A Husband’s Secret Episode 8

 A Husband’s Secret

👨🏾 Dave
“Why are you so surprised huh?” Kemi asked with a smirk on her face.
“You’re evil Kemi.” I growled angrily.
“Oh and you’re the saint right? I’ve killed others like her. She’s not the first and certainly won’t be my last. ‘Shine your eyes.’ that’s what I was told the first day I set foot in Lagos.”
“And how is taking someone’s life shining your eyes huh? What I’m I even saying, I should be reporting you to the police immediately.”
“Really? Ever heard of the saying; ‘throw me under the bus and I’ll drag you along with me’ Dave?” She said batting her lashes dramatically. I gulped nervously as my mouth went dry out of fear and uneasiness. Never knew this side of hers existed.
“We’re done Kemi. This relationship is over.” I said in a tone of finality as I turned round to walk out of the room.
“Wait, wait,wait, wait there Dave! You are not going anywhere or I swear to God, someone else will go down and we don’t want to guess who. This affair of ours is only getting started, so gear up baby boy.” She yelled angrily and walked out on me leaving me speechless and looking like a fool.
My husband has been really down ever since his secretary went missing and I kinda understand since he told me that both of them go way back. I hope that they find her alive and well.
Today’s a Saturday and I’m currently getting dressed up to go down for dinner.
The door opened and Dave walked in with a cup of tea in his hand and a small smile on his face. That’s new!
“Hey sweetie.” He greeted as he walked closer to where I was standing.
“Mmm, babe is that for me?” I responded as I turned round to give him a hug.
“Maybe, but it comes with a price.” He whispered in my ear before giving me a peck on the cheek.
“C’mon babe, just a sip.” I pouted as he hid the cup behind his back.
I gave him a kiss before he finally agreed to give me the cup of medicinal green tea which I have been taking for a while now according to the doctor’s prescription.
“I think we should see the doctor again this year. I’m tired of taking this bitter tea.” I said scrunching up my face as I took a sip from the cup.
“But we went to London last year and the doctor said we’re fine, don’t get worked up, we’ll have a baby when God says so.” Dave said consolingly.
“But your family don’t think that way, your auntie, she uhmm, never mind.” I was talking too much so I quickly had to shut my mouth.
“No, tell me, what did auntie say to you?” He asked sounding like he was about to punch someone in the face.
“She told me that we are taking too long, too long to actually start a family.” I spoke almost in a whisper as I fought back the tears that were building up in my eyes. I could see the utter displeasure on my husband’s face as he pulled me into a hug and patted my back trying to calm me down as I went uncontrollably on his shoulder.
“Your family members may be thinking that I’m tying you down with my money Dave and I don’t want it to seem like that. I’ll be going to India, my doctor has given me some recommendations of good health facilities.” I said when I finally stopped crying.
“I’m sorry about everything you have to go through and what my auntie said, it was so wrong and out of place and I’m terribly sorry.” He apologized stroking my cheek and all I could do was nod.
After sitting in silence for a few minutes with my husband who was repeatedly clenching his jaw in anger, we decided to go down for dinner. As usual, Kemi and Gabriel will be coming over tonight.
👨🏾 Dave
I sat down at the table feeling very upset.
First of all, my auntie had the effrontery to speak to my wife anyhow she likes. The wife who is funding her children’s education abroad, bought her a car and a house and even started a business for her yet she’s still ungrateful.
Secondly I have to eat with these two pigs. ( 🐖 Kemi and 🐖 Gabriel)
My wife has no clue of what was going on in my head as I kept shooting them death glares at the dining table while she kept blabbing and laughing about one thing or the other with them while I stayed mute all through.
After dinner, my wife went upstairs to get June in bed leaving us alone at last.
I dragged Gabriel outside to confront him about his misbehavior with Kemi.
Gabriel had the guts to talk back at me and we ended up fighting and punching each other in the face.
Pat’s bodyguards managed to separate the fight while my wife and Kemi stood by screaming for us to stop fighting.
When we finally stopped fighting, our faces were already bleeding and I warned him and Kemi never to step foot in my house. Idiots!!
No matter how hard Pat probed me, I refused to tell her why me and Gabe fought. I knew she was already suspicious and honestly, I don’t care.
A few days after handing over the affairs of the company to me, Pat left for India and I was fully in charge.
I had enough time and space to siphon and divert as much money as I wanted. I have to complete my housing project before she returns from India.

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