A Husband’s Secret Episode 7

A Husband’s Secret

“Where’s Regina? I have not seen her since yesterday.” I queried Naomi as we finished breakfast that morning. The driver had already taken June to school earlier on.
“She resigned since Monday ma.” Naomi replied and my eyes widened in Surprise. That’s four days ago.
“What? But why? Who did she tender her resignation to?” I queried further as she kept quiet looking at my husband.
I turned round to also look at Dave who was carrying a straight face.
“Well, she uhmm, she just told me that she wants to quit. No clue why.” Dave stated stuttering a little.
“So why didn’t you tell me?” I asked as I got up from my seat.
“I totally forgot.” He replied and I looked at him furrowing my brows as I shook my head.
This is becoming rather unlikely. I’ll have to find out what really happened using other means then.
I was in my office trying to get some work done and also sign all pending papers and documents on my table when a knock sounded on my door.
“Yes c’mon in.” I said and kept my gaze on the direction of the door waiting to see who’s going to come in. Actually it’s Rita my secretary.
“Good afternoon ma, some police men are here to see you.” She announced as she came in.
“Police men?” I asked in bewilderment.
“Yes ma. There’s three of them.” She responded with a little nod.
“Let them in.”
She nodded and turned round walking out of the office to get the police.
What could the police be looking for in my company? Hope nothing happened in any of our factories.
“Good afternoon Mrs Arinze. We’re from the Nigerian Police Force Zone 2. I’m detective Kayode and these are my partners Detective Cyril and detective Bello. We’re here with regards to our ongoing investigation into  the case of a missing person who’s an employee in this establishment.” One of the men said showing me their ID cards before we shook hands.
“Nice to meet you but I’ll have to call my lawyer first before anything else can be said or done.” I protested dialling my lawyer’s number. I also asked Rita to go and bring my husband to my office.
They waited patiently for my lawyer who arrived a few minutes later before they finally started their questioning.
👨🏾 Dave
Mabel hasn’t showed up to work all week. Does it mean she’s so mad at me that she decided to quit the job?
Her number has also been switched off since last weekend and that’s very weird.
As I dropped my phone back on the table, a knock was heard on my door and I got up to go see who it was.
Rita, my wife’s secretary was outside the door. I rolled my eyes inwardly as she gave me a little ugly smile.
“What do you want?” I asked sounding annoyed.
“Madam asked me to come and bring you over to her office.” She announced and quickly turned round walking down the hallway dramatically with her heels making a lot of noise. Good Lord! I hate this girl, so full of herself.
I closed the door and took the same direction heading to Pat’s office. By the time I got there, she was already seated at her cubicle and gave me another smile. I gave her a Stern look and opened the door heading into the office where I found my wife and three police men seated in the office.
 All eyes in the room turned towards the door as I opened and closed it walking in nervously.
Yeah, beads of sweat were beginning to form on my forehead as I took slow and nervous steps into the room.
After greetings and introductions, I felt a little bit perplexed when they mentioned that they were looking for a missing person.
When Pat’s lawyer arrived, the police now stated their full intention.
Mabel’s boyfriend had reported her missing since Monday afternoon. The police believe that she was kidnapped since her house appeared to have been ransacked and her phone was in the house while her front door was wide ajar.
They asked me a couple questions when I told them that she’s my secretary. After we’ve answered every single question of theirs, they finally left the office and promised to keep us updated.
Honestly, I was really troubled about the situation of things presently. Could it be that Kemi has a hand in Mabel’s sudden disappearance?
I left my wife’s office and returned to mine where I found a couple missed calls from Kemi on my phone. Look who is calling! She has finally gotten over the issue.
I returned her call and she picked up almost immediately.
“Sorry I wasn’t with my phone when you called, what’s up?” I said as soon as my phone vibrated indicating that she has picked up the call.
“It’s all good D, Check your WhatsApp inbox, I’ve left a present there for you.” She responded with giggle and hung up on me.
Good Lord, I rushed to my WhatsApp and scrolled down to find her message. It was a video message.
I waited for it to load before pressing ‘play’. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw what was in the video. My brother and Kemi were together in bed. I went mad with rage as I threw my phone on the wall smashing it in pieces. I was totally going crazy.
I stormed out of the office heading down to where our car was parked and ordered the driver to get down as I snatched the key from his hands. I’m going to skin them alive today.
When I got to Kemi’s place where my brother is also staying, the gateman informed that Gabriel was not at home and Kemi was at work so I quickly made a u-turn heading over to Kemi’s store.
I got there and found her doing a customer’s hair. Not minding the crowded room, I grabbed her by the wrist and forcefully dragged her into her small office ignoring all the awkward stares from all eyes in the room.
“How dare you cheat on me with my own brother and have the guts to send me the video huh?” I barked grabbing her neck.
“Let go of me.” She struggled to say as she tried to free her neck from my hold.
Seeing that she was choking up, I released her neck and she took in deep breaths amidst loud coughing.
“I did it to make you feel what I felt when that useless little girl dared tell me to my face that you were also getting down with her. Do you understand how much that hurt? Huh?” She screamed holding her neck.
“And you chose to do it with my brother? My brother of all people?” I fired back angrily.
“And you chose your wife’s best friend. Listen Dave, you and me, we’re not really different, we’re both cheats and liars. Admit it!” She yelled boldly and slumped into a chair in the room.
“Mabel’s disappearance, do you have any hand in that?”
“Yeah, I killed her.” She spoke slowly and my eyes widened in shock.

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