A Husband’s Secret Episode 17

👨🏾 Dave
Kemi kept disturbing me so I decided to slip her number into blacklist. Whew!
I may have had a little too much to drink last night just so I could kill the frustration that I was going through. Pat woke me up in the bar the next morning telling me to go and get ready for work. It was just a few minutes past seven.
My problems all returned to me as soon as I flicked my eyes open. I need to go to the bank and see what I can do about my account first before I go to work. No, maybe I should have the manager meet me instead.
I stood up staggering slightly and slowly ascended the stairs with Pat following behind. I was still wearing the clothes which I wore to work yesterday. Good Lord! I’m such a mess.
While I was having breakfast, I quickly went through my emails and WhatsApp messages to see if there was anything that I needed to attend to.
There were about fifteen messages from Kemi cursing and calling me names because I didn’t get her the money she demanded for. I decided to leave her on read since I didn’t have any answer ready for her. She’s just being ungrateful and mannerless.
To worsen matters, my wife told me that she will also be coming to the office. I had to use all my persuasive skills to discourage her from doing so today.
I got on the road and arrived at the location of my meeting with the bank manager who happened to be a very pretty young thing. I paid little attention to her flirtatious smiles and she promised to look into the issue.
I know there must be a ton of questions piled up for me. First of all, from the investigations of the EFCC following Steve’s arrest, he confessed that Dave is the one who is in possession of all the diverted funds and they had to freeze his account and effect his arrest soon.
As for Kemi, the so called best friend of mine, I’m planning something big for her tonight. I just got off the phone with her and she told me that she’s just received the extensions  she’ll be using to make the wigs for my giveaway. Everything is in the shop. Excellent! My plans have all fallen in place.
My phone started ringing and I realized that it was one of the police officers who are handling the investigation into Mabel’s death calling. They’ve arrested her killer based on the information of an anonymous eye witness who saw when he dumped her body in the shallow grave. God! How can people be this heartless?
The motive behind the murder was just because he was paid to do it by someone who he has refused to mention. This is really terrible!! I felt so disturbed by the news that I had to go out to the balcony of the third floor and get some air. It’s a cruel world we live in.
Two Days Later…
👨🏾 Dave
So far so good, I’m still a free man as the EFCC have not come knocking on my door though my account is still freezed. One of the director’s that my wife helped me to contact promised to have it rectified in a few days as it must be some sort of mistake.
 Also, Kemi has stopped disturbing me and I have not made any attempts to even contact her. My auntie on the other hand has started troubliing me for her daughter’s school fees again. I will have to ask Pat for some money one of these days.
It was the sound of Pat’s phone ringing that woke me up from sleep in the middle of the night as I turned frustratedly on the bed sitting up. I shook her vigorously to wake up but she wouldn’t budge. Who the heck is calling at this time of the night?
It was Kemi! What does she want from my wife at this hour?
I picked up the call and my heart sank as I heard her wailing on the other end of the phone.
“What is going on Kemi?” I yelled in panic.
“My shop is gone. Everything has burned down Dave. I couldn’t even get anything out. My business is gone, my life savings is gone. I’m finished Dave!” She wailed at the top of her lungs.
Pat finally woke up as she heard Kemi’s voice over the phone since I’d put her on speaker.
“What’s happening?” She queried sounding like she was annoyed.
“Kemi’s shop is burning.” I announced and her reaction surprised me.
“So? Is that why you put her speaker so she could disturb my sleep?” She continued and snatched the phone from my hand ending the call and going back to sleep.
“Pat what did you do that for?” I asked in fright.
“Just go to sleep Dave.” She responded in a husky voice and started snoring pretending to be asleep. Now this is scary! Why is she behaving like this towards her best friend of all people?
Fast forward to the next morning which happened to be a Saturday, I woke up early and went to console Kemi at her house since Pat refused to go with me.
I found her sitting on the floor bawling her eyes out with Gabe holding her tight and trying to calm her down. Unlike other times, I wasn’t jealous with the way he was holding her, in fact, I cared less at that point.
“How did it happen?” I asked after I’d taken a seat.
“I was asleep last night when a call on my phone woke me up that the fire service were trying to kill flames coming from my shop. I quickly got to the shop only to find everything turned to ashes. The worst part is that I took a loan a few days back to buy extensions to make wigs for your wife, now everything is gone.” She explained before breaking down in to tears.
As she was about saying something else, the front door opened and Pat stormed in angrily wearing all black followed by two of her security men.
“Hello Family or should I say snakes.” She said firmly stressing every single word before dramatically taking off her dark shades.
I was shocked beyond measure at her statement as I swallowed nervously.
“What do you mean Pat?” Kemi managed to voice out.
“Oh shut up Kemi, you murderer!” She yelled angrily.
“Oh you thought I don’t know that you’re the one who killed my unborn child?” She screamed holding her belly as tears ran down her face.
“I’m not as wicked as you are Kemi. At least I only burned down the shop.” She said with an evil laugh.
“What are you talking about Pat?” I asked in shock.
“As for you Gabe, you’re just so ungrateful after all I’ve done for you, you stood with your brother and pulled the wool over my eyes. And you David, you’re a cheat, a liar and a heartless monster.” She ranted and gave me a sly smile placing her phone on her ear. Oh Lord, she knew about everything all this while?
The front door opened again and men wearing EFCC and police vests stormed into the room with Steve and one other guy in hand cuffs. Now I’m scared.
“What is going on here?” Gabriel and I asked simultaneously.
“You’re under arrest David Arinze for money laundering, advance fee fraud and multiple counts of corruption.” One of the EFCC officials said handcuffing me and I looked at Pat and Steve who was badly beaten and bruised.
“It’s over for you Dave. All this is on you 419.” She spat out with a smirk.
They also handcuffed Gabriel and Kemi after also stating their own charges. We all cried and begged for her mercy which she was not ever considering to offer. The other guy turned out to be the person who Kemi contracted to murder Mabel.
We’re done for! I’m done for!! The officers dragged us out of the house ignoring all our pleas and threw us into their car taking us to the station. There’s no doubt, we’re all going to rot in prison for ever messing with someone like Pat.
One Year Later….
My people, trust no one. I’ve learned that the hard way.
At least in my case, I’ve been able to live through hell and tell others about it.
As for the scammers and muderers that I’d surrounded myself with, they’re all in prison now. Dave’s family members started sending petty threats so I had to relocate to another estate after they’d signed an undertaking never to bother me again.
And guess what, me and June’s Dad have decided to get back together since I’m no longer married to Dave. I’m now Patricia Kanayo again.
Bayo (June’s Dad) and I broke up because he insisted on going abroad for an advanced educational course against my wish.
When he heard that I’d gotten married which I did to spite him, he refused to return to Nigeria so he would never have to face me but still called once in a while to know how his daughter was doing.
As soon as he heard that I was no longer married, he decided to come back home and continue from where we left off in our relationship.
The saying is sure; what’s meant to be is gonna be. Right now, I’m planning a wedding with the man I love, my baby daddy himself, my first love not to please or anger anyone but because he is the one that I wanna wake up next to for the rest of my life.

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