A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 5

🐺Trevor’s POV:

I found myself a seat at one of the tables in Ivy’s eatery and Katie walked up to me.
After exchanging greetings, she wanted to know what I’d like to have.
“I’m not here to eat K, I’m here for Ivy”
“Oh you mean stubborn squirrel” she said with a laugh swaying from side to side as she clutched the menu tight with both hands.
That’s when Ivy also walks in. Immediately she sights me, her face squeezes into a frown as she hurriedly approaches my table.
“I swear I’m going to kill you today Trevor” she says between gritted teeth as she gets to where I was.
Katie leaves us both to talk and returns to work.
I started laughing loudly making other customers turn towards our direction and give me looks like I was some sort of idiot.
Ivy wasn’t fazed. She only tightened the frown on her face. She was really pissed off, but still very pretty.
“Why did you drug me Trevor?” She queries sternly taking a seat.
“I didn’t expect you to wake up today you know?” I reply with a chuckle earning an even tighter frown from her.
She looked like an angry emoji. A very cute angry emoji.
“How are you feeling now? Is it still hurting?” I asked after a moment.
“Well yeah” she replied in a duh tone playing with her hair.
“Sorry about that Mami! Today’s my date with Halle” I stated excitedly like a teenager who is going on his first date.
“Well then, good luck”She replies quickly with a scoff and sits back relaxing on the chair.
“Can I go back to work now?” She asks after a little silence.
“Yeah sure” I reply and she gets up almost immediately and walks away without even saying goodbye or looking back at me.
That’s strange, she must still be mad at me for lacing her drinks or is she upset about the date.
This is my first date in ages!! I really needed her help on staying calm but with the look of things, she’s not going to offer it. Guess I’m on my own in this one.
Today was half good and half bad.
Half good because Katie informed me that she is 6 weeks pregnant and half bad because Trevor is going out on a date with a beautiful curvy girl named Halle.
From her name alone, I know she’s gonna be really beautiful.
I got down from the cab and walked into my driveway. I don’t think I’ll be fixing my tire, I’m getting me a new car, I thought as I walked past my stupid Chevy truck.
I walked pass it cussing under my breath.
I unlocked the door and switched on my lights as I got in locking the door from inside.
As exhausted as I was, I slumped down unto the sofa.
I turned the TV on and switched to a music channel. 6ix9ine’s song ‘Gooba’ was playing. I turned up the volume and went inside to get changed.
I felt very upset and I don’t really have any appetite for dinner. I mean how I’m I supposed to eat knowing that the man I love so much is out there with another woman.
What I’m I supposed to feel?
I kept turning uncomfortably in the bed until I finally fell asleep a few minutes past midnight.
🌟Next Evening🌟
It’s currently a Friday night and I’m at a loud party.
It was the norm for Po to throw a party on every Friday night.
Each and every one of us have to be present just in case a fight breaks out.
In street terms, we have to ‘Rep our Clique’
I sat there in a corner swaying from side to side in my seat to the sound of ‘Life is Good’ by Future blasting loudly in the clubhouse.
The lights in here were dim and almost everyone in the room had a lighted blunt in his or her hand.
The smoke formed a semi cloud under the ceiling. The smell of alcohol mingled with weed was in itself totally intoxicating.
Po and Katie were seated in the VIP section. You’re only allowed to sit in VIP if you have achieved anything special or Po just feels like it.
The wolf (I mean Trevor) was sitting right beside me blabbing about how his date with Halle was totally awesome.
I wish it had flopped but unfortunately, it didn’t. I have tried to stop myself from feeling jealous about his relationship with this girl and just focus on my own happiness.
I tried to joke and laugh with him as usual. Plus, I was also a bit tipsy thanks to a couple glasses of vodka.
Later on, Po got up and ordered for the music to be turned down.
Okay, whenever he does that, there’s always an important announcement or something that calls for celebration afterwards. I’m guessing tonight he’s gonna tell us about Katie’s pregnancy.
He held out his hand dramatically for Katie who immediately stood up and placed her hand in his.
She wore a sexy red dress with the side split in a v shape and held together by chains drilled into the fabric. The dress did very little work in covering her cleavage.
“Ahem…” Po began to speak seeing that everyone in the room was staring too much.
“Me and sugar here are expecting a baby together y’all” he continues excitedly as everyone in the room starts to cheer and clap.
“I’m bout to be a daddy suckas” he yells before kissing Katie while rubbing her still flat tummy.
Just after we drank a toast to them, a fight broke out between two girls at the party where one of them ended up busting the other’s head with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Crazy right?
Plus, Trevor and I are supposed to move some merchandise to a customer in Douglasville before 5 o’clock the next morning which means, I’ll have to sleep over at his place tonight so we could leave together the next day.
🐾At Trevor’s Place
We got inside the house giggling sheepishly at the joke I made earlier.
I quickly took off the heels i was wearing which were killing me already and threw them on the floor still laughing loudly.
I’m sure my face was redder than tomato sauce already from laughing so hard.
By now, Trevor was done with locking the door and came over to sit with me on the couch.
His house was nicer than mine even though I have more money than he does and he drives a nice drop top too.
I wonder what I am really afraid of, starting from tomorrow, I’m going to start living like I own some.
“Guess wah?” I half sang to Trevor as I finally take my eyes off the TV screen.
“Tell me already, will ya?” Trevor replied lazily as he shifted closer to me and slinging his hand round my neck.
“I’ve considered getting a new whip” I replied breezily.
“Finally!! You bout to start ballin for real” he exclaimed happily and cupped my cheeks.
I didn’t need anyone to tell me what’s going to happen next. He brought his face closer and I shut my eyes opening my mouth slightly.
Immediately I felt his soft lips on mine, I regain my senses and push him away slightly adjusting myself and regaining my composure.
I could see the shock register on his face. This has never happened before. I have never resisted him and he has never resisted me either.
But there’s always a first time for everything right?
“What the heck was that for?” He asks in Surprise.
“You have a girlfriend Tre…
“And since when did it ever matter?” He fired back cutting me off.
“Since now” I replied almost in a whisper.
“Oh wow!” He exclaims with a tone that depicted derision as he stood up and paced up and down the room.
“You’ve been acting weird recently Ivy, I mean you’re changing and it’s not for the best” he yells before storming off headed for the stairs.
I let out a huge sigh of relief as I sat there watching his retreating figure ascend the stairs.
“I need to talk to him” I muttered to myself as I got up and also ran up the stairs.

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