A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 31

Halle was losing a lot of blood rapidly. I managed to get the first aid kit from her bathroom and did some work on getting the bullet out but that wasn’t really working as she had a great deal of flesh. If I stay here any further, she’s going to bleed to death and I don’t want that, I have something worse than death in store for her.
As I set her back on the bed, I whipped out my phone and dialled Yonas’ number and luckily he picked up at the third ring.
“Where you been dawg?” He asked as the call connected.
“I need your help Yonas, I got a gun situation at Halle’s”
“What the heck are you doing at Halle’s?” He asked sounding like I said something ridiculous. Well, maybe I did.
“Save the pop quiz for later, right now, I need a rescue.” I said and Immediately, I heard gunshots outside the door.
I dragged Halle up into the bathroom and locked the door while I hid inside the closet where I could still see what was going on in the room. The door finally gave way and the shooters barged in forcefully and began searching the room.
I counted up to 4 of them in the room already. Well, I’m also called ‘Trigger Finger’ for a reason and for that reason, I pulled out my gun and aimed at one of them through the opening in the closet and shot him on the leg. Bang!! He fell down with a loud ‘argh’ escaping his lips followed by a heavy thud. One down, three to go!
Like I expected, the others started firing at every corner of the room including the closet which was now firmly shut with me lying flat on the floor of the closet.
I also fired back at them and got the second one in the knee. My gun clicked indicating that my clip was empty. I kicked the door of the closet open and dragged the first one I’d shot hiding behind him like he was a kinda shield.
The remaining two fired repeatedly at me but luckily, all the bullets were taken by the guy who I was holding.
When I noticed that they were also out of bullets, I let the guy fall on the floor and ran to the window, smashing the glass with my feet, I jumped out before the other guy could grab me while the other was still reloading his clip and the other two down on the floor.
Good thing is that, I landed in the trashcan but my joy of escaping was short lived as I was being fired at through the open window from inside the room. There was more of them this time around as the sound was coming from multiple guns.
In a flash, I was out of the trashcan and ran across the street from Halle’s house and jumped into the lawn of a nearby house which had tall flowers to hide myself.  I could hear the neighbor’s dog barking as the gunfire resumed. After a short while, the commotion died down and everywhere was quiet. What typa neighborhood was this? I mean, till now nobody’s called the police!!
I ran out of my hiding place and back towards Halle’s house. I want to know what just happened and who’s behind it.
As I quietly and slowly tiptoed to the front of the building, I could see Cash house trucks and plate numbers. When I observed the driver’s seat, I saw our handyman Young blood K sitting behind the wheel and I immediately got out of hiding and ran up to him.
Well, turns out that they came because I asked for back up and the situation has been sorted out. I ran back into the house and found someone that I least expected to see here.
“Ivy?” I called somewhat bemused.
She turned round and had a facial expression that I couldn’t really explain. Yonas was also with her and the other guys were busy searching the house.
I walked up to where they were standing and greeted Yonas. Ivy was still standing behind Yonas and looking at me with questioning eyes.
Noticing that I was looking over his broad shoulders, Yonas stepped aside allowing me full view of my woman.
“Hey mami. Thought you ain’t supposed to be out on the road!” I greeted with a smile which she didn’t return.
“You have a lot of explaining to do when we get home.” She said sternly and walked out on me.
“Let’s wrap things up here boys.” She ordered clapping, indicating that the guys needed to hurry up before the cops show up.
“Y’all weird, wasn’t expecting that kinda reunion.” Yonas said mockingly and jogged up the stairs after her.
In a minute, they returned back to the sitting room where I was still standing speechlessly with Halle who was now on the verge of passing out.
They took her out into the car while the rest of the crew stayed back and erased all finger prints to prevent the incident from being traced back to us.
We finally left the scene before Yonas called the police and told them that it’s ok for them to come around. Well it’s no surprise, Cash house has most of the police departments in the ATL in our pockets.
The drive back home was an awfully quiet one as Ivy wasn’t in the mood for a conversation. She kept her gaze outside the car all thru the ride till we got home.
Even before the engine of the car died down, Ivy had already stormed out of the car snatching the house key from my hand. She unlocked the door and walked into the house with hurried steps.
I shook my head as I locked the car and put the top back up. I have never really understood women, I thought as I walked inside the house and found her sitting on the couch with her legs folded like a Buddhist. My knuckles still felt slightly sore with a couple bruises.
“Why were you with her Trevor?” She asked in a voice that indicated she was trying her best not to punch me in the face right there.
