Mummy’s Gateman Episode 15



  • Francis’ POV


She dragged me out of my seat and got to a door. She punched in the password and the door slid open. We walked into what looked like a VVIP suite in a five star hotel. There was a beautiful flight attendant who appeared to be waiting for us.


A glamorous curved sofa with lacquered wood veneer detailing sweeps through this lavish jet interior!


Large screens were plastered on the walls in between the round windows one of which was pinpointing the position of the jet while the other had a landscape wallpaper displayed on the screen.

Everything in here had buttons. I dared not touch a thing as I quickly stuck my hands into my pocket.


Just when I thought were in the best part of the jet, she nudges me to follow her as the flight attendant leads the way to another compartment.


The next compartment had twin seats facing we each on the right side of the jet which gave you a nice view of the beautiful sunshine and clouds outside.


We sat down opposite each other. The table was already set with plates,cutlery, napkins, champagne glasses, the menu was folded and wrapped up like a scroll and freshly picked flowers. I could see my face on the expensive glass table before me.

In no time, our food and wine was served. As we ate with a lot of chatter.

We finished eating the expensive food and Marie jumped on my laps again.

This time the kissing was gentle and intense making my body twitch. I squeezed her super soft butt as she kept moaning.


She took of my top and threw it on the next seat. With her approval, I also took off her top. (She wasn’t wearing anything under) I fondled them like I was afraid and she shut her eyes tight throwing her head back. I brought my mouth closer, closer and closer. Shoot!!!the pilot announced on the intercom for us to prepare for landing. Kill Joy!


We grumbled as she returned to her seat helping me with my seatbelt before fastening hers on.

I was really surprised. We were in Abuja in a manner of minutes.


Who said money isn’t good. I squeezed Marie’s hand tight as I felt the plane descending.My palms were getting moist out of fright.


The plane finally got to a halt. We got out hand in hand. We were in the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport which translates to lots of people and planes both commercial and private.


We were welcomed by Marie’s father’s drivers and security men who led us to the car and immediately drove out of the airport.

‘Where are we going this time?’ I asked curiously as I looked at her beautiful face.


‘somewhere nice!’ was all she said with a smile as her palms caressed my hips and her head rested on my shoulder. This girl was making my heart skip so much that I might have a heart attack.


She told the driver to stop at the closest mall which he did.
We got into the mall with the security men in front, beside and behind us.

‘Lets get you a suit. We’re going to meet someone.’ She said with a childish giggle as she dragged me along.

I didn’t need further clarification, we were going to meet her dad. I’m so dead today!!

Fast forward to 9 in the evening:
We were already back home. I took off my suit and fell onto the bed in the gateman’s room.


I was just so excited about everything that happened today. From taking my first flight in a luxury jet, doing naughty stuff on the flight, to meeting with Marie’s father and lying to the man that I’m working in the technical unit of some big company. (It was all Marie’s idea. We couldn’t tell him that I was just an ordinary gateman.)


He liked me because I appeared to be a responsible person and I am the first guy her daughter has ever introduced to him.(Woah)

This is happening so fast. It’s getting clearer to me that I’m walking on eggshells here. I rolled over and lay on my stomach as I fell asleep having the sweetest and craziest dreams ever.


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