A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 7


A minute later and I could hear Trevor laughing loudly with someone. A girl’s voice was heard as well.
I pretended to be busy with the sauce as I heard their footsteps approaching the direction of the kitchen.
The door opened and they walked into the kitchen together.
I turned to face them and my eyes almost popped out of my head.
OMG!! This girl is something more than Trevor described.
I saw a taller version of Nicki Minaj standing beside him.
His hands on her sleek waist.
She wore a tight fitting Levi high jeans trousers and a strapless lace crop top which did nothing for her huge chest region.
Her red hair was tied up in a ponytail and her heavy make up shaped her face and perfected it’s beauty.
She was smacking and blowing bubbles on her gum noisily.
To be honest, I’m nothing like her. She’s totally a Barbie.
“Babe meet my friend Ivy” He said to her pointing at me.
Wow! ‘friend’ not even best friend.
“Ivy meet my new girlfriend Halle” he continues.
She eyes me up and down suspiciously like I was tryna take her man. How pathetic!!
(Well, I kinda wanna take her man somehow)
I faked a smile and extended my hand to shake hers. She slightly wrapped her long painted nails around my palm and shook it gently. She had cobwebs tatted on the back of her palm. Just great.
I was mentally rolling my eyes constantly.
I returned to the food and turned down the heat.
By now they’ve resumed chatting and laughing again making me wish I could just shut my ears or dig up a hole and disappear inside.
I dished out two servings of the pasta and sauce. I don’t think I have the appetite for dinner tonight or tomorrow or the next. I should prolly go get wasted at home.
They sat down to eat while I left after taking a long time to convince Trevor to let me go.
I stormed out of the house immediately feeling pained as I got into my new whip and drove back to my house.
I’m certainly going to down a few bottles tonight.
😓Next Morning
I woke up on the couch falling on the living room floor with a thud.
An empty bottle of Whiskey which was lying on its side rolled down from the table and hit me on the forehead. I groaned and tried sitting up straight. My head hurts and my throat feels funny.
I stand up and staggered out of the room holding anything close by for support.
I got upstairs and straight to my room. I haven’t even checked the time and I don’t care. It’s a Sunday morning and I’m not going to work today.
I got into my bathroom and filled the tub with cold water.
I dumped my clothes in a messy pile on the floor as I stepped into the tub.
My body reacted to the coldness of the water by developing goosebumps from head to toe.
I felt a little more relaxed even though my thoughts still travelled back to last night’s incident. I’m guessing she slept over at his place. But I don’t care anymore.
After sitting in the tub for what seemed like hours, I got out and took a proper shower before stepping out of the bathroom.
It was already 2 in the afternoon and I’ve just finished cleaning up around the house.
I was still eating lunch when I got a call from Po. I was needed at the trap.
I dumped the plates in the sink and ran to the bedroom to get dressed.
A few minutes later, I was speeding to the trap with the top down playing ‘Swerve’ by Headie One.
🌹In my foreign and I swerve…
I kept singing along still driving at top speed until I got to the trap. The guys were on the streets playing basketball.
They started whistling and cheering as I got down from the car.
“Baby girl….. you balling” Max exclaimed as he squeezed me in a hug.
“Lil mama copped a nu foreign at last” Ty also commented in his usually bold and intimidating voice as they got to where the car was parked and checked it out in admiration.
I mean my little Audi isn’t a big deal compared to Po’s yellow stallions Ferrari or their own cool cars.
The guys kept playing as the ‘Dunno’ by Nasty c blasted loud on the car radio.
A few minutes later, Trevor’s car pulled up behind mine and he stepped out wearing sunshades and a black knee-length leather jacket buttoned up.
He looked as cool as usual with his uncombed hair of course.😊
I get lost for a second staring at him until he gets to where I was and jerks me out of my thoughts.
“Hey squirrel” he greets with a smirk
“Hey squirt” I shot back looking away from him.
“Count me in guys!” I screamed over the loud music as I took my hoodie off revealing my sports bralette which was underneath.
I jumped into the pitch and secured the ball and dribbled them all throwing the ball straight into the net.
“Drop down, gimme two points suckas” I yelled excitedly throwing my right hand in the air and sticking my tongue out like I was ‘Megan thee Stallion’.
The guys doubled in fits of laughter as we did high fives. I noticed Trevor was staring hard with a smile playing on his lips. I gave him a wink and looked away.
I was still holding the ball and bouncing it around when Po’s Ferrari pulled up with the top down and Katie sitting by his side.
“Kill Joy” I muttered as I tossed the ball at Denny and went back to get my hoodie from the hood of my car.
We exchanged greetings before the garage door rolled up and we all drove into the warehouse.
One thing about the trap is that, you should never leave your car unattended no matter what!
😎 Inside
Today, Po wants us to pay a visit to his old friend- Roman.
Yonas- one of our guys who was undercover in Roman’s gang had informed us of his whereabouts and we are supposed to grab him and his stash. While the rest of the crew will go set his warehouses on fire.
Po’s plan is to reduce thugging in ATL.
And by ‘we’ I’m referring to myself, Trevor, and Denny. It’s a sort of heist.
🙂 Currently at the Location.
Roman’s location is hidden deep in the trap.
We had laid down plans already;
I’m supposed to bring Trevor in as my prisoner. I’m supposed to exchange him for some quick cash.
After downing the guards outside the door, I kick the door and barge into the building dragging Trevor with me.
As expected, all weapons in the house are pointed at the direction of the door.
“Which one of you is Roman?” I question unfazed by all the weapons pointed at me.
After a little hesitation, a familiar voice from behind speaks up. It’s Yonas’ voice.
“And who is asking?” He says as he steps into my view.
“The Grim Reaper” I reply sarcastically maintaining a straight face.
“You look like Karma to me. And last I heard, she’s still a….
“Alright! alright!! whatever!!! Now gimme Roman will ya” I butted in before he could complete his statement.
Just as I finished talking, I heard a door creak open from behind the guys and a gruffy guy stepped forward.
Soy Roman, Quédeseas?
(I’m Roman, what do you want?)
Oh Spanish uhn?” I replied with a giggle. I understood Spanish perfectly.
(Tengo un buen trato para ti)
I have a good deal for you.
I added
He smiled as I continued. I was trading Trevor to him for 20 grand which he agreed to since he knows that Trevor works for Po. I claimed that I have left Cash house.
I followed him into another room still dragging Trevor along and gave Yonas a knowing wink for him to play his own part.
I hope this plan doesn’t backfire.

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