A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 35

Episode 35
It’s been three weeks already and we are in California on vacation. By we, I’m referring to Me and Trevor, Katie and Po, Yonas and Stacy as well as Maya and her little boys.
We’ve been having a lot of fun here in Cali. Honestly, I never knew that California was this beautiful. I mean all my life, I’ve lived in the ATL and only travelled short distances to deliver merchandise to Po’s customers. But right now, the feeling I’m getting is a totally different one. It was evening already and we are currently relaxing after a fun filled day out at the beach.
“Look to your left.” Trevor whispered in my ear as he stood behind me. I turned and looked at the direction. It was Yonas and Maya talking to each other. Yo was holding Miguel while Maya had Manny in her arms.
Yonas kept Playing with Maya’s long hair as they talked while Maya kept punching him repeatedly on the chest playfully as they laughed. You could easily tell from a mile away that they were both flirting with each other.
I turned and scanned the room for Stacy. She was sitting in a far end of the room with her headphones plugged in her ears and her eyes closed. I shook my head and chuckled softly. Yonas turned to look at us taking gave me a wink. I know that wink, he’s going to make a move on Maya. Crazy player!
“Hey everyone, I’ve got an announcement to make.” Trevor shouted and Po woke Katie up(she was sleeping on his laps) her bump was getting really big.
Everyone gathered and paid attention to what he was about to say.
“Ahem, I want to start off by saying that I Uhm, I’m proud of all of us. We’ve been through hell but came out of it together. And to you Ivy, tons of times when you woulda punched me in the face, you’d rather pull me in for a hug and Pat my back. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman.” He said and all I could do was smile.
“Remember the other day when we went to the jewelry store uptown?” He asked and I nodded.
“Well, it wasn’t just for these slugs and a couple links, I had other plans, like this one.” He added and brought out a little box from his pocket and my eyes widened as he opened the box. A ring with a large diamond was inside. Oh my God!! Everyone in the room were as surprised as I was.
“I rehearsed everyday in the mirror how I was going to go about this and I realized that no method would ever be good enough for someone as perfect as you Mami, marry me and make me complete.” He added and went on his knee.
“Okay, Okay, Okay, Trevor, I’ll marry you.” I said breathlessly as he took my hand and inserted the ring on my finger and everyone in the room started clapping as Trevor squeezed me in a hug and claimed my lips for a kiss.
“And one more thing, I promised you a little something else.” He added and brought out a little envelope from his pocket as we disengaged from the hug.
He handed me the envelope and I opened it and a car key was what I found inside, it was a Mercedes key.
“Oh my God! Trevor, Thank you, Thank you so much. I love you.” I said as I jumped on him again.
“What type of car is it?” Yonas asked as I was still overwhelmed with surprise.
“A G-wagon just like I promised.” Trevor responded with a little smirk.
Now I remember, Trevor promised to get me a G-wagon if our baby turns out to be a girl and he kept his word. Everyone took turns to hug us and congratulate us.
 Even Po and Katie felt like getting engaged too as they never saw the need to ever get married but Trevor changed their minds in a split second.
 After that, we went outside the lake house which we were staying to take a look at my new new G-wagon.
About 5 Years Later:
It’s almost five years now and me and Trevor have gotten married and right now, we’re expecting our second baby.
Me and Trevor moved to California after our wedding after selling all our properties in the ATL. Together, we’ve started a very successful and thriving gym business.
My daughter Lorraine will soon turn five and honestly, I still don’t know what to get her for her birthday.
I was currently in our bedroom in front of the mirror admiring the diamond district necklace suspended on my neck which Trevor got for me last night as an apology for crashing my new car. I’m still mad at him though.
As I sat there fondling my eight months pregnancy belly, a knock sounded on the door followed by the sweet little voice of my angel – my daughter.
“Mum are you inside?” She called from the other side of the door.
“Yes baby, c’mon in.” I responded and Immediately, the knob turned and she ran in giggling.
“How are you you sweetie?” I asked as I made her sit on my lap gently stroking her soft and bouncy curls. Though she’s got my skin tone, she’s got these amazing curly hair from her daddy’s genes.
