A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 3


Taking one of the backstreets, we arrived at the location where Skeezy is hiding out.
We park the car a few blocks away and I and Trevor step out of the car and walk down to the building.
We both pull out our guns and aim it at the door preparing for the assault.
I try to open the door but it’s locked. I stepped aside and Trevor kicks it open with his left foot.
‘Getting strong squirt’ I commend chuckling for a second.
“4 points squirrel!” He whisper yells with a smirk on his face.
“Big fat Ego.” I smiled at him with a wink.
With fingers firmly on the trigger, we quietly and slowly stepped inside.
Surprising enough, there was nobody in the first room which looked like an abandoned warehouse with a huge TV screen on the wall which was currently showing the news meaning he was here somewhere. Everything in here looked dusty and old. Perfect place for a lowlife like him.
We walked past the first room and approached the second door. Luckily, this one was open. Skeezy and two other guys were on a table smoking and playing solitaire.
Immediately they heard the door squeak open, they all turned round. On sighting us with guns, they reach for their own weapons but it was too late cos we shot both of them in the legs before they could pull their trigger. Skeezy who was still sitted and raised both hands in surrender with his blunt still in his mouth.
Skeezy has always been a wuss. All he had was a peanut sized brain and a big ol mouth that talked before thinking.
We got to where the guys were lying and groaning on the floor and kicked away their weapons.
‘Hey! Hey!! Skee, Long time no see! I see you’ve also grown a goatee.’ I mock him as I take a seat opposite him on the table with Trevor standing beside me with his head low.
He took out the blunt from his mouth and shot me a foolish smile while stroking his beard.
‘Well well darling, you know I’ve always been the GOAT.’ He replied feeling himself. Such an idiot.
‘And all you talk is Mehhh!’ I responded imitating a bleating goat with an eye roll sticking my tongue out in a yucky expression of disgust. I could hear Trevor chuckling beside me and I joined in roaring with laughter.
I could see Skeezy’s face was red with anger already at our mockery.
‘And the little poodle behind the wheel ascended to being trigger finger’ He fires back referring to Trevor now.
Within a split second, Trevor snatches the blunt from his hold and squashes it on his face earning a yelp of pain from Skeezy. The spot was now a big red dot.
 I started laughing again as I stood up and gave Trevor a little peck on the cheek whose jaw was clenched tight from all the anger he was holding in.
Skeezy and Trevor have never been cool with each other when he was still in the gang. They fought everytime they had a chance so tonight won’t be anything different.
‘Ease up Tboy’ I whispered into his ear rubbing his shoulder soothingly.
‘Back to you goat’ I smacked referring to Skeezy who was still wheezing from the pain holding his face.
‘Well some things never change huh?’ Skeezy manages to say with a scoff!
‘Yes Skee, but we’re not here to pick a fight or play games and as you know, gangsters don’t play nice, all we want is Po’s wonga.’ I stated rather bluntly while walking around and stalking him like he was some kind of prey.
‘You came to the wrong person puppy, cuz Po’s cash isn’t here’ he replied with a stupid laugh.
I looked at Trevor and gave him a nod. Taking the cue, he responds by immediately pushing the table aside violently, the cards and bottles clattering on the concrete floor. Holding Skeezy by the collar, he punches him repeatedly on the face.
In no time, his face became a pool of blood making Trevor’s fist a bloody mess.
‘Ease up Tiger’ I say from behind Trevor holding him by the waist and dragging him backwards.
‘Same volatile temper’ Skee grunts and spits out blood now sitting on the floor. More blood was trickling down his nose as well.
‘Some things never change dummy’ Trevor yells angrily as he kicks the table which hits one of the guys who were still groaning in pain on the floor and he lets out a loud yell.
‘Quiet you Idiot’ I yell back at him as I pick the bottle of whiskey that was lying on the floor which must have fallen off from the table and opened it up.
‘Care for a drink?’ I ask Trevor smiling slyly as I handed him the bottle.
He took it from me and opened it drinking straight from the bottle. A hoarse grunt escaped his mouth as the drink burned down in his throat.
I walked over to where Skee was and held his dreadlocked hair from behind raising up his head while Trevor comes closer and poured the drink on his wounded face making him to scream at the top of his lungs.
‘You bloody psycho’ Skee yells in a voice that still sounded like a little whimper.
‘Where is the money stupid?’ I fired back at him.
‘Roman has it’ He answers immediately in a small cracked up voice.
‘Say What?’
‘Roman has it, I swear to you!! He took the brick on credit but never paid me. He played me!!’ He yells amidst a painful sob.
Roman is one of Po’s long standing rivals and Skee left our gang to join him. I think we’ll be paying him a visit. This is gonna be a tough one.
‘awww… Poor baby is crying’ I reply in a little mock voice feigning pity.
“He played you because you are the dumbest gangster I’ve ever seen.” Trevor whisper yells between gritted teeth. He’s totally drunk with rage and this is why he’s called the ‘werewolf’.
I let go of him and walk out of the room with Trevor dragging him along behind me.
What an encounter that was. Now you see just how dangerous Trevor is and I still love him.
We got back to where the car was parked and found Denny busy sniffing in Coke. He was higher than the tree tops already. Such an idiot!
He manages to pop the trunk of the car where we dump Skee.
I order him to sit in the back while I sit in the front with Trevor who will be driving us instead. His hold tightened on the steering wheel and his jaw clenched repeatedly till we got to our rendezvous point.
We dragged Skee into the room full of our guys who have already returned from their assignments.
Look who I found boys. I called as soon as I walked into the room making all heads turn to our direction where skeezy was being dragged in behind me by Trevor.
They were all so annoyed on sighting Skee and within seconds, a circle had been formed round him who was lying helplessly on the floor. The room dissolved into a great commotion as some called him names while others requested to punch him.
“He’s mine boys, so back off!!” I heard Po yell as he walks in and intervenes. He orders two of the guys to take him to the next room and tie him up. The guys quickly return to their former positions chatting loudly about what just happened.
We watched for a while as the guys dragged him inside before following behind Po and briefing him on all that Skee told us about the brick and the cash.
Only God knows what Po is going to do to Skeezy for betraying him and also stealing from him.

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