A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 34

We stayed up late chatting and catching up on all that Maya had missed while she was away until we finally went to bed at about 10 in the night. Maya is staying in the guest room.
A few minutes after we got into bed, a call came into Trevor’s phone. Cash house has valuable information on where Red was being treated in the hood. Max and a few others were already outside waiting for him.
“Be careful and be safe.” I told Trevor in a voice that sounded like I was giving him an order.
“Yes ma’am!” He replied with a little laugh and gave me a kiss.
I just want all of this to be over so I can get some peace of mind.
I locked the door and sat down to watch some TV while waiting for him to return.
A few minutes after they’d left the house, I was still watching TV with a bottle of Coca-Cola in my hand when the door creaked open! Shoot!! But I’d locked the door, who the heck is there? I quickly ducked down and dropped the bottle on the table.
Someone stepped into the room and I only recognized her when she got closer to the light from the TV screen which is the only light source in the room.
Yeah, guess! It’s Red!! She had a gun in one hand and the other hand was suspended in a sling.
“Hello Squirrel.” She called as she walked into the room approaching where I was now standing.
“Hello to you too Roxanne, Or should I say Red” I responded sarcastically maintaining a straight face and I could see her smile a little.
“I never thought you’d wanna copy me. Thought you hated me with a passion.” I taunted and the little smile on her face faded instantly replaced by a frown.
Thing is, Po gave me the nickname ‘Red Squirrel’ because of how fast I ran and she copied it by calling herself Red too.
Seeing that I got her right where I wanted, I started laughing and hysterically.
“You’re right, I’ve always hated you.” She said coldly pointing the gun at me.
“You took everything away from me, Po’s attention, my position as the only female in the gang, you even took Trevor away from me and today, I’m gonna end it.”
“Oh I’m so scared. Poor baby wants to cry!!” I said in a small voice throwing my hands up in mock surrender.
“Listen, We both know that I got all those things because I was and still I’m better than you’ll ever be.” I added firmly raising my brows proudly and this time, her face was awash with rage.
She raised her gun and pulled the trigger. I quickly ducked down and the bullet hit the Tv screen which was fixed on the wall behind me shattering the glass in pieces. The room was now completely dark.
 I got on my fours and crawled towards the stairs as she kept shooting repeatedly at every corner of the room.
The next thing I heard was the sound of something heavy shattering followed by a loud scream and a heavy thud on the floor.
I returned to the room and  turned the lights back on only to find Red lying on the floor in a pool of blood and Maya standing there with tears and rage in her eyes. I get it now, Maya hit her on the head with a flower vase. I hugged her trying my best to calm her down as I made her sit. She was too frightened to say anything. I walked over to where Red was now lying on the floor bleeding.
I took her gun and examined the clip which had only one bullet inside. One bullet is all I need. I instructed Maya to dial Trevor’s number from the home phone and she did. Trevor picked up and I informed him of what had happened while he was away and he told me that he was already on his way back. Red was now on the verge of passing out but who cares.
A few minutes later, Trevor and the guys he left with arrived. On their way back here, they had informed Po about the situation and he gave orders to bring Red alive to him. He’s got to be kidding me.
 They tied her up and placed her in the trunk heading back to the trap. Finally, we have all three Color brothers in our custody. Cash House won!!!
As soon as they had left the house, I felt a sharp pain on my stomach as it hurt like I was having menstrual cramps.
I held my tummy as I groaned in pain and sat back down on the couch. By now, Maya who was still trying to get over the shock of what happened earlier with Red held me and tried finding out what was going on with me.
“Ivy, are you okay?, do you need anything? What do I do?” She kept screaming breathlessly as she was scared out of her wits.
This is not happening, I can’t lose this baby!! Trevor would kill himself!!!
“Call Trevor” was all I managed to say as the pain was getting worse. My vision started getting blurry as I saw Maya run over to the home phone. She placed it on her ear and I could see her mouth moving but couldn’t hear anything she was saying.
My eyes slowly closed and that was the last thing I could remember.
I slowly opened my eyes and blinked rapidly trying to get my eyes to adjust to the brightness of the room.
I looked around me and realized that I was lying in a hospital bed. Looking round, I could see Trevor sitting beside me with his face buried in his palms and Maya sitting on the foot of the bed with her back against the wall and face up the ceiling. She was fast asleep. How long have they been here??
“Trevor, Trevor!” I called shaking him vigorously.
Just like he was expecting it, he quickly brought his hands down from his face and looked at me.
“Mami, you’re awake, thank God!!” He said with a smile stroking my cheek.
“Did I lose it? Did I lose our baby??” I asked as tears started building up in my eyes.
“No, no, our baby is fine, she’s fine!” Trevor responded before reaching for a folder on the little drawer.
He opened it up and brought out something that looked like a report.
It was a CT scan. Trevor was right, our baby is a girl. We’re having a girl!!! I couldn’t help it as tears of joy rolled down my face on seeing the scan results. Oh my baby, she looks so adorable!!!
By now, Maya was already awake and stood up smiling at me also in tears. She looked like she’s been crying for days.
“Ivy!!” She called in a whisper as she got closer to the head of the bed and I drew her into a tight hug.
“It’s okay bebé!” I comforted her as she cried on my shoulder.
“How long have I been out?” I asked after we disengaged from the hug.
“A couple days.” Maya replied.
“What day is it?” I asked again in shock
“It’s a Saturday evening.” Trevor responded this time around as he kept running his fingers through his uncombed hair.
“I’ll leave you two to do some talking now while I go get the doctor.” Maya said getting up and walking out of the room.
“What did you do?” Trevor asked immediately Maya closed the door from outside.
“What do you mean T?” I asked in confusion
“The doctor said you have been stressing the baby out and traces of MJ was found in your system.” He said scratching his head.
“I may have done a 200 metre Sprint through the woods behind the trap warehouse and I played ball to get a ride to the north side the other day.” I confessed.
“And the MJ?” Trevor cut in.
“I ate some bad cookies at Marco’s. I didn’t know T.”
“You risked your life and my baby’s life and you lied to me.” Trevor barked sounding very angry.
“I’m sorry Trevor, it was either I stayed back and get killed by Red or …”
“Don’t start.” Trevor cut in again and stood up pacing round the room.
I tried to say something else but the door opened and the doctor came in with Maya following behind.
After a few checks, he assured me that I and the baby are perfectly okay and I will have to spend a few more days at the hospital for full recovery.
The doctor left the room again and Maya also followed suit giving us some privacy.
I looked at Trevor again feeling really scared. If he’s so upset now that I’m okay, I wonder what woulda happened if anything happened to the baby.
“I can’t stay mad at you, but actions have consequences. You’re going to stay till the last minute when the doctor clears you.” He added calmly.
“I don’t blame you.” He said concluding his speech and let out a long sigh.
All I could do was nod. I’m really surprised at Trevor’s new behavior. If he was still the old Wolfie, I’m sure he would have thrown a few chairs on the wall.
🐺 Trevor
I can’t stay mad at Ivy, she’s become a part of me now. I blame myself for putting her and my baby in harm’s way. Today, I’m going to tell Po about my decision to leave the gang and I don’t care how he is going to take it.
I arrived at the warehouse where all Color Brothers were being held.
We’ll be moving them to the point of exchange. Yeah, Po has decided to trade Red, Black and Grey to the Mayor so he could clear any criminal records of all Cash house members and also get a 500 thousand dollars compensation as well as freeing the north and west side of the ATL from thuggery. I really wished that he could just let me shoot Red in the head.
It’s 2 in the afternoon and the summer sun is shining mercilessly on us all as we’re still negotiating with the mayor and the sheriff.
“Well Mr Cooper,…
“Just call me Po, Mr Mayor.” Po said with a little chuckle.
“I won’t give you a dime until we get confirmation that you really have these gangsters who you claim are in your custody.” The mayor said and took a sip from his drink.
“Bring em out.” Po ordered and we popped the trunk and brought out the three of them.
The Sheriff brought out a file which contained information about the Color Brothers and they studied the photos carefully and the faces and tattoos matched with what they had on paper.
“So Red is the female?” The mayor asked as the police officer brought out his sidearm.
“Karma has caught up with you Reddie. Remember me from last year, you shot me in the chest, but you missed my heart.” He added and put the gun on Red’s head.
Now I remember, Last year, the mayor’s convoy was hijacked and the sheriff was shot while protecting the former mayor.
“Emmett is this really necessary?” the mayor asked somewhat frightened as the sheriff cocked his gun.
“Trust me Mr Mayor, you don’t want to let this lady live another moment. She’s a real nightmare to the ATL. If we let her go to jail, she’ll somehow get out and come for us.” He added
“Okay, fine do it.” The mayor responded and looked away as he heard the sound of the gunshot followed by a thud. Red is dead. Grey screamed as his sister’s dead body lay beside him while Black simply looked away.
“We took the body and dumped it in the trunk of the police car while Black and Grey (who was now weeping and yelling) were dragged into the backseat of the police car.
“So what now Mr Cooper, I mean Po, what happens to Cash House?” The mayor asked as he got up to leave.
“We’re hanging our boots, just give us 14 days.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you Po.” The sheriff said as he shook hands with Po.

