A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 30

Actually, it wasn’t a ‘what’ but a ‘who’!!! I climbed down into the basement and took a closer look at her to be sure. My stomach churned as I got down into the smelly space.
It was Maya!!!! Our Maya!!! My Maya!!!!
“Maya, how did you get here?” I asked in bewilderment.
Maya looked totally unrecognizable and pale. She had her hands in shackles. I blinked rapidly as she struggled to get her face up and called my name again in an inuadible whisper and I quickly squeezed her in a tight hug.
Marco ordered Rocky to help me bring her up out of the basement. Using my gun, I shot the chains and they broke making her free. Rocky lifted her up and struggled to get out of the basement. He dropped her on the living room floor and she lay there weak and looking lifeless.
“Maya?” Marco called in shock as I also got out of the basement and stood beside her holding her close to myself and stroking her hair.
¿qué pasa con mis bebés?
(“What of my babies?”) She managed to say.
ellos estánbien
(“They’re okay”) I responded almost in tears.
no puedo esperar a verlos
(“I can’t wait to see them”) she added before passing out on my shoulders.
“No, no,no,no,no, Maya wake up, Mayaaaaa!!!” I yelled shaking her vigorously.
Marco pulled me aside and Rocky helped us carry her outside into the car with Marco driving us out of the ghetto back into town.
“Maya please be okay.” I muttered silently as I held her in the backseat of the car.
Right now, Red and her brothers didn’t matter, nothing else mattered, all I wanted was to make sure that Maya is safe. I can’t lose her again.
Finding Red’s hideout was no herculean task cuz we’ve lived in the North side before moving out to the East. Me and the rest of the gang had to surround the entire area that Ivy had mentioned to us keeping our eyes out for Red and her nuisance of a brother- Black.
They still haven’t found where we kept Grey which means that we haven’t already lost this war before it even begins.
Ivy had informed me that they were out of the ghetto and back in town. She said she would explain later. I hope it’s all good.
Trevor on the other hand was still nowhere to be found and he hasn’t been picking up the phone either.
I sat there keeping my eyes open as the summer night breeze filtered into the car. The boys with me were busy blowing smoke but I wanted to stay level headed so I could get this done and dusted properly.
Immediately after I checked the time on my Rolex, I sighted someone across the street from where our car was. It was one of our guys who we left earlier on with Ivy in the warehouse before heading out. He was holding a grocery bag in his hand.
Quiet as a mouse, I slowly got out of the car with the other guys and followed him. Something tells me that he musta betrayed us. I mean what else would he be doing here in Red’s hood?
We followed him without him knowing until he got to where he was going to. He knocked on the door and someone opened for him to get in after looking around to ensure that he was not being followed. Dummy!
We immediately swooped into the house and there, we found Black who was already looking perplexed.
Shots got fired and Black tried to escape. I held him back and punched him hard on the face. With just that single punch, he fell on his back with a heavy thud shattering the old wooden floor.
“Hello Blackie! We meet again” I greeted Black mockingly as I held him by the collar. His face was bleeding profusely. He spat out the blood in his mouth on my face and I laughed hysterically. Still holding him by the collar, I lifted him off the ground and slammed his back on the wall with force. In the process, a few things on the table came clattering on the floor.
I picked him up and dragged him outside. By now, the streets which still had a couple passersby was completely empty. One thing I love about the ghetto is that people mind their business enough by not calling the police when they hear gunshots.
Our guy who had switched on us was shot in the leg. I had ordered the boys to tie him up and take him to the car. Po is going to deal with him properly when we get back.
We got into the car and we drove off signalling the others to follow suit leaving only a few lookouts behind just in case Red shows up which I doubted. She’s somehow going to find out that we’ve taken black again and won’t even show up here.
I was a little bit more satisfied that we’ve gotten the upper hand once again.
🐺 Trevor:
I got out to the warehouse parking lot and hopped in my drop top zooming off at high speed.
You might wonder where on Earth I’m going to? Well I’m terribly upset about the fact that I don’t even know where my baby mama is and I’ve gotta go find her by myself.
I drove back to town and pulled over at Halle’s driveway. I know she may not be stupid enough to still be at home after what she and Red have done but it’s still worth a shot.
I got out of the car and knocked on the front door angrily. She opened up a while later pointing a gun at my face. I chuckled at the fear that I saw in her eyes and knew that she doesn’t have it in her to shoot me.
I raised both hands in surrender as I kicked the door open with my left leg and got inside the house shutting the door behind me. I know she wasn’t expecting this typa reaction from me as I noticed her taking small steps backwards.
I smirked and put my hands on the gun lowering it gently.
“You don’t wanna hurt your baby Halle.” I whispered softly biting my lower lip seductively. I know that is going to melt her completely. I mean c’mon, I’m a hot boy and girls love me. Even my stubborn Ivy can’t resist me.
Seeing my puppy eyes, she completely lowered the gun and I collected it from her throwing it on the sofa. I drew her close to me still smirking as I noticed how eager she was for me to kiss her. Not in her life!!
I brought my face closer to hers and I could see her closing her eyes expecting a kiss. Yuck oh!!
With her eyes still closed, she brought her mouth up and I turned my face away and her lips brushed on my cheek. She opened her eyes dissapointed and I pushed her on the couch sitting astride on her and she smiled wrapping her hands around my neck.
I turned her to lie on her stomach and brought out my hand cuffs. I secured the cuff on her left wrist and dragged her left hand together with her right and cuffed it also.
“What are you doing Trev?” She asked as a wave of surprise mingled with shock washed through her.
“You still like it from the back don’t ya?” I bent down and whispered in her ears. I could hear her giggling though she sounded unsure.
“Where’s your phone at?” I queried in a husky voice as my eyes scanned the entire living room.
“In the bedroom. Wanna record us?” She asked in a suggestive tone.
“Maybe.” I scoffed and carried her from the sofa and ascended the stairs heading to the bedroom.
I managed to get inside the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I found her phone on the nightstand where it was charging. Remember, her hands are still cuffed behind her back.
I disconnected the phone from the charger and unlocked it. She still has the same old password. I searched the contacts and found the name ‘Red’.
“If you want us to do it, then ask Red to come over” I threatened as I dialled the number and put it on speaker. When the call connected, Red was the first to speak up.
📞Hey Hal
📞Red listen, I’ve got Trevor here and he’s got me cuffed. I need you to come and get me out of…
She screamed breathlessly into the phone. Wait, that was not the agreement. I quickly disconnected the call and smashed her phone on the wall before she could say more and I saw her smirking and wiggling those tempting hips. She should thank her stars for being a woman cuz on my mama, I woulda beaten her blue black.
“Why did you do that you little sneaky snake?” I screamed in fury. As I grabbed her by the hair and balled my palm into a fist ready to go against my principle and punch her in the face, a call suddenly came into my phone and I let go of her and she fell back on the bed now sobbing.
I whipped out my phone and found out that it was Yonas calling.
This is not the time Yo” I huffed breathing heavily as I busied the call and slid my phone back into my pocket.
“You are cancelled!” I muttered as I dragged her up from the bed and out of the bedroom. As I got down the stairs, I heard something that sounded like a silenced gunshot followed by a loud and pained scream from Halle. My eyes widened as I saw blood trickling down her chest as her blue camisole turned bright red around the spot.
I quickly dragged her back into the bedroom successfully averting a second bullet which went straight into the wall and locked the door from inside.
Who the heck took that shot???

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