A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 32

Immediately the door gave way and the masked men stepped in, I quickly as possible ducked down behind the kitchen counter and breathed hard.
Being the typical gangster, I held the knife tight and slightly raised my head up to see what the guys were up to in the room, they were arguing in whispers trying to decide who was supposed to go upstairs and search for me and Trevor.
Aiming at one of them, I swung the knife and straight up, it pierced deep into his chest. Bullseye!! One more to go. He screamed in pain as he fell down on the floor holding the handle of the knife and trying to pull it out.
The other one was a little bit of a wuss. He quickly dropped his gun on the floor and held his partner trying to figure out how to get the knife out.
I stood up and reached for another knife from the rack and walked quietly into the room.
He was still holding his partner and trying to pull the knife out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was scared to the bone as he was shaking and mumbling continously.
“Big mistake buddy.” I finally spoke up and grabbed him by the collar earning a shriek from him. I forcefully dropped him on his back and climbed on his chest punching him repeatedly on his masked face. I felt like laughing when I realized that my bare breasts were bouncing around as I threw every single punch.
I finally stopped punching him and took off the mask from his face and my eyes widened as I realized that the person I was brutalizing was just a little teenage kid.
“Who the heck are you?” I yelled angrily as I held him by the throat.
“My name is Chris, please don’t kill me.” He struggled to say as he kept trying to free his neck from my firm grip.
“You think I give two tosses about your name huh? Who sent you?” I barked and tightened my grip on his neck. By now, he was choking and gasping for air.
“Ivy, what the heck is going on here?” Trevor screamed in shock as he walked into the living room where a bleeding man was lying on the floor and a second getting choked by me.
“Answer me!” I yelled again as Trevor got to where I was.
“He’s dead.” He announced as he felt the other guy’s pulse.
“And you’re Killin this one as well.” He added almost panicking.
“He doesn’t wanna talk.” I complained as Trevor held me from behind and lifted me off the boy freeing him from my hold.
“Chill Mami.” He said calmly as he dropped me back on my feet. I tried to calm down as he eyed me up and down as if he was just noticing that I was half naked with only a towel draped round my waist for the first time.
“These are only for me and my babies you know?” He asked with a chuckle pointing to my bare breasts. I scoffed and shook my head as he used my still slightly wet hair to cover my breasts.
He picked up his t-shirt which he had earlier dropped on the sofa and gave it to me to put on. Seriously?
I reluctantly collected the tee and put it on after which our attention returned to the boy who was still on the floor breathing heavily.
“How did they get in?” Trevor queried as he walked up to the boy and squat down.
“Front door of course.” I responded with an eye roll as I took a seat.
“Back to you boy.” He said grabbing him roughly by the neck.
“Who sent you to my house?” Trevor growled at him and the boy flinched as his facial expression was so scary to behold.
“Her name is Red. Please don’t kill me. She promised to pay our house rent. I’ll take you to where she is at.” He cried raising his blood stained hands in surrender.
“That psycho lady doesn’t know when to call it quits huh?” He questioned with a chuckle and let go of the boy but again, he grabs the boy by the throat tightening up his face in a frown before finally leaving him alone. The boy almost passed out. He took their guns and stood up.
“Thought you said I should go easy on him.” I said with a little laugh.
“Yeah but I never said I was gonna do same.” He replied with a smirk as he turned to look at me.
“Go make us dinner, I’ll take it from here.” Trevor said soothingly as he claimed my lips for a short kiss.
He jogged up the stairs and disappeared into the bedroom returning in a matter of seconds fully dressed with his phone on his ear.
He was on the phone with Ken talking about what had happened and needed his help to get them out of the house with Cash house trucks.
Trevor tied the boy up and placed the dead guy in a body bag before cleaning the blood off the floor with bleach. By now, I was done with the cooking and served the food.
Just as we were about to eat, Ken, Yonas and three other guys arrived and joined us for dinner before they finally moved the guys out.
The dead guy will be buried while the boy will take them to where Red is hiding out. They wouldn’t let me roll out with them so, I’m now left alone in the house.
After waiting up for Trevor for what seemed like forever to me, I heard a car pull up in the driveway and I quickly ran to the window to see who it was.
Actually, it was Trevor and the guys returning home. I opened the door and got out to meet them.
We talked for a while and what I got to find out was that the place where the boy took them to had already been deserted by Red before they got there. Again, she got away!!
The guys later left and me and Trevor got inside the house. Trevor managed to fix the door before we finally retired for the night’s rest.
“Crazy heck of a day we had today.” Trevor said as he locked the bedroom door.
“I totally agree.” I answered with a tired sounding chuckle.
“Gimme a kiss will ya.” Trevor said as he got under the covers with me.
I complied and gave him a hot steamy kiss which he didn’t want to break away from.
“Wanna get wild?” He whispered seductively in my ear as he finally broke the kiss and proceeded to bite my ear as his fingers wandered off into the bad spots 😁. I didn’t even know when I let out a hollow moan and he took that as a Yes.
“You’re a machine gun you know that?” I teased him as he fell back on the bed breathing heavily after a round of hot hot love making. Trevor has no remorse.
“You bring out the best in me Mami.” He responded with a smirk still breathing heavily.
“I think we should stop living like this Dada.” I said after a little silence.
“What are you talking about?” Trevor asked sounding surprised.
“Life under the gun is no longer cool when we are getting ready to bring a child into this world and start a family. Think about it, I had to leave town because I couldn’t really defend myself like I used to. And you, getting shot at repeatedly, going to jail, just name it Trevor, we’ve seen it all. But this baby doesn’t have to be a part of the craziness.” I rapped leaving Trevor dumbfounded.
“I’ve thought it over Tre, I want us to go legit.” I added and took in a deep breath as I looked into his eyes.
“I’m going to think about it Mami.” He said after a long silence.
“I get it that this is the only life we know but in a matter of months, we’re gonna have a lot to lose. Consider that when you are thinking about it.” I added calmly as I tried getting out of bed. I felt so tired.
“Wait, are you mad at me?” Trevor asked sounding confused.
“Of course not Trevor, I wanna go pee. You put a baby in me remember?” I joked rolling my eyes at him as a smirk crept up on his face. Cute little peacock of a boyfriend.😁
Truth is, ever since I found out that I’m pregnant, I’ve been thinking about leaving the gang and opting for a less risky and toxic lifestyle where I don’t get shot at, where I don’t have to visit my baby daddy in jail or go to bed with a gun in my hand.
I wanted to live free and still be able to give my daughter or son the best in life, far away from my old ways. And I want to have Trevor by my side while I do so.
I hope Po is gonna take this new development well.
I walked back into the bedroom and found Trevor on the bed humming “Rounds” by August Alsina (which was probably playing on the headphones in his ears) with both eyes closed.
He opened both eyes a few seconds later when he sensed my presence in the room and smiled sweetly at me. I just love this dude so much.

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