A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 9

“It’s about a kid.” He replied
“I knew it!” I snapped and hit the table angrily with my fist making him jump slightly in his seat.
“Have you been selling to kids again?” I yelled angrily at him
“No,no,no,no,no!” He responded trying to defend himself with his hands raised in surrender.
“Calm down Squi, you have always wanted someone to train for greatness. I think I’ve found you one” he explained.
“You’ve always your own aprendiz” he added making air quotes at ‘aprendiz’
Well, he’s right, I’ve always wanted someone to show the kinda love that Po showed me seven years ago when I was living on the streets.
I could remember fighting with the boys in the trap everyday.
We used to pick pockets, sell bags and rap at night clubs for a meal.
I had nowhere to sleep. No exact Place to call home.
We played basketball better than most NBA stars.
The day I met Po, I was fighting with one of the guys who tried to bully a little kid.
I vividly remember punching his already bloody face and the other boys cheering until someone lifted me off him from behind.
It was Yonas who held me back while I struggled. Po stood at a distance and kept applauding me. He offered me a job and I took it immediately. Then my hair was short and I was just 16.
“So where’s he or she?” I asked as I managed to snap out of my thoughts.
“It’s a she” he replied
“And what makes you think that I’m gonna take her?”
“Same troubled past as yours bebe, no family, born hustler, you’re gonna love her” he responded and got up from the table walking back into the house apparently going to get her.
He returned a moment later with a girl of about 16. Wait a sec, I’m I seeing clearly or what? She’s pregnant too! Great!!
When Po met me, I was 4 months pregnant but I still fought like a beast and I ran as fast as the squirrel tattooed on my arm.
About the baby, I lost it that same day because of the fight. I was fighting for some other person’s child and lost mine in the process.
The father of the baby? Well, I didn’t know honestly because I was gang raped but I remember stabbing two of them while the rest ran away.
Marco and the girl got to the table and since there was only one spare chair, Marco told her to sit while he stood beside her.
Ivy conoce a Maya y Maya conoce a Ivory, AKA Squirrel. Pero la llamo Squi.
(“Ivy meet Maya and Maya meet Ivory, AKA Squirrel. But I call her Squi”)
Marco introduced with dramatic hand gestures.
Solo llámame Ivy querida
(“Just call me Ivy darling”)
I interject forcing a smile.
“Bueno!” She mutters playing with the buttons on the oversized shirt.
¿Conoces al padre de tu bebé?
(Do you know the father of your baby?)
I asked feeling overwhelmed with sympathy
No, no lo hago.
(No I don’t. )
She responded almost tearfully.
Gosh! I blinked rapidly Fighting back the tears that threatened to fall out any minute. I remember getting kicked in the stomach that day during the fight and the pain that came with losing a child that I never wanted in the first place, that was too much to bear.
My baby woulda been six any minute. But I never got that chance.
“Wanna come live with me Maya?”
I finally found the courage to ask after thinking it through for a while.
She looked at me and looked at Marco who replied with a shrug before looking back at me.
“Yeah, I think so” she replied in a light Spanish accent.
“Okay bebé” I said squeezing her palms
“A word” I said referring to Marco.
“How did you find her?” I ask after we stood a distance from Maya.
“I uhn… I may have sold to her for sometime. Marco stuttered scratching his head.
“What the… What part of ‘don’t sell to kids didn’t you understand uhn?” I yelled angrily grabbing his shirt.
“I’m sorry Squi, she was just a retailer looking for a way to get by” he said pleadingly.
I walked away from him angrily back to Maya. “C’mon bebé, let’s go home.” I said to her as I got back to the table.
Maya got up and ran to Marco who hugged her tightly and patted her back.
“You’re going to be okay Maya. She’s got a big heart and a big safe too.” He said soothingly and chuckled at the last part.
She finally let go of him and turned back to me. I brought out the bundle of cash from my jacket pocket and tossed it at Marco.
“Stay away from the kids or I’ll personally have you arrested.” I warned sternly as I led Maya away.
“Yes ma’am” he replied with a little laugh.
I’ve never been this emotional in 7 years. Its like I’m reliving my old life all over again.
I see my younger self in Maya. I’ve always wanted someone to show that love that Po showed me 7 years ago and I think I’m finally walking down that road.
We got out to the front door and thankfully my Chevy was still in good shape except for the spray paint on the doors and windshield.
This reminds me of when we used to spray paint people’s cars and take the police for a marathon.
I simply chuckled and got into the car together with Maya.
As I drove, my entire life flashed before me like movie clips. I’ve come a long way for sure and I’m glad that it was all worth it.
I need to inform Po and Yonas that I’ve found a progeny.
As I was driving trapped in my thoughts, the car radio came alive, thanks to Maya. ‘Season Ticket Holder’ by Rick Ross was playing.
I started moving my head to the rhythm of the music while Maya rapped along perfectly. All I could do was smile at her.

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