Mummy’s Gateman Episode 12



  • Marie’s POV

I was woken up that morning by a knock on my door. It was Lucy announcing that lunch is ready.


My eyes widened immediately she mentioned lunch! OMG!! I can’t believe that I stayed in bed till the afternoon.


I sat up in bed rubbing my eyes with one hand and running the other through my hair. I looked around the bed for my phone and unlocked the screen to check the time 2:14 in the afternoon.


I was up all night chatting with Francis until I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.


I jumped out of the bed straight to the shower.


I got down a few minutes later and went downstairs for lunch.


My phone started ringing and I picked up to check the caller ID it was Francis. I quickly invited him over when I learned that my mum has travelled to Dubai and would be back in a week. Nothing but joy!!


After lunch with Francis, we sat down to watch some TV when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it was a strange number. It turned out to be Jude.


📞 How did you get my number? I asked after he introduced himself
📞 I got it from your mum, he answered with a pleading voice
📞 What do you want? I asked with a bitter voice
📞 I want to see your beautiful face again, I spent all night thinking about you and I couldn’t sleep. He said.
📞 You wish, bye bye. I said with a scoff as I ended the call.


I ended up losing interest in the movie and so, we decided to go and sit by the pool for a while.


I needed to get Francis’ phone so I can get his sister’s phone number. I pretended to be transferring photos to my phone which helped me to copy out the number to my own phone.


Our time at the pool ended with me trying to rescue Francis from drowning after playfully pushing him into the pool. I had no idea that he doesn’t know how to swim.


We both got out of the water looking like drowned rats. We got inside the house through the back door and walked straight to my room.


I needed to get him something to wear. I’m happy that I had a lot of baggy unisex street wear.


He had already taken off the wet t-shirt he was wearing by the time I turned to face him after ransacking the closet for something suitable to give him and I stopped dead in my track.


My jaw dropped immediately and the clothes fell from my hands.


His abs were perfectly sculpted, the definition so perfectly chiseled. I couldn’t help but stare with mouth ajar. His arms, shoulders, chest; they were all so flawless. I was actually drooling.


I swallowed as my throat went dry, I took a step closer to him, without taking my eyes off the work of art like one in a trance.


I gently ran my shaky hands down his bare torso making him flinch a bit taking a step backwards. I was now doing it with my two hands which made him throw his head back and let out a low groan with his eyes closed.


He quickly drew me into a hug and crashed his lips on mine within a split second. Just when the kiss was heading somewhere, he stopped, his hands now on my waist.


I opened my eyes with a bit of disappointment because, I didn’t want him to stop but he had to or we might have done something crazy.


His lips were now swollen, his eyes a burning fire and his voice was thick with lust.


“I’ll change in the bathroom while you change in here” he says and let’s go of me as I do the same and walks towards the bathroom after collecting the clothes I had dropped on the floor.


He holds the door open and turns to look at me as if he just remembered something;
‘I love you too Marie’ he says with a smile and closes the door behind him.


I wanted to scream but I quickly put my hands over my mouth remembering that Lucy might hear me.


So he heard me when I told him that I love him on the phone that day. I jumped up in excitement as I took off my wet clothes and dumped them on the floor.


I better hurry before he comes out.



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