“Are you serious about what you just said?” Yonas asked Po as we got back into our own car.
“I’m a man of my word Yonas, ATL needs freedom and so do we. Build a better life in a better place.” Po replied with a chuckle.
“I’ll be making the announcement tonight, clear your stock in 14 days.” He concluded and Denny who was driving us started up the engine driving us back to the trap.
Wow, that means I have no need of telling him bout our decision to opt out of the game. Ivy is going to be super amazed.
Trevor came home from their meeting with the Mayor and sheriff where they were trading the Color Brothers. He informed me of Red’s death and honestly, I was really happy about that. Finally, I could sleep with my eyes closed.
And as if that wasn’t enough good news, he also told me that Po is shutting down business. Just amazing!!!
Trevor took me and Maya to my other house so she could be with her kids after being away from them for so long.
Maya wept tears of joy when she saw her healthy and fast growing boys and held them in her arms after circumstances separated them months ago.
I on the other hand have started my ante natals while waiting for Trevor to finish up with every single dealing in the Westside and come back here to me. I miss him so much and couldn’t wait for two weeks to run out. It’s been eight days already, just six more left.
I’ve just finished speaking with him on phone and he equally misses me like crazy. I smiled at the thought as I rubbed my tummy while sipping on my OJ. We’re about to start a family for real and I need to plan a future for Maya as well, she’s totally my responsibility.

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