A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 33

The next morning, I woke up and stretched under the sheets. I looked at Trevor’s side of the bed and couldn’t find him there. I’m sure he’s down in the kitchen.
I got out of bed still naked and walked over to the closet. I put my panties on before getting in the bathroom. I took a pee before brushing my teeth and then I headed out of the room going downstairs to find Trevor.
I found him busy cooking and rapping with a towel round his waist. The marks on his back were healing pretty quick. I smiled and walked over to where he was and hugged him from behind.
“Good morning Mr Romantic.” I greeted kissing his bare back.
“Morning baby mama.” He replied with a chuckle and turned off the heat before turning round to look at me.
“Thought you told me that you hurt knuckles yesterday?” I asked as I took his hand to examine the spot.
“It don’t matter to me Mami.” He answered in a whisper and gave me a little kiss before letting go of me and going over to the rack to get the plates. We had breakfast and later went back upstairs to shower and get ready for the day’s business.
We’ll first go to the trap and find out what information Halle could have for us before we visit Maya at the hospital and take her home if the doctor clears her.
At the Trap…
Trevor drove into the warehouse and found the guys arguing. They were trying to figure out the best way to deal with Rex who had betrayed the gang. Yonas and Po were in the middle of what seemed like a circle, trying to make a decision.
Because he had confessed to killing another member of Cash House, we decided that it was best if we also killed him. An eye for an eye!
We left them and got into the next room where Halle was being held and treated. Our handyman- Young blood K was giving her an injection. YB has always been the one getting the bullets out of our bodies anytime we got shot and he has just done same for Halle. I know she won’t survive it. The bullet really got her bad.
“What’s up Blood?” Trevor greeted as we got closer to where he was.
He turned round and smiled at us taking out the burning cigarette from his mouth and fisted his palm for a bump.
“All good homie.” He finally responded.
“Squirrel babe.” He greeted me as well and we also did a fist bump.
“How’s your patient?” I asked referring to Halle.
“Dying.” I heard Halle respond before YB could.
“You’re awake?” YB queried as we all walked back to the edge of the bed where she was lying on.
“How does it feel to be in pain Halle?” I asked through gritted teeth.
“It hurts to be in this position. I’m sorry for coming into your lives and trying to mess it up.” She responded in a frail voice.
“Red paid me to date Trevor because she knows that you love him. She told me that she wanted to get with Trevor back in the day but he never looked her way or gave her any attention. He was always after you.
 She wanted you to feel the pain of losing something too so, she took Maya just like you took Trevor and her position away from her. She wanted you to hurt thinking that Maya abandoned her children.” She continued and all I could do was scoff and shake my head.
“I fell in love with Trevor even though I was not supposed to. I tried everything to get him to love me back but he didn’t budge. He’d call your name in his sleep and when we had sex.” She added and my eyes widened as I looked at Trevor who looked away to prevent eye contact.
“That night when you came over and I told you he was not in, I found him drunk on the couch with your pictures scattered around on the floor. He was yelling out your name and almost killed me with a broken bottle. He found out that I was not pregnant and dismissed me. I felt so bitter afterwards and decided to report him to the cops. The next day, he got arrested with drugs and I left town.” She said in tears.
“I’m so sorry Trevor.” She added still in tears.
“Stop saying sorry Halle, it makes me wanna choke the life out of you!! Where the heck is Red?” Trevor snapped coldly.
“I swear I don’t know, Red never stays in one place for more than a few days.” She responded as her voice was breaking and tears running down her face.
I looked at Trevor again and this time, he was looking at Halle clenching his jaws and tightening up his fist with so much rage in his eyes.
I held his hand and ran my fingers along his tattoos in a bid to calm him down. I could feel him relaxing. The next thing I know is that Trevor grabs me roughly and crashes his lips on mine kissing me with so much intensity and I responded immediately.
“Whoa! That’s no,no-no, that’s disgusting.” YB said and burst out laughing.
“Same to you sucka.” He continued and I knew for sure that Trevor must have shown him his middle finger.
“Hey, cut it out, she’s going under!” YB yelled as he examined Halle who was now finding it difficult to breathe.
“Get the EKG!” He ordered pointing at the equipment and Trevor rushed to get it.
He plugged it in and waited for it to get hot. He rubbed them together and pressed it on her chest and the force made her body jump on the bed. After several attempts, she didn’t wake up and that’s when we realized that she’s dead.
“She’s gone.” YB confirmed after checking her pulse and her breathing.
“I didn’t want her to live through it anyway.” Trevor snapped and stormed out of the room.
“Someone hates their ex. Talk to him will ya?” YB said and I gave him a side smile also walking out of the room.
“What a waste of my night.” YB muttered as he started packing up the equipment.
