Mummy’s Gateman Episode 17



Francis POV

A hard knock lands on my door jerking me out of my sleep. It sounded really urgent.
I opened up to see the maid who Marie had sent to call me the other day at my door.


‘What is it?’ I ask as I rub my eyes sleepily.

‘Quick, get out of here now! Your life is in danger. The boss might kill you tonight’ she says hurriedly in a whisper as she kept looking behind her to see if anyone was coming.


‘What do you mean?’ I asked surprised as I didn’t get it.
‘Call Marie in the morning and ask her that but for now get out’ she says with a very serious tone as she handed me some cash.


I dipped the cash into my pocket as I dashed inside and picked up my phone and a random t-shirt and ran out of the gate without even waiting to wear the shirt.


To be honest, I didn’t understand anything that was going on but I’m guessing that her mom must have found out about us or it could be that Marie told her.(I’m not sure of that, Marie knows how her mom is and wouldn’t be so stupid)


I kept running as these thoughts occupied my mind until I got a little far off and stopped to wear the shirt as the cold night breeze was almost making me freeze. I discovered that I wasn’t wearing any shoes. (shoot)


I took to the road on my right and ran till I got to a busy street. I stopped the first taxi I saw and asked him to drop me at an affordable and out of the way hotel.


After a long drive, he drops me off at a small but decent hotel called Green Rose. I got out and paid him after which he drove away.

It was a really nice place but my mind was too occupied for me to take time and admire the place.


There weren’t many people in the hotel so I didn’t get any awkward stares from anyone for walking barefeet as I was expecting.


The attendant showed me to my room after I had made payment.
I sat down on the bed unable to sleep. I mean why would the boss want to kill me as the girl said.


What is this really about?
I hope Marie is safe. She is not picking up the phone.


I kept calling her line until she picked up at the last ring.

Hello Rie what’s going on? I asked worriedly.


“Listen to me you pauper, you better stay far away from my daughter or I’ll make sure your goal digging head regrets the day you met your mo….” The angry voice yelled on the other end of the phone.


What?! I quickly disconnected the call cutting her in mid sentence as I realized that it was her mother on the phone.


How come that her mum is with her phone and picking up the calls. This doesn’t sound good at all!

I hope she has not hurt her in anyway. I won’t forgive her.


I promised not to fall for her now, see the problems that I have landed myself into. I’ve lost my job and no hope of getting the salary that I’ve slaved for. After all the insults I had to endure, it was all in vain, a waste of my time (but not s total waste though since I got to meet Marie)


I spent all night thinking about her until I finally dozed off having the worst nightmares of my life.



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