A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 8

🐿️ Ivy:

As soon as we got into the next room which looked like some sort of office, Roman brought out a gun and pointed it at me;
“I know you are with Cash-house” He says coldly with a devilish smirk.
“You’re out manned and outgunned” I reply with a sly laugh as Trevor and I pull out our weapons and also aim at him.
As if it wasn’t enough, the door opens forcefully and Yonas walks in wearing a gas mask and also points his weapon at Roman who is now beyond stunned that Yonas was with us all along.
“You traitor!” He yells and fires at Yonas who dodges immediately.
Yonas is notorious for swinging like a typical yo-yo.
Unfortunately, the bullet ricochets and lightly grazes Trevor’s arm who let’s out a shriek.
Yonas had by now tackled Roman and pinned him down to the floor while I checked Trevor’s bleeding arm.
After emptying out Roman’s safe,
Yonas secures a rope around Roman’s hands and handed us the extra gas masks before we headed back out to the previous room where we found all the guards fast asleep on the floor.
A green mist was also hanging in the air. That’s what sent them to sleep.
“It’s so nice to have you back Yo-yo” I yell excitedly as we got outside with him dragging Roman.
Trevor’s face was squeezed up as his arm was bleeding profusely.
Denny, our driver was equally happy to see Yonas after a long time undercover.
We got into the car and Trevor sits in front with Denny while I and Yonas squash Roman in the middle with the bags of cash and we drive off immediately all the way back to the trap.
😼 Back at the Trap
We drove into the warehouse and parked our car among the other convertibles ranging from Lamborghinis to Ferraris and Bugattis. My lil Audi was also among.
“There’s my baby!” I squealed excited at Yonas as he got down from the car while still dragging Roman along.
“Oh that’s hot! Remind me to swerve in that later” he replies excitedly as we laughed together.
Trevor also got down from the car wearing a big frown. I’m guessing his arm was hurting a little.
“You okay homie?” Yonas asked referring to Trevor.
“Yeah, I’m still good money” he replied indifferently.
We got down  to the holding area where Denny helped us keep Roman in place before heading into the ‘office’ where the others were.
The music was banging loud. “Numb” by 21 Savage was playing and the guys were screaming along.
Po had already organised a little party to welcome Yonas back.
“Typical Po” Yonas yelled over the loud music as he walks into view and everyone starts screaming and cheering. The room felt like a goal has just been scored in a world cup finals game.
Po who was playing cards with some of the guys at the table got up to welcome him home as well.
After a little speech and a toast, the music resumed and everyone hustled to talk to Yonas and fill him in on all that happened while he was away.
Trevor was no longer in the room. I’m guessing he must be cleaning up in the bathroom. I’ve been so occupied by laughing and drinking with the guys that I totally forgot about his injury.
I picked up a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and left the room headed to the bathroom.
I opened and found him there just like I expected cleaning up his wound.
“Hey” I greeted as I shut the door behind me.
“Hey” he replied looking up at me for a moment before taking his gaze back to the mirror.
“Lemme help you with that” I offered as I walked up to where he was.
I poured the drink on the spot before doing the other bits involved in first aid.
“Thanks” he muttered as I finished dressing up the wound.
I nodded in response and helped him wear his jacket.
“We didn’t choose this life you know? It kinda chose us” I chuckled weakly and turned to walk out of the bathroom but he grabbed my wrist and turned me to face him.
He brought his face closer to mine and I turned my face away from his, making his lips brush on my cheeks.
“You have a girlfriend Trevor and I think it’s high time we stopped kissing.” I muttered under my breath as I shook my wrist away from his hold and bolted out of the room angrily, leaving him standing speechless.
I walked back to the room where the guys were and put on my best ‘actress’ face as I sat beside Katie who was still fuming over the fact that she is no longer allowed to take any alcohol because of the pregnancy.
A little while later, Trevor walked back into the room and sat with Max. I observed him from the corner of my eye, he was also watching me, not listening to what was being said.
