A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 28

🐿️ Ivy

We left the house Immediately after Trevor brought the phone to me. It was a message from Marco giving me Red’s new location which I had also forwarded to Po and Yonas.
We arrived at the trap and the guys had already gathered and geared up waiting for us to arrive.
I knew very well that they won’t let me go with them so I just told Trevor to be careful and found myself a seat. I and two of the guys are supposed to babysit Black who was still our prisoner in the warehouse.
The two of them were playing chess while I was texting Katie and Mrs Jackson. I really needed something to pass the time while waiting for the boys to return.
I felt the urge to pee for the fifth time since the guys left. I walked into the bathroom and finished up with what I went there to do. As I was about opening the door, I heard a gunshot followed by a pained scream. Geez! I didn’t have a gun on me because I thought I wasn’t going to be needing it.
Standing on the WC, I opened the manhole cover which was directly above the WC and lifted myself off the WC into the ceiling. In the process, my phone fell out of my jacket pocket and landed inside the WC with a little ‘pum’ sound.(Insert swear words) I wasn’t going to come back down for it. I quickly covered the manhole and gently crawled along in the darkness.
I could hear the echo of the voices of people down below in the almost empty warehouse so I stopped moving and listened carefully. One of the voices belonged to one of our guys-Rocky, that means we have a mole in Cash house. The second voice was that of Red, our mutual friend, she was giving orders to have Black untied.
“Have you found her?” I heard Red ask and the voice of guys replied ‘no’.
“Find her!” I heard Black yell angrily and in a flash, the sound of running footsteps followed. Wait a sec, so Black was with them all along. He was only lying to us about how Red hated him. I am as confused as you are right now. If Rocky was with them, that means he is going to tell her about Grey’s location and the boys are in danger. All these thoughts flashed in my head as I crawled in the dark ceiling until I got to where the exit of the manhole was. I got down and opened the door which gave way with a little creak. Thank God that it was far from where they were. The door led to the woods.
 I got out and ran as fast as I can into the woods like the little Squirrel on my arm till I got to the other end after a long run. I spotted the road in the distance and stopped running. After getting on the road, I sighted a couple houses on my left and walked towards them breathing heavily.
 My black leather jacket was now a dusty mess so I took it off and tossed it in the Trash Can that was already full to the brim by the roadside now left in my camisole. The downside is that I wasn’t wearing any bra. My breasts were now a little heavier than usual because of my pregnancy. Kindly embarrassing right?
I kept walking until I got to the main streets where a couple ugly houses were in clusters.The streets were empty except for a couple guys I sighted some playing basketball in the distance so I walked towards them.
“Hey boys!” I called as I approached them.
“Hey shawty.” One of them replied and I gave him a fist bump. The others were staring hard. Either stunned by my nipples poking from underneath the camisole or were just plain stupid.
“I shoot two shots and I get a ride to the north side.” I said in a sassy voice pointing at the basketball net.
“Deal!!” The second one said and extended his hand for a handshake which I complied.
“Let’s ball!” The first one who seemed like the leader of the group said and threw the ball at me. I caught it in mid air and started bouncing it on the tarmac ready to dribble and score some. I haven’t played ball in what seems like forever since Yonas wouldn’t let me.
In a matter of minutes, I scored five points before we stopped playing as the guys were already breathless.
“Y’all still rookies.” I said laughing heartily excited that I still got my game on.
“Where did you learn to play like that?” The one who seemed like the leader said as I kept on laughing.
“You a beast shawty!” One of them said and we did an elbow shake.
“I’m Wes and you?” The leader asked.
“I’m Ivy, AKA Squirrel.” I replied pointing to the squirrel on my arm. The others also introduced themselves and after a while, Wes took me to his car and we got on the road heading to the North side where Marco was as agreed.
“Thanks for the ride Wes.” I said as I got down from the car.
“Wanna hang out sometime?” Wes asked as I got down.
“I wish I could Wes, but I got a baby daddy and he doesn’t play like that.” I said dramatically and waved at him as he shook his head a little bit disappointedly and drove off also waving back at me.
“Ugly dude.” I muttered as I jogged towards Marco’s ugly house and knocked on the front door.
One of his goons opened up and smiled sheepishly at me. Guess I’m cute or it’s just my camisole or he’s a dummy.
“Is Marco in?” I inquired taking him out of his trance.
“Yeah, c’mon in.” He said and stepped aside from the doorway opening the door wider for me to enter.
As soon as I got inside the living room, the aroma of freshly baked cookies entered my nose and I breathed it in slowly savouring the smell with my eyes closed as I imagined what it’s going to taste like.
“Hey Squi.” I heard Marco say and I quickly flicked my eyes open.
“What’s up Squealer?” I responded and gave him a hug. It’s been a while since I last saw him.
“What brings you to the hood without notice?” He asked as he walked back to the dining and returned with a jar full of cookies.
“Well, I Uhm…” I made to answer but trailed off mid sentence as he pointed the cookie jar at me motioning for me to take some. I put my hand in the jar and took a cookie. I put it to my nose and sniffed it in before taking a bite. It tasted really amazing and familiar.
“Tastes like your grandma’s.” I commented as I took another bite.
“Yeah, she had my cousin deliver it a while back.” He replied and I only nodded reaching for a second cookie.
“Laced with Mary Jane just like old times. I still remember you used to love the taste of it.” He said chuckling and that was when my eyes widened and I immediately dropped the third cookie I was holding back into the jar. I can’t believe that I just ate cookies baked with marijuana. I’m so dead. I’ve totally forgotten about his grandma’s recipe.
“What’s up?” He asked, a little bit taken aback by how I just returned the cookie.
“I got knocked up again Marco, I ain’t supposed to be taking MJ.” I said through gritted teeth hoping that I could just throw up but it tasted so good and that would be impossible.
I have to admit, cookies baked with MJ were my favorites back in the day, thanks to Marco’s crazy grandma. According to her, it’s okay to take ganja, but it’s not safe to smoke it so, she made us eat it instead. Starting from salads, sausages, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, tacos and tortillas, she made them all with MJ. She’s a true Jamaican-Atlantan.
Marco was surprised and happy about the fact that I’m pregnant again because he was smiling sheepishly just like the other guy at the door. I’m guessing it’s the drugged up cookies that is making them act all crazy.
“So that boy, what’s his name again, Uhm… Wolf! He finally nailed it.” He said with a laugh and I frowned, furrowing my brows a bit conveying the message that it was not really funny to him.
“I’m here for sum serious Marco.” I diverted from the topic sounding serious and I could see his smile quickly replaced by a look of seriousness.
I took time and explained everything to him. I was shocked as he told me that he wasn’t the one who sent us Red’s new address. He hasn’t even seen his phone since morning.
He assembled his guys together in the back of the house and got to find out that one of them was missing. His name was Rocky. He’s definitely the one who stole the phone and prolly texted us a fake address.
That means the boys might be in danger. We have to go and help em out.
“They got guns and muscle Squi, they’ll be fine.” Marco assured me when I told him that we should go get the guys.
“Right now, we need to find that dummy so he could lead us straight to Red.” He continued and I nodded as he passed me the gun.
“Let’s find that rat.” Marco snarled angrily and we walked out of the backyard into the cars out front heading to Rocky’s place. I doubt that he’d be stupid enough to still be in his house chilling.

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