I got out of the room and walked back into the main hall of the warehouse where Po and the other guys were. Our guy Rex who had betrayed us was now lying dead on the floor. A smoking gun was also in Po’s hand. Idiot got what he deserved. I never liked him to begin with. I shook my head and walked over to where Trevor was seated in a far corner of the room.
“You good?” I asked Trevor as I sat opposite him.
“Yeah, one hunnid.” He replied emotionlessly and we sat in silence observing the guys who were now dealing with Black.
“Did she say anything?” Yonas asked as he left them and walked over to the place where we were sitting.
“Nope, she…
“Pure Collateral damage!” Trevor chipped in as he cut me off mid sentence.
“Wasted!” Yonas concurred shaking his head.
“Quiet erryone!!” Po yelled and all the noise in the warehouse died down as Po put the phone to his ear.
“Hello officer! What’s good?” Po said to whoever was on the other side of the phone.
“That was Officer Mason. He’s just informed me of Red’s possible new hideout.” Po announced as soon as he got off the phone.
Well it’s no news, most of the police departments in the ATL are in our pockets.
“When I find her, I’m gonna put a bullet in her myself.” Po huffed sounding really upset and cocked his gun as he ordered for Black to be returned to the room where he was being held before.
Po, Yonas and some of the guys are going to hunt down Red, Trevor is supposed to ride with a few other guys and get rid of the bodies while I will be going to the hospital to see Maya.
Me and Trevor sat there and watched as the others together with Po and Yonas drove out of the warehouse to find Red.
As soon as they were out of the building, Trevor stood up and grabbed me by the arm to follow him to God knows where.
“Where are you taking me to?” I asked but he didn’t say anything in response so I quietly followed him. I know he’s still upset.
We reached the bathroom and he opened the door and pulled me inside. He shut the door and grabbed me by the waist kissing me roughly. I yielded unto the kiss and wrapped my legs around his waist and hands round his neck. I know he doesn’t wanna have sex with me in a drug warehouse bathroom of all places.
“I want this to end too.” Trevor whispered in my ear as we finally broke the kiss.
“I’m ready to quit.” He said looking in my eyes for the first time since the Halle incidence happened.
“Three dead bodies in the warehouse within twenty four hours, that’s not funny Ivy, it could have been me among them you know? I couldn’t even protect you from all this yesterday, I almost went crazy when I couldn’t find you Ivy, I…”
“Shhhhhh” I hushed placing my finger on his lips. I shut him up with another kiss. Y’all don’t know how excited I am right now about this decision.
We returned to the main hall of the warehouse after talking for a while and Trevor left with the other guys to get rid of the bodies while I took his car and drove to the hospital.
“I wanna see my children Ivy.” Maya said for the umpteenth time.
“You’re stubborn Maya, you will see em once you’re out of the hospital. They’re not with me right now. I left em with a nanny.” I said rubbing my forehead.
“Did you give them up?” She said almost crying.
“No,no,no!! I didn’t!! I wouldn’t Maya, why would you think that?” I replied a little bit shocked.
“Then take me to my babies.” She said pleadingly as she sat up on the bed.
“Fine, lemme go get you some clothes, just stay put!” I said with a little sigh and walked out of the ward.
I returned a few minutes later with the clothes and shoes that I’d bought for her only to find the doctor checking up on her.
“Hey doc.” I greeted as I walked into the room.
“Good day ma’am.” The doctor responded sounding unsure of the time.
“I’ve just checked her vitals and she’s pretty much okay but she’ll have to stay a few more days before I can clear her.” The doctor added.
“No need doc, I’ll take her home now, we can always come around later.” I said as I took a seat and passed the shopping bag to Maya.
“Look ma’am, I’m afraid that I won’t allow you…
“I’ll foot all bills and give you an extra 10k” I cut in before he could finish whatever it was that he was about to say. I know he’s not going to resist such an offer.
“Fine!” He sighed and walked out of the room with me following behind while Maya got up from the bed and started dressing up.
“I’m currently bunking up with Trevor until all this is over” I said to Maya as we got inside Trevor’s apartment.
“Sounds nice.” She replied in a little voice and slumped into one of the sofas.
Well, I’d told her everything that has happened while she was away. She also narrated to me how Red and her gang had kidnapped her that day while I was at work and held her captive in that dark basement feeding her only once a day.
I’m going to kill Red by myself if I lay hold on her.

“Rest up now while I make us something to eat okay?”
“Okay.” She responded and lay back down on the sofa.
By the time I’d finished with the cooking, Maya was already asleep and Trevor returned just in time to join us. They were both very happy to see each other again after such a long time.
As soon as we were done with the food, Trevor’s phone rang, it was Yonas calling.
After Trevor finished the call, he handed the phone to Maya; turns out that Yonas wants to speak with her. After she was done with the call, Trevor told us about what he discussed on the phone with Yonas.
Turns out that during today’s mission, Po shot Red but she still managed to escape and is currently on the run as we speak. Finally, Karma made a u-turn!!!

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