A Husband’s Secret Episode 9

A Husband’s Secret


👨🏾 Dave
While my wife was still in India, things have really changed between me and Kemi who has been disturbing my life constantly.
Tonight, she just showed up in my office and wants me to take her out. Good Lord! I had no other choice than to do everything she wants or she might hurt someone else.
Naomi and Ada have been fighting over me almost every other day and my auntie is on my neck again asking for money.
That’s what I’ve been going through since my wife has been away.
I came home from work one evening and surprisingly, all the maids were in their best behavior. None of them rushed to jump on me as they used to. I was totally surprised.
“What’s going on here?” I asked in surprise as Naomi greeted me respectfully with her head bowed.
“Madam is back.” She responded and my shock tripled.
“Tell me it’s a joke.” I cut her off as she opened her mouth to say something else.
“I’m not joking sir, she’s upstairs right now.” She added and I had to go confirm if she was actually telling me the truth.
I jogged up the stairs and quickly ran into the bedroom. There I found my wife sleeping peacefully under the blankets.
As soon as I shut the door and walked into the room, she opened her eyes and smiled at me as I approached the bed.
She sprang up and pulled me into a tight hug before proceeding further to claim my lips for a passionate kiss which I didn’t want to break away from. I’ve missed my wife so much. I mean no matter how many women I cheat on her with, none of them can replace her.
After we had a good reunion together in between the sheets, we took time to gist each other and catch up on all she’s missed as well as how her medical trip was.
I’ve been in India for a whole week and it felt like forever to me. I was bored to death as I missed work, my daughter and my husband.
I had to surprise them by coming back earlier than I had informed them. The downside of my late arrival tonight was that my daughter was already asleep by the time I returned and my husband wasn’t home from work.
The Indian doctors also confirmed that nothing was wrong was wrong with me just like the UK doctors had said. If only I’d listened to my husband and just forgot about stressing myself.
They gave me a couple supplements and stuff to take and hopefully, that’ll help me get pregnant easier and faster.
“I’m coming to work tomorrow babe.” I told my husband as he walked out of the bathroom with a towel draped round his waist exposing his firm and muscular torso.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Dave replied with a little laugh.
“Call me a workaholic Dave, but it’s my business you know, I have to be there.” I continued sounding serious.
“If you say so, I’ll get you all necessary documents to you in the morning.” My husband gave up as he raised both hands in surrender and resumed dressing up.
“Come to bed already joor. Let’s make some babies.” I pouted pulling him by the shirt as he fell on the bed with a huge grin on his face.
👨🏾 Dave
My wife’s surprise return hasn’t really gone down well with me.
I have not had the time to get the room in order. I have plenty hotel room receipts and condoms in the closet and my trousers pockets. I’m really hoping and praying that Pat has not gone through my stuff. And I have not had enough time to cover my tracks of stolen funds which has amounted to millions of Naira in the past week since Pat travelled.
If Pat finds out about this, then I’m finished for sure.

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