Mummy’s Gateman Episode 11



  • Marie’s POV

So, yesterday I was stupid enough to ask Francis to kiss me but he was too much of a gentleman to do it even though I know he wanted to.


Right now, we’re in the car speeding along the highway and when I mean we, I’m talking about Francis and I with Sam driving.


Our first stop is a barbing salon where Francis has to get a proper and nice haircut before we head over to my favorite mall.

He looked super hot in tshirts and I wanted to get him some.


Sam waited in the car while Francis and I walk into the mall with his hands in mine.


I wish we were an item already but too bad as he has already made it clear that he doesn’t want to cross that line.


I mean he’s kinda right; what if we don’t work out, what is going to happen to his job then?


We were already in the boutique (men’s section) picking anything that catches my eye ranging from shoes to shirts and hoodies, trousers, shorts, etc.


Jealous eyes kept looking our way as we kept walking hand in hand.


Francis keeps complaining about the prices being too high which is nothing to me.

Whenever I’m in a store, I buy what I like not what is cheap or expensive.


After an hour or so, we were finally done with the shopping and I hand Francis my card to make payment at the counter before we grab some ice cream from the food section and head back to the car.


‘These stuff are too expensive’ Francis complains again as we get into the car.


‘Three hundred and fifty six thousand naira is nothing to me Frankie, just Google my daddy’s net worth’ I replied with a smile as I kept playing with my ice cream.


He exhaled and raised his hands up in surrender. He looked cute when he did that. Then he took my hands in his. At that moment, his phone started ringing and as soon as he saw the caller ID, his facial expression changed to that of worry. I had quickly checked it too; the caller ID read ‘Vic’


From what I heard him say, I gathered that it was his sister and I’m guessing there was something wrong from the way he stayed quiet till we got home.


He doesn’t want to talk about it so, I’ll just have to find out on my own. It pains me to see him unhappy.


He thanked me for the clothes and shoes as he got down from the car and walked away with the shopping bags in both hands and his head low. Even a child could tell that he was really down.


Friday came, and before I knew it, I was almost running late for dinner tonight with Jude.


I reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs to meet him smiling sheepishly with arms open wide for a hug.


I walked slowly past him and went straight for the front door which I opened and closed with great force.

He came out shortly after looking slightly embarrassed by his action and my reaction.


The drive to the restaurant was a silent one. Soon we were parked outside one of the best restaurants in the city. I would have loved to take a photo or two but I wasn’t in the mood.


We got out of the car and walked into the building with numerous security men walking before, beside and behind us.


I kept rolling my eyes, until they felt like they were going to pop out of the sockets any minute, I mean come to think of it, his dad is a mere commissioner and he has so many securities following him about while, my dad is among the top ten richest in Nigeria and I still go out alone most of the time.


Dinner with Jude was worse than I expected. But I’m glad that I got it out of the way. I was only doing it for my mum anyway.


He dropped me off at home and even attempted to kiss me. Can you imagine?


I got into the house to find my mum in the sitting room watching TV. I wasn’t expecting her to be home tonight or tomorrow. I wonder why she is home tonight.


She took out time to interrogate me about the dinner for an hour before finally letting me go to bed.


Immediately I got into my room, I called Frankie. I only spoke to him in the morning I really wanted to know how he’s doing. I mean, you can’t blame me for thinking about him all the time.


I’ll have to find a way to get a hold of the reason or reasons behind his moodiness.
I have an idea!!



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