Mummy’s Gateman Episode 10


  • Francis’ POV

The next morning, I returned into the room from closing the gate. The boss has just left. What a relief!

I decided to call my sister and know how she and my mum are doing at present.

She picked up at the last ring.
She sounded very worried on the phone.

I’ve just been informed that my mum’s health was deteriorating and she needed surgery in the shortest possible time and the house rent was almost due and she was running short on her meds.

After I got off the phone with my sister, I felt very upset and sad.


My family is suffering and I couldn’t do much to remedy that as I was still waiting for my salary. I’m grateful my little sister is very hard-working. She was also doing her best to help out.

Immediately I got off the phone with my sister, Marie’s call came making me remember the incident from yesterday. I’m sure that was her boyfriend and yet here she was telling me she loves me.

After a little hesitation, I finally picked and said hello. She wanted me to come over to the main building.

I stood up reluctantly and took off my gateman’s uniform and put on a T-shirt and a pair of jean trousers as she always complained about the stupid oversized uniform.

I was ushered into the house by one of the maids. I saw her in the dining where she was having her lunch.

She invited me to join her at the table and I complied clenching my jaw in frustration. I felt like grabbing her and kissing her right there and then but I shook the thoughts off immediately.

I settled down opposite her to eat the pasta that I had dished out from one of the giant plates on the table only to find her obviously lost looking at me as if it was the first time she set eyes on me.


I scoffed inwardly as I ate the food uncomfortably.

Did she invite me here to engage me in a staring contest of some sort.

Okay, let me take her up on that offer. ‘Game on’ I yelled inwardly and fixed my eyes on her beautiful face. Those brown eyes matching with her slightly brown hair made my heart skip a beat.

After looking at each other for three minutes straight, with our faces just a few inches apart, we were interrupted by footsteps approaching the direction of the dining. It was one of the maids whom she had told me was her friend coming to clear the table.

I’m sure she saw the weirdness that was going down. I cleared my throat nervously and pushed the plate towards the maid.

I took a glass of water and downed it in a single gulp.

‘Come with me’ she said breezily and I got up from the dining following her lead.

She opened the front door and walked out with the same breezy attitude as I kept following her.

We got out of the house, after walking for a short distance to the east side of the building, I saw a sign saying: ‘Private Area’ It suddenly dawned on me that she was taking me to the swimming pool where the only staff allowed were the cleaners.

The pool was a wonderful sight to behold. It was like a smaller version of the Atlantic ocean was before me. I smiled for the first time today. I was only brought back to reality when I heard her voice.

‘Its beautiful right?’ she said in a whisper with her head rested on my shoulder.

‘Ive been informed that my mum did that to you, I mean your lip and I’m very sorry for the unfair treatment’ she apologized on behalf of her mother, I’m touched.

‘And Im sorry about yesterday, Judas, I mean Jude is a jerk and he’s nothing to me.’
‘Theres no need to be sorry Rie, first of all, you’re not in control of your mum’s actions and secondly it’s not my place to dictate who you hang out with.

‘So you’re not mad at me?’ she asked with a pout.
‘Why would I be mad at you?’ I said trying to keep my cool.( I was really jealous about the way that guy was holding her hand. That should have been me doing that)

She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek squealing like a stuck pig before she quickly disengaged and placed both hands on her mouth apparently shocked or embarrassed by her own actions.

I was not really surprised because I can’t blame her. She has been all over me ever since she met me. She even said she loves me.

I quickly turned round to look at her with a smile. My next line of action equally surprised me as well. I opened my arms and invited her for a proper hug.

The next thing she said shocked me:
‘Francis, I want you to kiss me!!


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