A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 6

 🐺 Trevor

To say that I am mad would be the biggest understatement of the year.
I stood there staring at myself in the bathroom mirror.
“Congratulations big fool! She doesn’t want you” I yelled to my reflection in the mirror.
I was so pissed off that I slammed my fist into the mirror breaking it to pieces.
 Blood gushed out of my knuckles immediately. That’s when I came back to my senses again.
I just hurt myself, thanks to my nasty temper.
One might wonder;
Why is he always angry?
I started having temper issues when I lost my mum. She meant the world to me but my drunk of a father took her away from me because of his excessive drinking.
She developed high blood pressure because of over thinking about him and overworking to take care of the family. She died from a bloody heart attack.
I stood there trapped in my own thoughts as my eyes started to well up.
I blinked rapidly Fighting back the tears as I kept staring at the broken mirror on the wall.
The door opened and Ivy walked in.
She looked pretty alarmed and frightened to see me in this state.
My knuckles were still bleeding making the bathroom floor red with blood.
She rushed to where I was and took hold of my hand to examine the wound.
She had an effect on me that I can’t explain. Whenever she touches me, my insides melt and my anger goes away instantly.
She dragged me to the sink and turned on the faucet guiding my knuckles under the running water while gently washing off the blood.
She later cleaned up the wound and dressed it before proceeding to clean up the mess that I’d made on the floor.
We didn’t say anything to each other and we didn’t dare look each other in the eye.
She practically led me back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed with me still avoiding my gaze.
After a few minutes of sitting on his bed in silence, I finally mustered some courage and spoke up;
“I…uhm.. I…” I stuttered and trailed off.
“I think you need to rest up so we can get up early for our round in the morning” I managed to say.
He neither replied nor made a move.
I looked up to see him glaring at me and clenching his jaws like he was so pissed off. That was when I realized that I was still holding his hand and immediately I saw the look on his face, I let go of him.
Based on what my intuition was telling me, I hugged him tight but he didn’t respond. He just sat there!
He gently pushed me away and climbed into the bed muttering a good night.
That was cold, now I understand what it feels like to be rejected. It hurts like crazy…
I stood up from the bed and walked to his closet. I picked out an ‘Atlanta Hawks’ jersey and walked into the bathroom with it.
☀️ Next morning
It’s currently 5:27 and we’re resting quietly on the hood of Trevor’s car waiting for our customer(s) to show up in an out of the way location may I add.
Just after glancing at my wrist watch for the umpty-umpth time, a blue Toyota Tacoma drives in and pulls up in the distance and our ‘customer’ steps out.
“If it isn’t Po’s little dormouse and her sidekick” the man says in a high pitched voice and laughs at his own joke.
“It’s squirrel and wolf for you Manny” I reply as he gets close enough for me to recognize him.
“Better not get bitten” He replies and bursts into another round of laughter.
“What wolf doesn’t howl?” He continues as he observes Trevor’s silence.
I simply scoffed and rolled my eyes. It’s too early to argue with Manny of all people who I’m sure, hasn’t brushed his teeth for today yet.
“Whatcha doin up in Dougville” I ask trying to be nice.
“Finding me some greener pastures, ATL is troubled waters” he answered in that same high pitched voice.
By now, Trevor had gotten out our merchandise from the trunk and placed it on the hood.
He opened the bag and Manny examined it’s contents to confirm that everything was intact before handing us the bag he was holding and we also confirmed that our cash was complete.
“Nice doing business again with you Manny.” I said shaking his hands.
“And oh…. ATL is for the big fish, if you come back, you just might get eaten” I added repeating his own joke in a different way.
He doubled in fits of high pitched laughter as he watched us get in the car and zoom off.
“You should have at least smiled at my joke Trevor” I said breaking the awkward silence in the car.
“I was one minute away from punching him in the face” he replied tightening his hold on the steering wheel and clenching his jaws.
I huffed and decided to keep quiet since I knew that the conversation wasn’t going to lead anywhere.
At a few minutes past 6, he dropped me off in front of my house.
“Care for breakfast?” I asked as I got out of the car.
“I’ll pass” he replied angrily and zoomed off without even looking at me. Again, Trevor never passes up on a free food offer.
“Boy needs to go for some anger management courses” I thought as I tugged my hands into the hoodie pocket (Yes, I’m presently wearing Trevor’s oversized clothes) as i walked to my front door.
I got inside and let out a deep breath.
I walked into the kitchen and dropped my phone on the island getting ready to make myself some breakfast. I was starving already.
“…and he just left me standing like a fool on the sidewalk” I said concluding the narration of my story to Katie.
“It’s true that Tboy took it a little too far but y’all been kissing for ages, no harm, no foul so why you wanna stop now?” She queried raising her right hand dramatically.
“Guess I was tripping” I replied also raising my hand.
“Eish! Whatever! So when you gonna get yo new car?” She asked handing me a dish for me to wipe.
“Later in the day” I replied tryna smile.
“Po says we should get some extra hands on deck” Katie continues
“Overprotective baby daddy” I said with a chuckle causing Katie to laugh and rub her tummy.
Well I couldn’t agree less, we needed more people to help out here in the eatery.
“So what typa car you wanna get?” She continues.
“A drop top from Audi” I say with a shrug
Her eyes light up when I mentioned drop top as she squealed and hugged me excitedly.
🚘 Tonight
I return home with my first brand new car. The old Chevy was a used car that I bought since the early days of my hustling.
I pull up in Trevor’s driveway and get out of the car and rushed to his front door.
I knocked on the door and a tired looking Trevor opened up.
“What’s up?” Trevor asks
“Meet my new baby!” I sing cheerfully pointing to the blue beauty (ie my new Audi) sitting in the driveway.
I could see his lips curving into a wide smile as he draws me in for a hug sweeping me off my feet.
He was really excited about my new car.
We jumped into the car and he revved the engine continuously before finally driving out onto the main Street at top speed.
He let the top down and the cold night breeze hit my face blowing my hair in the wind.
‘Motorsport’ by Migos, Cardi b and Nicki Minaj was playing.
Whooo ooooh!!!
We drove for a while before turning back home.
We got out of the car and he hugged me again lifting me off the ground and taking me inside.
We were so excited about the car that we got carried away in excitement as I kissed him tenderly wrapping my legs around him.
He dropped me on the couch and broke the kiss.
“Now, don’t you ever think of pushing me away Mami, it hurt my feelings” he warns sternly and I nod smiling sheepishly.
His knuckles were no longer bandaged but his wounds were still very visible and sore.
“Yes sir” I reply and give him a mock salute making him burst into laughter.
I just got my love back.
“Now let’s make some dinner” I continue as I get up and run to the kitchen yelling ‘catch me if you can’
“Let’s make some pasta” he suggests as he hugs me from behind placing kisses on my neck.
“Eish! Lemme concentrate will ya!” I shoo him off playfully as I poured the pasta into the pot.
We chatted and laughed so hard for a while before the doorbell rang.
“Your doorbell still works?” I ask Trevor in Surprise while still stirring the pot of tomato sauce.
“Yup! I guess” he replies with a little chuckle and a shrug as he walks off to answer the door.
I wonder who is at the door at this hour?

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