Mummy’s Gateman Episode 13



  • Marie’s POV

After we got changed into fresh clothes, Francis helped me loosen my hair and dry it with the blow dryer but after that, he refused to stay with me in the bedroom to avoid stories that touches the heart (whatever that means).

All evening, I was awake thinking about the kiss, his well built muscles and the fact that he loves me back all drove me wild.

Suddenly I remembered that I wanted to call his sister and find out from her what is going on with them.

I knew I was being a bit nosy about this but I couldn’t help it at that moment. Francis has something bothering him and I won’t back down until I find out.

The call was now ringing and luckily, she picked up at the last ring.

“Hello, is this Victoria?” I asked calmly.

“Yes and who is this?” She replied with a little hesitation in her voice.

“My name is Marie Davis, your brother works for my family.” I answered calmly.

“Wow, nice to hear from you, he has told me a lot about you.” She replied breezily.

So Francis has told his family about me? That means I also need to tell my dad. I thought to myself.

“He has?” I asked with surprise.

“Yeah, of course he says you’re the best person in the world.”
I was blushing very hard at this point, thank God she couldn’t see me through the phone.

“Francis is blowing the trumpets.” I said with a little giggle which made her laugh on the other end of the phone.

“I know this is very cliche but, is there anything that is bothering Francis that I should know about because it’s affecting his work.”
(I can’t believe I just said that. What a blatant lie.)

“My mum is sick and needs surgery.” She replied slowly after a little hesitation.

“Please don’t be mad at him ma, he’s been thinking about it so much especially now that he is not here with us.” She added with a pleading voice.

“No! I’m not mad at him okay? I care about him and I wanted to know. What type of surgery are we talking about here?” I added feeling better knowing the truth.

“An appendectomy ma.” She answered sadly.

“Just that?” I asked surprised.

“Yes ma.” She answered quickly.

“Okay, here is what we’ll do; I’ll send you an address once I get off the phone. Take your mum there tomorrow and they’ll do something about it okay?”

“Ok Ma.”  She replied with a hopeful voice.

“And do me a favor, keep this from Francis for now because I don’t want him to freak out. I said sounding very serious.
I’ll try ma. Thanks you very much for your help and support.
It’s nothing Victoria, I’ll do anything for Francis. Good night dear.”

“Good night Ma.” She added and I ended the call.

I immediately texted her the address of our family hospital and put a call across to one of the doctors to inform him as well so he could admit Francis’ mum without any delay.


  • Francis’ POV

I’ve been trying my sister’s number for the past five minutes and it’s still said she was on another call.

How could this girl be talking to for so long?

I dialled it one last time and it got through finally.

She refused to tell me who was on the phone with her but she sounded very happy.

I hope it was not a guy oh
Cuz I’ll beat the life out of him if he tries anything stupid with Victoria.


I dozed off as my mind drifted from my sister to my mum and then to the girl I kissed today.
I love her so much and I’m ready to take the risk. Her mum can fire me for what it’s worth.


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