A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 4


Next morning, I wake up stretching myself on my bed as the sound of my new phone ringing jolts me out of my sweet sleep.
It’s Katie calling. I pick up immediately. Turns out that she wants me to get some stuff that ran out at the eatery on my way to work.
I disconnect the call and get out of bed sluggishly. I may have had a few drinks last night and I would have loved to sleep more but, I need to get to work.
I turned on the tap and washed my hands before splashing some of the water on my face. I brushed my teeth afterwards before stepping into the shower.
I wore a pair of black ripped jeans trousers and a blue basic t-shirt which exposed the squirrel tattoo on my arm. I checked myself in the mirror repeatedly before walking out of the room. I rarely wear any makeup except when the occasion demands it.
I got to the kitchen and picked out an apple from the fridge and took a large bite. I rarely eat at home in the mornings. As I was still munching on the tasty apple, a soft knock sounded on my door. It was just 7:03 in the morning, I wonder who was at the door.
I carefully dropped my apple on the kitchen counter and quietly approached the door with the keys jangling in my hand.
I looked out the window and saw Trevor at the door. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped aside for him to get in.
“Good morning mami.” He greeted in his usual enchanting and sweet sounding voice as he walks into the room and extends his arms for a hug.
“Morning sweaty.” I respond with a laugh and step away from him making him to take a look at himself.
He was really sweating profusely from his morning run and I wasn’t ready to get soaked in sweat by agreeing to hug him.
He smirked and walked past me straight to the kitchen. I followed him in where I saw him drinking water and holding my half-eaten apple.
I sighed taking a seat and shook my head as he took a bite from the apple and chewed hungrily.
‘Anything to eat?’ He asks as he threw whatever remained of the apple into the bin and also takes a seat on the remaining kitchen stool.
‘Go take a bath first and I’ll sort that out’ I ordered with an eye roll as I stood up from the kitchen stool and grabbed an apron.
He gets up quietly with a huge smile on his face and stands behind me breathing down my neck.
‘I have news for you babe’ he whispers and plants a kiss on my hair before walking out of the kitchen.
My heart could have stopped any second but thankfully, it didn’t. The torture is just too much for me. I need to let him know how I feel about him sooner or later or I might have a heart attack. I wonder what he wants to tell me now.
I suddenly remembered that he didn’t have any extra clothes which means he is going to wear my clothes. I ran up to my bedroom and banged forcefully on the door and his voice rang faintly from inside.
I threatened to cut his fingers off if he touched my brand new Fila sweatshirt and sweatpants. I could hear him laughing so hard from inside. I hope he listens to me.
I waited for him to come out. My anger hit the roof when he walked into the  kitchen wearing the very clothes I had told him not to touch.
I picked up a knife from the rack and ran after him screaming like a mad woman while he kept laughing and dribbling me.
I suddenly slipped and fell on my butt. There was a spill on the floor and I didn’t even notice.
Trevor stopped running and came back to where I was still lying on the floor groaning and holding my leg in pain. He made sure he kicked away the knife which was on the floor close to where I was before lifting me off the floor.
‘Are you okay mami?’ he asked in total panic.
I had a sprain on my left ankle.
No! I’m dying because I’ve been hit by a truck!! I yelled angrily in pain as he lifted me off the floor.
He dropped me on the kitchen island and went over to the fridge and returned in a second with an ice pack.
It’s my fault! He muttered while pressing the ice on the affected spot.
“Don’t blame yourself for my clumsiness T…” I retorted but he cut me off mid-sentence.
“If you weren’t running after me, you wouldn’t have tripped.” He fired back through gritted teeth while clenching his jaw.
My phone rang and he semi ran to the living room and returned with it in a flash.
“How touching!” I thought mentally rolling my eyes.
I checked the screen and realized that it was Katie calling. I swiped and picked up immediately.
‘Whats taking you forever to get here? She yelled on the other end of the phone hurting my ear drum.
‘I had an accident’ I managed to reply when she stopped yelling.
‘OMG! OMG!! Are you okay? Where you at?’ She rapped sounding really scared
“I’m okay. I’m chilling at home and it’s just a sprain. I’ll be there in a few.” I managed to respond and I could hear her let out a sigh of relief.
“I’ll be right there okay?” I said and ended the call before she could even reply.
‘How do you expect to be limping around and still serving tables?’ Trevor asked sounding worried while running his fingers through his uncombed hair. He still looked cute even though he was upset.
‘Get me some pain meds from the bathroom Trevor. It’s just a little sprain not like I got hit by the bus.’ I chuckled scrunching my face up.
‘Stay Put!’ He ordered before walking out of the kitchen.
I took the meds and after a lot of convincing, Trevor finally agreed to drive me to work where I met a very worried looking Katie who squeezed me in a hug. I sat in the kitchen all day doing next to nothing since Katie wouldn’t let me do anything.
Trevor called almost every hour or so to know how I was doing. How sweet of him though he still blamed himself. He even came over in the afternoon to check up on me.