I scoffed and sat down on the sofa opposite her as I took off my jacket and t-shirt revealing my hot hot hot hot body. I could use that to soften her demeanor.
“I almost went crazy when I couldn’t find you so I decided to go there to trick her into luring Red out but it didn’t work. It all went downhill and Red ordered the hit on me and her too.” I explained honestly.
I could feel her breathe what seemed like a huge sigh of relief. Wait, was she thinking that I was trying to get cozy with Halle because I was upset? Oh jealousy!!!
“I’m I forgiven?” I pouted standing up from the sofa and squatting in front of her trying to look cute.
“You haven’t even said sorry yet.” She said with an eye roll pretending to be angry.
“I’m sorry Mami.” I said kissing her hand.
“Maybe, you should do more than that if you really want to be forgiven.” She said and I smiled broadly baring all the gold slugs on my teeth. Sitting on the couch beside her, I tried to kiss her but she gently shoved me away.
“You reek of Halle.” She said scrunching up her face.
“Then you’ll be the one to cleanse me of all that dirt.” I responded kissing her all over her face and with this, she started giggling asking me to stop.
“I’ll make us dinner while you shower. I have a whole lotta news to share with you boy” She retorted and slightly pushed me away.
“How bout we shower and catch up during dinner.” I whispered seductively and licked her left ear. I know she loves it when I do that.
She didnt respond so I took it as her consent and carried her from the couch and jogged up the stairs heading for our room while she kept hitting me on the chest to let her go.
I was really upset when I got back to the trap and Yonas informed me that he and the guys were going to help Trevor get out of a gun situation at Halle’s house. What the heck was he doing there?
Out of Curiosity, anger and jealousy, I decided to follow them so I can deal with Halle personally if the need arises.
Now that he has told me why he was there, I felt a thousand times relieved and relaxed. If he told me some useless story, I woulda slapped him hard on the face for sure. But he’s got this effect on me which makes it almost impossible for me to get mad at him.
We got into the bathroom and Trevor kept baring his gold slugs in very infectious smiles and I couldn’t help but drool over him. I’m such an idiot. 😁 I mean, this is my baby daddy!
After we showered together, we got out of the bathroom and both landed roughly on the bed with our wet bodies glued together and our lips moving in sync as our tongues battled upon each other.
My wet hair is definitely going to soak up the sheets tonight. I don’t need to tell yall what it is we are doing right now under the sheets as our moans filled the room.
After our love making session, Trevor collapsed on the bed beside me trying to catch his breath.
“Let’s go at it again Mami.” He said after his breathing got steady and tried to get on top of me again.
“Have a lil remorse Trevor, you’ve gotten me pregnant already.” I giggled hitting him on the chest playfully.
“Hmmm, how bout I double that? or make it three, or six? or more uh?” He muttered continously placing kisses all over my arm and face while caressing my thighs.
I heard him let out a little yelp as he paused for a second and I thought that I had hit him on the wounds on his back but he started laughing and I realized that he was fooling around.
“Stop it Trevor, I’m not a rabbit, stop, that tickles!” I kept laughing hitting him playfully on the head.
“You had sum to tell me right?” He said after I stopped laughing as he rested his head on my chest.
With that, I narrated errythang that happened while I was away and how I had found Maya. Trevor was really excited that we’ve gotten Maya back and Black is once more in our custody. Tomorrow, we’re going to see her in the hospital and hopefully bring her back home when she’s well enough.
After talking for a while, I started yawning and my stomach rumbled. That was when I remembered that I have not yet eaten anything for dinner.
“Let’s go make some dinner baby boy.” I said rubbing his head.
“Yes ma’am.” Trevor said getting up from the bed.
“Change the sheets will ya!” I added as I got up from the bed. I could see him scrunching up his face. The sheets were really soaked up. Thanks to my wet hair and our wet bodies.
“I’m too lazy you know.” He chuckled rolling on the soaked sheets tiredly.
“Then you’ll sleep on it alone. Cuz I’m not.” I said sounding serious as I tied a towel round my waist leaving my breasts unclad.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Trevor said getting up lazily and wearing his briefs before balling up the sheets, ready to take them down for washing.
We both got out of the bedroom; Trevor headed down to the basement where the washing machine was and I went to the kitchen to make us dinner.
As I was still busy slicing up the vegetables, I heard a loud bang on the door which made it swing wide open with great force and Immediately, two masked people stepped into the living room with big guns. Geez!!

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