Mummy’s Gateman Episode 16



Marie’s POV

The next morning, I woke up with a great level of happiness.
I introduced Francis to my dad and he is okay with me being with him. (Too bad we had to lie to him)

And we did some crazy things on the flight. Too bad I slept all through the return flight.

I sighed in relief as I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom.


I finished eating breakfast and quickly went back to my room where I called Victoria to find out how the surgery went. I totally forgot to call her the previous dayas I was too busy with her pretty brother. (smiles)


The surgery was successful and her mother was stable.(Thank God) I told her I would pay a visit to the hospital with Francis later the next day but it was going to be a surprise for Francis.


Francis and I spent a lot of time at the pool throughout the day as we kept talking about the previous day’s trip and his encounter with my dad and I also tried teaching him how to swim.


He was not able to learn much as he spent much of the time drooling at the sight of me in a swim suit while I on the other hand kept fiddling with his hot bare chest.

We’ve kissed like a million times already today and we can’t still seem to get enough of each other.


We got out of the water and lay side by side on the two seater nordsee strandkorb by the pool as we wiped off the water from our bodies before putting our clothes back on.

‘Youre such a bad student’ I said to amidst loud laughter as we were walking back to the house.
‘And you’re such a sexy teacher’ he whispered in my ear.

I spanked him on the butt and ran without stopping until I got to the front door.

In the evening, we had dinner and shared one final deep kiss when we were alone in the room before I finally let him go.
I wished he could stay the night me.

I went into my room and logged into my Instagram. I had recently made some posts so I checked the likes to see that it was already a million.


I saw on my timeline that Skip Marley had dropped a new song. I quickly purchased on iTunes and searched for headphones to plug in and listen but couldn’t find it anywhere.
I suddenly recalled that I had left it on a stool in the sitting room earlier in the day.

I sighed as I reluctantly got up to go and get it.


I came downstairs to meet my mum in the sitting room. I was slightly taken aback as I stopped walking and stood there staring at her like the statue of liberty.


First I was surprised then gradually, it turned into disappointment and great annoyance.


I had plans to go pay a visit to Francis’ mother at the hospital the next day. Now it seems impossible except she leaves again tomorrow.

What is this woman doing back home?

Her eyes were fixed on the TV screen where the news was showing on the big screen plastered on the wall.
Two of her goons were also in the room.


They only come inside the house for two reasons; one, if they have someone to beat up and two when she comes back with a lot of physical cash as was the case everytime she returns from Dubai and needed them to help her secure the bags.

I greeted her passively as I walked to where headphones were lying helplessly on the stool and grabbed it and was about to head back upstairs when she ordered me to sit down with her eyes still fixed on the screen.

I sat there with a big frown as she kept watching the news till the very end.


The news finally ended a few minutes later before she finally turned to look at me.

She looked like an angry bear. I wonder what is going on.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ she blurts out angrily as she threw the iPad she had picked up from the stool close to her at me.

It crashed on the sofa seat beside me. I picked up the device and my mouth went wide with shock.


It was a photo of me and Francis in Abuja. Turns out that people recognized me and took photos.

It was on a blog and the caption read:
“Rare Photos of Marie Brown and Her New Boo”

I scrolled up quickly as I ran my eyes through the outrageous write-up on the blog with shaky hands.

“It’s not what you think mum.” I said in defense.

“I only wanted someone to accompany me to Abuja.”

‘Shut up! You little whore…’ she spat out as she gave me a resounding slap on my right cheek.

This can’t be happening right in front of those goons but sadly it has already happened.


I sobbed silently as I hear her order the goons to get Francis.
They’re going to beat him up I thought to myself as I kept crying silently.

My mum on the other hand was pacing up and down the room angrily.

‘If you mess things up for me because of this, you are going to regret it’ she says between gritted teeth as she keeps walking up and down the room.
If anything happens to Francis, I’ll never forgive myself.

Oh God! What are they going to do to him.


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