A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 29

🐺 Trevor:
For the second time, we returned to the warehouse dissapointed and pissed off that Red got away again. The address that Marco sent to us was either fake or abandoned.
When we drove inside, we noticed that the place was empty except for one of our guys lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. He was dead and cold. The second guy who was with him was nowhere to be found and Ivy, she was gone too.
We searched the whole building but found no traces of them. Their phones were not also going through.
I was pissed off and for the first time in forever, I was scared, for Ivy’s safety. I mean, on a normal day, I know she’s capable of taking care of herself but I got her pregnant and she got soft.
I stormed out of the main hall of the warehouse where everyone was still deliberating on what to do and headed for the bathroom ignoring Yonas who was calling me.
I got into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I couldn’t protect the woman I love, the woman carrying my unborn because I was out chasing shadows.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and before I could control it, I rammed my fist through the mirror and it shattered, hurting my knuckles in the process. I mean, I’ve gotten used to punching stuff not caring if it’s gonna hurt me or not. I always let my anger get the better of me.
I stood there staring at my hand as the blood kept oozing out of the cuts. I turned on the tap and placed my hand under it. Within seconds, the water in the sink had turned red as it mingled with my blood.
 I scanned the room and found a toilet roll wrapped up in the holder beside the wc so I walked over to it. As I was cutting the toilet paper and cleaning the cut, my eyes caught something inside the WC; it was a phone. I dipped my hands into the nasty toilet water and took it out. It was Ivy’s phone.
I dropped the toilet paper on the floor and rushed back out of the bathroom into the main warehouse where the guys were still deliberating. I showed em the phone and we sorta concluded that Ivy musta escaped using the manhole. We had no way of reaching her now, what if Red has taken her?
I was so mad at myself for not being able to protect Ivy. I stormed out of the warehouse ignoring Yonas again who was calling me. I didn’t even turn back or sum. I heard Po telling him to leave me alone. I need to get out of here.
We arrived at Rocky’s house and the car pulled over. His house was a little more cozy looking than Marco’s. Getting down from the car, Marco landed two hard knocks on the front door and a few seconds later, the door swung open and a woman’s face popped out.
“Mila, where’s he?” Marco demanded impatiently shoving past her into the house.
“He’s been out since morning.” She replied a little bit frightened.
We also followed him into the house and after searching every corner, we couldn’t find him.
“What’s going on? Did something happen to him?” His wife asked in fright.
“Gimme your phone.” I ordered her with my palm stretched out. She quickly handed me the phone visibly shaking. I eyed her from head to toe, she was pregnant too but who cares.
“Sit!” I ordered again and she complied.
Marco collected the phone and dialled Rocky’s number. Placing it on speaker, he pointed the mic to her mouth and told her what to say as soon as he picks up.
“Hey Mimi.” I could hear Rocky say as soon as the call connected.
“I think the baby is coming.” She said in a small voice, good actress!
I heard the panic on the other side of the phone as he told her that he was already on his way.
We cleared up the cars from his driveway and me and Marco stayed back with Mila waiting for Rocky’s arrival.
About 27 minutes later, we heard a car pull up outside and we knew that he was here.
“Please don’t hurt him.” Mila said pleadingly.
“I can’t promise you nun sweetie, I’m gonna take action depending on how the occasion presents itself.” I said cocking my gun and taking a seat beside her. No one needs to be told that she was so scared out of her wits right now.
Marco took his position behind the front door and almost immediately, the door opens and a gruffy guy steps inside.
“I’m home Mimi.” He greets but stops in his tracks as he finds me sitting beside his wife who was now in tears with a gun in my hand which I was using to stroke her wavy blonde hair.
He tried reaching for his own weapon but was stopped by Marco who comes out from behind the door and throws him a heavy punch making the gun slip out of his hand.
After Marco almost punched the living daylight out of Rocky, he finally agreed to talk to us.
Just like we guessed, Red paid him to steal Marco’s phone and feed us with wrong information so we could get distracted. With that, they were able to get Black out of our custody easily without even breaking a sweat.
He agreed to take us to Red’s original hideout after I threatened to hurt Mila confessing that he only did it to pay for Mila’s hospital fees.
No matter what is the motive behind it, there’s no excuse for disloyalty.( One of the things I’ve learned in the streets.)
We finally arrived at Red’s hideout deep inside the ghetto. This is where the bottom feeders reside. I expected more than this from the Almighty Color Brothers.
Dragging him out of the car together with his wife, we went into the ugly spray painted house and found nobody in the first room which looked like some sort of living room. It had a little TV screen in the corner and just a single one seater sofa in the room. It looked pretty decent contrary to what I expected.
Still dragging them along, we got into the next room and still nobody was inside. After searching the entire house and found nobody, we decided to stick around and wait for Red to return.
I collected Marco’s phone which he had retrieved from Rocky and dialled Trevor’s number. As expected, he didn’t pick up so I decided to dial Yonas’ number instead.
Yonas picked up at the last ring. After I told him that it was me, he started inquiring of all that had taken place and where I was.
He sounded very worried. After telling him the whole story, he decided to come down with the gang and I tried my best to get him the directions. He also told me that Trevor was so upset and had left the warehouse to God knows where. Boy needs to work on his temper.
As soon as I got off the phone with Yonas, I heard something like a whisper, it was actually my name being called in a little whisper.
“Did you hear that?” I asked Marco who also happened to have heard it too.
“Yeah, pretty creepy.” Marco responded and cocked his gun.
Hope Red is not playing games with us or using voodoo or sum.
I listened more carefully and realized that the sound was coming from under the floor. Almost from the exact spot I was standing on. I tapped the floor with my feet and a hollow sound followed.
I got on my fours and put my ears to the wooden surface of the floor but I didn’t hear anything else. As I observed the spot closely, I found a latch, indicating that it was a opening.
I popped it open and Marco flashed the light from his phone’s torch into the dark basement and what I saw in there weakened my bones.

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