Mummy’s Gateman Episode 14



  • Marie’s POV

I got up the next morning feeling refreshed mainly because I had a good sleep.


As I sat up stretching on my bed, my phone started ringing, I checked the caller ID and discovered that it was Francis calling. I picked up immediately.


When I was done with the call, I hit the shower before getting down to see if breakfast was ready since Lucy didn’t come up to call me as usual.


I go down to see the maids still busy setting the table.They all greeted me with small smiles and I replied all of them at once.


Lucy finally walked out from the direction of the kitchen with more plates and also greeted me as she dropped the plates on the table.


I finished breakfast and went back to the sitting room to watch some TV.

The news was showing the Governor and some other government officials at a political event.

He was announcing Jude’s father (the commissioner for agriculture) as the next person that would be contesting for the governorship office in the coming elections.

I now know why my mum is pushing me to go out with Jude. So she could still stay relevant in the next administration.

I rolled my eyes and switched to another channel. I have better things to occupy myself with than politics.

In the afternoon…


I was bored of staying in the house so, I called Francis to come over.

I needed to take him somewhere. So I told him to look nice.

He came in a few minutes later looking hotter than ever.


He was wearing one of the t-shirts we bought the other day. It was a black body fitting tee designed by Gucci and a pair of black jean trousers with Adidas sneakers. He was catching up on the Gothic dressing.


I on the other hand was only wearing a blue Balenciaga hoodie and a black sports short plus black Gucci combat boots with my hair tied up with a black bandana.

I smiled immediately Lucy opened the door for him to come in. I quickly got up and ran into his arms. He looked over my shoulder to see if Lucy was still there in the room.

I let out a laugh as I hit him playfully on the the chest nudging him out of the room yelling bye bye to Lucy as we kept walking outside.

We got inside the car and Sam drove out. Thank God we had many gatemen as someone else came to open the gate.


I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if Francis had to step out of the car just to open the gate.

As soon as we were on the road, Sam asked where he should take us and I told him to take us to the strip.

I turned to look at Francis who looked shocked about the location.

‘We’re going to a strip club?’ he asked with a concerned voice.
I couldn’t help but laugh at what he just said. He didn’t realize I was talking about the airstrip.

We were getting close and I decided that it should be a surprise since he didn’t realize.

I took down the bandana from my hair and my hair fell freely and handed it to him.

‘Whats this for Rie?’ he asked in surprise

‘Tie it over your eyes, I have a surprise for you’ I answered giggling like a little child.

He complied while I kept laughing at his nervousness. He reached for my hand and held it squeezing it slightly.

In a moment, we pulled into the private air strip and I took Francis’ hand as I led him out of the car like a blind man.

We both kept laughing as he was reaching into the air pretending to be a blind man while I led him along.

Sam had already gone ahead of us to speak with the pilot who was always on standby. I had secretly texted Sam the location so he knows what to tell the pilot.

We got into the jet with the blindfold still on Francis. I helped him into a seat before putting the seatbelts on.

I could feel us leaving the ground and as I looked out the window and saw the houses and cars getting smaller.

He finally took off the blindfold when he heard the pilot’s voice over the intercom and screamed trying to get up.What was I expecting?


I laughed and held his hand.
He finally came back to his right mind and looked at me then outside the window where the clouds hovering like ice cream glittered in the sun and finally, his eyes scanned the jet in admiration with his mouth wide open.

‘What??! I’m on a plane!! I’m on a plane!! He kept screaming and all I could do was laugh.
‘Where are we going to?’ He asked
still stunned.
‘Abuja baybeeee’ I yelled as I undid my seatbelt and jumped on his laps.

‘Ive never been on a flight before’ He confessed looking into my eyes with so much affection.

‘That has just changed Frankie’ I whispered and kissed him tenderly. He responded immediately and grapped my waist as He placed kisses on my neck squeezing my body with both hands.

After minutes of sucking our faces off, we stopped to catch our breaths as I collapsed on my seat laughing.

I quickly undid his seatbelt and pulled him up to his feet.

‘Let me show you around before this thing lands’ I said with a smile as I walked with him following behind me. One thing is certain, being rich is a good thing.

I can only imagine what it’s like for the people who have to hunger, want and lack.


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