘He’s irresistible’ I say to myself as I bite my lips and play with a few strands of my hair and what’s next? I can’t keep my hands off him as I keep hitting him just so I could feel his touch.


I felt like caressing those strong muscular arms of his but that would be a bad idea as it would be totally out of place. I don’t want it to look like I’m throwing myself at him. Some Guys don’t like that.


It feels like a minute ago since we started talking when I could hear repeated honking of horns at the gate where he’s supposed to be at, I also realize that my mum is finally home and he has to go.


He rushes off and leaves me there smiling foolishly. Gosh! This isn’t me!! I get up from the swing to go welcome my mum.


She gives me a hug and starts talking about how stressed out she is. Really?? Can’t believe that my grumpy mother just hugged me and I even went along with it.

Well that’s my mother for you; Never up to anything good and never talks or even thinks about anyone’s problems except hers!!
I scoff and follow her inside while the maids rush out to welcome her.


After a really awful dinner with my mum, I go upstairs to get some sleep but the only thing on my mind right now is Francis. I wish I could see him again tonight but that was not a good idea.


After staring at the ceiling for two hours straight, I finally fall asleep and dream of Francis and I.


In the dream, it appeared that we were already a couple and just as Francis was about to give me a kiss, a knock resounded on my door waking me up immediately.

‘He was just so close’ I thought as I slapped the bed angrily sitting up.


It was morning already and I could hear Lucy’s voice on the other side of the door inviting me down for breakfast.


I got up slowly and walked into the bathroom yawning as I went.


On days like this, being rich doesn’t bother me as I get woken up only when breakfast is ready.


I don’t remember ever washing a plate in my entire life even when I was in Boston.


Just as I got into the shower and the warm water hit my face, I remember Francis.

I might go crazy from thinking about him so much.


Even though my mom is still around, I’m gonna work my way around seeing him and being with him anytime I want to without getting interrupted by my mom.


Deep down, I was praying so hard not to go down there and meet her.


God only knows how much I loathe her questions and having her around in general.




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