Unlike the last time when I felt bad about rejecting him, today was different. I felt like I was doing the right thing.
I joked and laughed with the guys all night. We played solitaire and everyone tendered their mission reports.
At the end of the night, Po gave each of us our share of the cash we’d made for the week before he went inside to have a ‘Talk’ with Roman.
Whatever he does to him is none of my concerns.
I said goodbye to Katie and walked out with Yonas who had asked to crash at my place for the night.
“You’re driving Yo!” I yelled to Yonas as I tossed the key at him. He jumped into the ride and admired the controls for a minute before starting up the engine.
🙂 Next Day: Monday
After dropping Yonas off at his house, I went straight to work where I found Katie conducting interviews.
Oh! She mentioned something about getting people to help us out. I’d totally forgotten.
“Good morning hunny bunny” I greeted excitedly as I kissed her left cheek.
“Morning Rodent” she replied playfully earning a little punch on the shoulder from me.
“Wanna help me out here?” She asked referring to the interview.
“Nah, you good at this stuff” I replied and walked into the kitchen area.
Only few customers were seated drinking coffee. They’re all at work already.
As I stood in the kitchen washing my hands under the running water in the sink, my phone started ringing from inside my jacket pocket which was hanging on the coat rack on the wall a few feet away.
I turned off the tap and wiped my hands dry before going over to pick it up. I dug my hand into the jacket pocket and brought out the phone which was still ringing luckily.
I looked at the caller ID on the screen. It was Marco (one of my informants in the streets) calling. I’m guessing he’s in trouble again.
“Hey! Squealer, what’s good?” I said as soon as I picked up.
“I wanna see you Squi, it’s very urgent and important.” He responded rather too straight to the point.
“Money or Police trouble?” I queried.
“Nah” He replied dryly.
That’s a first, Marco never wants to see me without placing money as his priority.
“You got news?” I asked curiously
“Nope, it’s just a situation you’d like to address urgently” he adds.
“I’m coming over and It better be worth my time” I warned as I ended the call.
He better not be taking my head for a spin. I wore my jacket and walked out of the kitchen.
I informed Katie and walked out the door to my car. I drove straight to my house to take some money and a weapon before finally getting on the road for my long drive to the trap.
I passed Trevor’s house which kinda reminded of last night’s encounter. I thought about stopping by to see how he’s doing but quickly shrugged it off. I’m going to call him instead. I mean, I still care about him (that’s never gonna change).
Just like I was expecting, he didn’t pick up. It rang till it went straight to voicemail.
Marco’s domain is a very ugly one. Well, it was once my domain too.
Me and Marco both grew up in the North side of the ATL and thugging was the life.
I passed a couple of thugs on the road. Nothing much has changed since I left here. Same old, same old.
Thank God I was driving my Chevy truck else these boys woulda messed up my Audi.
I parked in front of Marco’s ugly house and got down.
All the money I’ve been giving him is enough to get a nice house and a car, but he spends it all on gambling, partying and girls.
I knocked on the front door and one of his goons opened up. He knows me well enough and doesn’t ask any questions but leads me to where Marco was behind the house with another guy playing cards with some money on the table.
“Isn’t it too early to be gambling?” I say to no one in particular as I approach the table and both of them turn to look at me.
“A good morning wouldn’t hurt” I say to the other guy as I snatch a card out of his hand and place it on the table before proceeding to pull his ears jokingly from behind.
Marco looks at him signalling him to leave and he bails immediately.
“You play too much Squi” he says with a chuckle.
“Uh! You know I get bored easily Marco.” I replied rubbing my forehead frustratingly as I take a seat opposite him on the table.
“Porque querias verme?”
(“Why did you want to see me?”)
I asked sounding bored.
The look on his face right now I really freaking me out.
What could it be? Do we have problems in the hood again??

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