 I feel loved but I’m still a gangster girl who has been shot at countlessly,taken bullets, jumped off high fences and buildings, got stabbed and cheated death severally and a sprain doesn’t even register as something painful.
In the evening, Trevor came to pick me up from work. Just sweet. He was still wearing my brand new Fila and I know I’m never gonna get it back. He’s taken so many of my clothes already and my Fila is just another one of those poor victims.
‘So you had something to tell me in the morning remember?’ I said after a little silence during the drive back home.
‘Say what’ he semi yelled as he turned down the volume of the car radio on which ‘Bad and Boujee’ by Migos was playing at Max volume.
‘You had something you wanted to tell me in the morning’ I repeated myself.
‘Oh! I scored a date with a hot chick down the lane.’ He said looking at me with a smirk on his ever so cute bearded face.
My eyes almost popped out of my head immediately he said this.
 ‘Uhm… that name… what’s that name again…’ He muttered trying to remember the girl’s name.
I started laughing so hard as he shot me a ‘This-is-not-funny’ look  which only made me laugh louder.
He shook his head and whipped out his phone. With one hand on the steering wheel, he kept scrolling before finally speaking up.
‘Shawty named Halle with a hour Glass shape’ He said with a chuckle as he let go of the steering wheel for a second to demonstrate curves with both hands. The car swerved on the road and he quickly regained his grip on the wheel.
Usually I would have laughed at what he did and said but I didn’t find it funny at all. You can say I’m getting a bit jealous. Matter of fact, I’m a whole lot jealous.
I didn’t say anything else as I felt my anger rising. I turned up the volume of the radio again and this time, a pop song was playing. I hated pop music but I still didn’t change the dial.
The rest of the drive was without further conversation as I kept myself busy yelling out the lyrics of Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Yikes’ which was now playing on the radio.
He stole some glances at me every now and then but I pretended not to notice. I think he realizes that I’m not really cool with the whole date stuff. I mean, he knows me so well anyway.
Finally he pulled over in my driveway and I quickly got out limping to the front door. He walked over to where I was and opened the front door before lifting me inside. I buried my head in the crook of his neck as he took me inside and dropped me on the bed.
After taking more pain meds and a few shots of alcohol, I was tucked in by Trevor who flicked off the bedside lamp and snuggled up beside me in the bed stroking my hair gently while typing on his phone. I didn’t even realize when I had dozed off in his arms until I woke up alone in the bed the day.
Then the incident from last night replayed in my mind. Trevor will be going on a date with a curvy girl who will definitely become his girlfriend and I’ll still be his thugger chick on the side that he treats like a best friend and nothing more.
She got curves and I don’t. I’m guessing that’s his type of girls. The ones with the hour Glass shape and I’m nothing close to that, I thought and shook my head.
I picked up my phone from the night stand and powered up the screen. Wait a minute!! It’s 2:05 in the afternoon!!! I’m guessing it’s just the phone clock playing tricks on me. I mean outside my window was really bright but I’ve never slept so long.
I unlocked the screen and found multiple missed calls from Katie. They were from 5 hours ago!!
Gosh! The phone clock is okay, I’m the one who isn’t.
There could only be one reasonable explanation; Trevor put something in my drink last night.
I got out of the bed hurriedly and rushed into the bathroom. The pain in my ankle was almost gone as I wasn’t limping like before.
I took the quickest bath in history and ran out of the shower Stark naked while I ransacked my wardrobe for something to wear.
I found a black T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans together with a pair of Nikes and quickly put it on before I dashed out of the room. I even forgot to brush my hair. Thank God I have a face cap in my car.
Trevor wasn’t in the living room or kitchen as I had expected. I locked my door from outside and just as I was about to get into my car, I noticed that I had a flat tire.
Today of all days!
It was really sunny outside and the sun’s rays hit my face mercilessly.
I got the face cap out of the car and put it on as I began jogging down the street.
Though my ankle was slightly hurting, I kept going since I’ve been trained to handle worse.
In a few minutes, I was at the eatery panting heavily like a dog who just returned from playing fetch.
I accessed the kitchen through the back door and took a seat.
Katie walked in a moment later looking like an angry wolf.
She stood by the door way frowning with her hands folded across her chest.
‘You are six hours late you know?’ she declared angrily.
‘Yea I know! Trevor kinda drugged me.’ I replied lazily with a shrug as I stood up and took an apron.
I could see a playful smirk appearing on her face.
‘Good for you.’ she said and dissolved into a little chuckle.
I rolled my eyes at her as I kept adjusting the apron.
‘And what do you think you wanna do?’ She queried mischievously raising her brows a bit.
“My job of course. If you’re worried about my ankle, I am perfectly fine. Whatever he put in my drink works like magic.” I replied all in one breath.
She simply huffed and shook her head, walking out of the room back into the main hall where the customers were seated.
I looked at myself in the small mirror on the kitchen wall and adjusted my face cap before walking back into the main hall.
I walked into the main hall and guess who I see seated comfortably?

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