Our list of Completed Books Include:

  A  Gangster’s Sweetheart


Ivy (The Squirrel) and Trevor (The Wolf) are both members of the Notorious Cash House Gang operating inside East Atlanta.

Being partners, they both fall in love with each other without letting the other know for five whole years.

Trouble begins when Trevor finds a girlfriend and also ditches Ivy as a partner and friend.

Circumstances brings them together in an on and off romance.

What happens next when Ivy returns to the ATL to fight against a common enemy and finding out that she’s carrying Trevor’s baby changes everything for them and the entire gang.

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A Husband’s Secret


Patricia Kanayo who’s the sole heiress of her father’s multi-million naira business empire unwittingly falls in love with and eventually marries her snake of a husband – Dave as well as surrounding herself with gold diggers and blatant liars.

Dave cheats and plays her with her best friend, his secretary and every other woman that comes his way.

Due to the hurt from her husband’s family and her friend, Pat is out to exact revenge and it’s only fair for her to require her own pound of flesh.

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