A Husband’s Secret Episode 16

A Husband’s Secret


“Hey sweetie.” Dave greeted rather perfunctorily and gave me a little peck on the cheek as he walked into our bedroom.
“Evening babe.” I responded adjusting myself on the bed. I’ve been feeling some discomfort in my belly all evening.
He looked pretty down as he silently took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom.
My phone started ringing as soon as he walked into the bathroom. It was my CSO calling.
 I picked up and silently crept out of the room heading downstairs where I could answer the call more privately.
As expected, he had some valuable information for me on my WhatsApp. I quickly checked my WhatsApp and found a photo of Dave and Kemi hugging each other in a public place which looked like a hotel. It was not just some ordinary hug.
I ran up the stairs and back into our bedroom where I found his phone on the nightstand. I have never checked my husband’s phone ever since we got married but right now, everything is different and he’s given me no choice.
I listened closely to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom and quickly unlocked his phone heading straight to Whatsapp where I searched for Kemi’s contact but found none so I decided to type in her number instead.
Her contact was saved as ‘Paul’ unbelievable! I entered her message thread and started going through their chats.
Ranging from nude photos to erotic videos and language, I saw it all! I wiped the tears that flowed down my face as I kept scrolling through the messages. Kemi has been sleeping with my husband for God knows how long and according to their conversations, he’s responsible for her pregnancy.
As soon as I heard the shower cease, I quickly minimized the app locking the screen as I jumped back into the bed pretending to be asleep.
The bathroom door opened and closed again as Dave walked into the room and sat on the bed probably applying lotion or whatever he was doing. That was the last thing I remembered as I slowly dozed off with tears in my eyes.
I woke up in the middle of the night as I felt cramps on my abdomen. It felt like I was having menstrual cramps. Grabbing my hurting tummy with two hands, I tried to get out of bed as fresh tears filled my eyes. What’s wrong with me?
My legs felt so weak as the pain kept on getting worse.
“Dave, Dave!” I called shaking him vigorously to wake up.
He turned round on the bed and sat up after switching on the bedside lamp.
“Are you okay?” He asked as he saw the tears in my eyes and I shook my head unable to say anything.
The sheets felt like they were soaked in water and I managed to uncover the blanket from my body and took a look at the spot I was lying on, I was bleeding. Even Dave was shocked as he jumped out of bed.
“The baby Dave, I’m losing the baby.” I screamed in tears as realization set in and Dave lifted me off the bed and rushed out of the room running down the stairs.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening to me. I’m losing my baby.
According to the doctor, there was something I’d taken earlier on which triggered the abortion.
I tried to recall everything I ate or drank that day.
Wait,wait, wait, wait, I drank a bottle of Pepsi at Kemi’s shop today. Did she really poison my drink? There’s no doubts that she’s the one. Now I know that she’s cheap, evil, petty and capable of anything.
I’m so going to put an end to her miserable existence on the face of the planet.
After a few days, I was discharged from the hospital and returned home feeling really pained. I’m going to exact full revenge on Dave and Kemi.
While I was in the hospital, Ade had told me about the EFCC’s discovery. Steve confessed that Dave was the one who has been influencing the account statement preparation over the years. He’s been diverting company funds for personal use. Thirty seven million naira has not been accounted for.
“Girlfriend, how are you feeling?” Kemi asked touching my forehead. Honestly, I felt like grabbing her neck and choking the life out of her. But murder is the last thing I’ll ever think of committing.
“How does it look like I’m feeling? I mean I just lost a baby.” I rapped sounding furious.
“Calm down girl, I’m sure you’ll get pregnant again. Don’t kill yourself with worry. Just relax your mind.” She advised and I flicked her a bitter smile. Kemi is a hypocrite. Listen to her advising me on how to live my life. Well for starters, I’ll have to ruin her’s a bit.
“I’m thinking about doing a giveaway on Instagram.” I said instead which kinda surprised her.
“What type of giveaway are we talking about here?” She asked curiously.
“Uhm, a wig giveaway perhaps.” I replied with a casual shrug and she smiled a bit knowing that she’ll be the one to supply all the wigs.
“How many units are we talking about here?”
“About a hundred units of long curly fringe wigs. Make it 5 million naira. That’s my budget.” Which also happens to be more than half of the money she is doing business with.
“Okay, so when is the giveaway starting?”
“In two weeks.”
“Okay fine, I’ll order go order for extensions so I can start working on them.”
“And I’ll get you your cash as soon as the products are delivered.”
“That one isn’t a problem dear. I know you’re more than capable. I’ll have to be on my way then so I could get everything in place.” She said standing up to take her leave after giving me a warm hug that felt so real. She’s going to see pepper in a few days.
👨🏾 Dave
I came home from work early today and found my wife asleep on the couch. She hasn’t been at work ever since she came home from the hospital.
Losing our first baby together has really left her terribly heartbroken.
“Sweetie, I’m home.” I said as I tried waking her up.
“You’re back.” She said yawning and stretching on the couch. Her eyes looked puffy apparently from crying for days now.
“Yeah let’s go upstairs so you can rest up.” I spoke with genuine concern for her.
“Okay, have you had dinner?” She asked as she stood up supporting herself on my arm.
“I just stepped in. Where’s June?”
“At her grandmother’s house.” She responded tiredly as we made our way up the stairs.
My phone vibrated and I checked the screen to find out that it’s Kemi calling.
“I’ll be with you in a second.” I told Pat and she gave me a little nod walking into the bedroom.
“What is it this time K?” I blurted out angrily.
“Can you just give me a two million naira loan? I promise to pay you back in two weeks.” She demanded firmly making me even angrier.
“Did you give me any money to keep for you uhn?”
“I said I’ll pay you back in two weeks abeg. Just do a transfer or something. I want to place an order tonight.” She continued rudely.
“I don’t have any money for…”
“Listen, I’m carrying your child Dave, don’t talk to me like I’m some side chick. Just send me the money tonight.” She rapped and ended the call.
I sighed defeatedly and pressed on my banking app. After inputting my pin, I tried sending her one million but got an error message that all transactions have been blocked on my account. Impossible!!
Heading straight to my call log, I dialled my account manager’s number and he shocked me when he informed me that my account has been freezed by the EFCC. Wha???
I stormed into the bedroom and found Pat applying some lotion on her face. She only looked towards the door for a split second and returned to what she was doing.
“The EFCC froze my account. Do you know anything about this?” I asked standing akimbo.
“No I don’t. It must be a mistake.” She responded sounding like she wasn’t a bit concerned about it.
“So what do I do now?” I asked in panic.
“Tomorrow morning you call the bank and I’ll help you call the EFCC. Satisfied?”
I stood there looking at her speechlessly as the thoughts of why the EFCC would be on to me flashed through my mind and the fact that it’s happening at the same time that Steve has been absent from work for about two weeks now and is nowhere to be found either.
After several minutes, I finally gathered enough strength to walk out of the room. I need to get some fresh air or I might kill myself. I mean why all this problems now? First it was my house getting marked, now this. Good Lord, help me.

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