Mummy’s Gateman Episode 1

Mummy’s Gateman


  • Marie’s POV:

Hi! I’m Marie, the only daughter of the Browns.

My parents are business moguls in their own rights (roll my eyes).

I’m a little spoilt, a little lazy but I have a good heart though unlike my mum.


Ever since my parents’ divorce, I have always wanted to be with my dad because he was the only one who knew me and cared about how I felt.


My mum on the other hand doesn’t see past the money and property she has managed to acquire over the years thanks to the alimony she got from the divorce.


My mother could best be described as a passive and insensitive parent who thought money could solve it all. She’s rarely at home and hates it when I go to visit dad in Abuja.
I attended Harvard Business School in Boston. Thanks to my mum who bundled me up and sent me abroad.

I was reflecting on my entire life on my flight back home from Abuja where I had gone to visit my dad.


In a moment, our flight touched down in Lagos. I didn’t use the jet because my dad had to travel with it to Ghana. I hated public transport even though it was VIP.

As I got down from the Plane, I could see Lucy(our maid) and Sam (my driver) standing beside a black SUV. Lucy was looking around trying to find me until her eyes landed on me and she ran to where I was and gave me a hug.

I’ve only been away for two weeks and she misses me like this?

I walked with her to where Sam was standing beside the car and exchanged greetings with him as well.


I got into the backseat of the car with Lucy clinging to me and the long drive home began. Lucy took the time to fill me in on all that had happened while I was away.

As usual, mum had fired a lot of the staff and hired new ones.


Lucy however is the longest surviving staff in our house mainly because she has proven herself to be very trustworthy and reliable over the years that she has been working for us and she’s my friend too.

After what seemed like forever, the car finally got to the golden gates that were in front of our house and honked for the gateman to come and open up for us.


Love At First Sight?

Soon, the gates swung open and we drove in. I remembered that Lucy mentioned that mum had fired one of the gatekeepers so I peeped to see who had opened the gates for us only to see the hottest guy I’ve ever met in my entire life.


I haven’t met someone so cute even through out my stay in Boston, Massachusetts.


I was gobsmacked and my eyes widened as my jaw dropped. I only started coming back to my senses when his figure started getting smaller and smaller as the car kept driving slowly along the tarred driveway in between the narrow strip of turf on either side and line up of spindly trees.


There was a water fountain in the middle of the mini roundabout and a large swimming pool in the distance behind the garden.


There were many buildings in the residence; the main building was a three storey building situated in the middle of the other smaller houses.
Potted plants, glass windows, banisters and all that.


The house was perfect and different from the other houses in the estate which according to my mum; ‘To have the same look as anyone in the neighbourhood was akin to wearing the same dress to a high society ball.’ (So dramatic!)


In summary, the house looked like a cut out from The Architects Today magazine.


We finally got into the large parking space and as I got down from the car, I noticed two new flashy cars with tinted windows and I remembered that Lucy also mentioned that my mum bought them a few days back during the drive.


We got inside and I kept thinking about the cute new gateman I saw a moment ago.


Lucy walked beside me with my backpack which was the only luggage I traveled with as she kept talking about one thing or the other, all I did was nod and smile in response as the gateman was all over my mind.


We both got inside and Lucy introduced me to some of the maids and I didn’t remember the name of all of them as they were just too many.


I was still thinking of the gateman but I didn’t bring myself to ask Lucy anything about him because I didn’t want her to start thinking that I liked him ( which is true) or something.


© A Slayqueen Writes

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