A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 27

🐿️ Ivy
“Ouch! Eish! Trevor kept wincing as I applied some balm on the red marks on his back which looked like he was scratched by a vampire. Yeah I was the vampire.
Last night when we made love, it got super intense and I unintentionally dug my nails into his back leaving those marks.
“I’m sorry okay, just that you get better each day.” I apologized as I whispered softly into his ear.
He gave me a side smile and pulled me to face him on the stool which he was sitting on and dragged me to sit on his laps.
I kissed him again as he lifted me up and dropped me on the bed. Don’t tell me he wants a go at it so early in the morning. But surprisingly he covers me with the duvet and instructs me to stay put as he exits the room to make us breakfast.
He returned a few minutes later with what he was able to make. Truth is, he is really catching up pretty fast with stuff in the kitchen and I’m going to be honest with you, I’m really impressed.
“We’re gonna go out today.” Trevor announced as he lifted the tray off the bed. We have just finished having breakfast in bed. Sounds amazing right? Yeah, that’s cuz Trevor is the best thing.
“To the trap, in the evening.” I confirmed as I dropped the glass of water I was drinking from back in the tray.
“Nope, somewhere else.Dont ask me where.” He said with a wide smile showing off his pearly whites as usual.
“Oh, okay.” I replied hesitantly as I sprang up from the bed and started taking off my clothes ready for a shower.
The door opened and Trevor appeared inside shutting it behind him. With a smirk on his cute face, he walked to where I was standing in the nude and gently lifted me off the ground like a little kid. He kicked the bathroom door open and as usual, helped me out in the bathroom.
Later that morning:
Trevor pulls up into the parking lot of a classy jewelry store uptown and we both get down.
“So this is the big fat surprise my boyfriend has for me.” I said sarcastically throwing my hands in the air as I got down from the car.
“Lemme get you iced out Mami. You need some pretty freeze.” He whispered in my ear chuckling. He grabbed my waist and we walked to the main door together. The doorman opened the door and welcomed us to the store.
Tons of security guards with guns, a whole lot of customers buying as though gold was so cheap. A whole lot of em were gangsters as well judging by their gang tattoos.
The entire store was sparkling as the bright lights in the room hit the gold and diamond encrusted jewelries displayed in the show glasses.
“I’m getting em gold slugs.” Trevor said smiling as we approached the counter where a couple staff were sitting.
We were taken to the section where only diamonds were displayed. I examined the jewelries in the show cases and a smile crept up on my face. I couldn’t possibly make a choice. Not because of the price, but because all of them looked awesome one hunnid.
After a while of exploring, Trevor picked out a pretty link and put it on my neck. I stared at my reflection in the mirror and smiled broadly. There’s a hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of diamonds on my neck. How was I supposed to feel at that moment? Superfly I guess? Nah, truth is that I can afford to pay for it but I don’t remember ever buying any jewelry in all my life. Thanks to the ghetto where I grew up in. Gangsters love jewelries but I don’t really crave it.
After buying what seemed like the whole store, Trevor and I went to another section where he got the slugs on his teeth. He stood up smiling when they finished working on it as he bared his teeth in the mirror. He turned to me and gave me what literally transcends to a golden smile. He looked so cute with the gold slugs on.
“I’m gonna miss em pearly whites.” I said holding his lips open.
“But you love me with the slugs on. Admit it.” He whispered with a smirk and I punched his back playfully earning a pained yelp.
“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve completely forgotten.” I apologized as I caressed his back with my palm remembering the fact that I had given him some marks on his back last night.
“You’re gonna be the death of me Mami.” He said squeezing up his face.
“And You’re just too soft for a gangster.” I joked as we approached the cashier’s desk. I’m sure she heard what I said as she gave me a look that I couldn’t really explain or maybe she was jealous that her man ain’t as cute as mine. Yikes!
Trevor dropped the backpack that he was carrying on the counter and took out the stacks of money and piled them before the cashier. She gave him a fake and flirty smile as she calculated the things we bought and placed the cash in the counting machine.
When we were done with the payment, she handed him the receipt and I snatched it out her hand.
“I’ll take it from here.” I said with a sly smile as I held up the receipt waving the back part in her face. Her phone number was written in black ink on it. I could see the other cashier chuckling at what just took place while she cringed in embarrassment. I tucked the receipt into my pocket and followed Trevor who was scoffing and smirking constantly out of the store.
“You’re getting crazier as the days go by.” Trevor said as he started up the engine.
“Yeah getting crazier for you.” I said turning up the car radio and the car reversed out of the premises and got on the road heading home.
As soon as the song ‘Taco Tuesday’ started playing on the radio, I felt this crazy urge to eat some tacos 🌮 so I told Trevor to get me some. We pulled over in a little fancy and out of the way fast food stop and grabbed the tacos before we got back on the road. Trevor took a bite of it and surprisingly, he likes it and wants another. Thank God we bought a whole lot of tacos.
I needed to pee urgently so Trevor sped up the car and in approximately six minutes, we were back home. I ran into the house and straight into the bathroom sitting down on the WC to ease myself.
As I was washing my hands, Trevor walked into the bathroom and handed me my phone which I had left in the car. There was a message on the screen. We need to get to the trap like right now.

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