“I’m good and you?” She responded in her little voice.
“Well, I’m fine thanks darling, tell mummy about school today.” I whispered softly kissing her hair.
“Was half bad and half good, Mrs Williams isn’t feeling well and was taken to the hospital this afternoon. But that also means no homework for the weekend ” She said sounding rather sad.
“Mmm, I’m sorry about that princess, I hope she feels better by Monday.”
“Yeah me too. Is daddy at the gym?” She asked with a small smile.
“Nope, he’s in the bathroom, shaving his face. Go eat your lunch and he’ll come get you when he’s done. ” I answered.
“Okay, but not without talking to Kelly first.” She pouted standing up from my laps.
I smiled turning to face her as I lifted my shirt up exposing my bare belly. She placed her pretty little fingers on my bump and placed her ear on it. After saying hi to Kelly who is in the belly, she ran out of the room as I kept laughing at her funny conversation with her brother.
“Was that Lorie?” Trevor asked as the bathroom door opened revealing my hot hot hot hot husband, yeah my husband.
“Yeah.” I replied in a duh tone rolling my eyes at him as I turned my face back to the mirror.
“My pretty wife, are you still mad at me?” He asked in a whisper placing soft kisses on my neck.
“Mad is an understatement Trevor.” I fired back angrily and pushed him away.
“I’ll get you a new car, I’ll two new cars, or a fleet of them.” He muttered as he resumed kissing on my neck again.
“You can get me a hundred Teslas Trevor, but you can never get me another husband, the last I wanna do is raise these kids alone, how would I…..
“Shhhhhh, I’m sorry okay, I won’t drive reckless no more Mami, I promise, on ma mama.” He cut me off as he pleaded going on his knees. He sure knows how to get to me with those puppy eyes.
“Fine, you are forgiven.” I responded slowly and he took hold of my hands kissing my belly.
“Let’s get wild.” He said baring his gold slugs and licking his lips.
“Go talk to Lorie, she’s expecting downstairs.” I replied faking a frown.
“We’ll be quick.” He says and walks over to lock the door.
As soon as we got on the bed, a knock sounded on the door making us groan in frustration.
“Ma’am, you have guests.” Came the voice of one of the maids.
“What guests?” Trevor asked sounding a little bit annoyed by her intrusion into the moment.
“Yonas, Maya and the kids.” She responded quickly.
“We’ll be down in a sec.” I chipped in and heard her retreating footsteps going down the stairs.
Well don’t be surprised, Yonas and Maya are now together. Maya just turned 22 and is currently pursuing a career in Skin Care while Yonas has expanded his barbing business.
Yonas and Stacy broke up after Yonas told her about his past life as a gangster and how he killed people and sold drugs and she could no longer accept him. According to her, Yonas is a heartless monster that should be rotting in jail. Guess it wasn’t love after all.
Well, currently Yonas and Maya are having a very successful relationship and I’m really very happy for them and the boys know him as their dad since he was the one who signed their birth certificates and gave em a last name.
Katie and Po? Uhm, those two finally decided to get married and now have two boys.
Po is running a bigger and 100 hundred percent legitimate club and opened a very classy restaurant for Katie.
Every single member of the gang are now living legitimate lives and running successful businesses and families. We gather once a year in The ATL to drink a toast for living to tell the story of our gangster and ghetto lives.
The two remaining color brothers have been sent to maximum security prisons and are serving their sentences.
I had a very ugly past life, the kind where you kill or be killed, I pray that God will forgive me, for every life I took, even though they were not innocent. It still pricks my conscience.
Each new day, when I look in my daughter’s eyes, I have comfort in the fact that it was all worth it. And having the most loving husband beside me is a blessing. Being able to get Maya out of hell and giving her a better life is equally a dream come true.
This is the story of my Life. Ivory Martinez, former gangster, an orphan, misused and abused, who found love in the eyes of another gangster and became Ivory Taylor, wife, mother, millionaire and survivor.
We are not where we live or where we come from, we are not our parents, everyone’s story is different. We can do anything only if we keep our feet planted, face our fears and rise. God got Us!!!

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