A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 26

A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 26

🐿️ Ivy

As soon as we got home, Trevor decided to make us some dinner. Ever since I told him that I’m pregnant, he hasn’t let me do anything on my own. He’s way more overprotective than Po and Yonas put together. He’s too eager to be a daddy. He knows about what happened to my first pregnancy so I’m guessing that he doesn’t want that to repeat itself.
I got out of the shower and put on one of Trevor’s oversized hoodies and jogged down the stairs into the kitchen and found him cooking wearing his Atlanta Hawks top and briefs as usual.
I walked into the kitchen and stood beside him as I watched him struggling with the cooking. Trevor doesn’t know how to cook and that’s the bottom line. Right now, he’s really struggling with whatever he’s trying to prepare.
I stare at him for so long and finally burst out laughing at the serious expression on his face.
“What’s so funny Mami?” He asks trying to hide the fact that he was doing his best to prevent himself from also laughing.
“You don’t know how to cook and you won’t let me help you.” I answered and he shrugged as his lips gradually curved into a sweet smile.
“Alright, alright, I give up, but don’t throw up on this dinner.” He said raising his hands up and backing away from the sink.
“Wouldn’t that be better than caramel topping?” I joked sticking my tongue out at him.
“Yuck, oh God no!!” He exclaimed making a disgusting face and all I could do was laugh.
He helped me slice up the vegetables and stuff and in no time, dinner was ready. Though the food looked really appetizing, I lost appetite and opted for chips and Coca-Cola. Trevor never lacks it in his fridge. I was also weirdly craving for some chocolate cake. Oh pregnancy!!!
After dinner, we got upstairs for the night’s rest.
“What is taking you so long?” I queried Trevor pouting like a baby.
“I’ll be there in a sec.” Trevor answered taking off his Atlanta Hawks top and walking towards the bed only wearing his briefs.
“Get your cute self over here.” I smiled extending my hands to him on the bed.
He closed in for a hug and got under the covers with me. We kissed passionately as he took off the hoodie which I was wearing and tossed it on the floor. This bout to get hot.

Next morning…

“This juice is kinda funny.” I complained with an eye roll after taking a sip of the apple juice Trevor had managed to make for me.
“What’s up with it?” He asked collecting the glass from me and also taking a sip.
“It’s really gritty.” I nagged taking the glass from him again.
“I took time to blend this Mami.” Trevor snapped sounding frustrated as he got up from the couch and walked over to the table picking up the remote control and returning to the couch with me.
“I still prefer the OJ Trevor.” I continued sounding like I was going to cry any minute.
“You’re stressing me out Mami, what’s up with that?” He said running his hands through his hair.
“Thought you’d get away easily when you got me knocked up.” I said with a little chuckle and I saw his face light up with a smile. I dropped the glass of juice on the floor and jumped on his laps kissing him all over his bearded face.
“My baby girl is going to be as stubborn as her mother.” He said laughing lightly.
“What makes you think that it’s a girl in there?” I asked furrowing my brows a bit.
“Because, we’ve got boys already.” He answered slowly referring to Mig and Mann.
“You wish!” I responded smacking his rock hard chest playfully.
“Should we make a bet?” He said confidently with a smirk.
“Last thing I want to do is have a gamble with you.” I laughed sitting back on the couch.
“We should go shopping Dada.” I continued stroking his soft beards.
“For OJ, Donuts, chips and Coca-Cola. Oh and some underwear.” I continued still stroking his beards as he looked at me in amusement. When I had finished speaking, he started laughing loudly. Thing is, I have finished all the Coca-Cola in his fridge and I can’t seem to do without the OJ.
“Alrighty, get your butt off the couch then.” He said as he stood up and pulled me up gently by the hand. I walked upstairs with him and in no time,we were ready to go shopping.
After hours of crazy shopping for stuff we didn’t even plan for, we returned home with plenty shopping bags. I fell asleep on Trevor’s lap an hour later and only got woken up by him in the evening.
He wanted to know if I was coming to the clubhouse with him. This would be the first time Po will be opening the clubhouse since Casper was murdered.
I wasn’t ready to stay home alone all night so as quickly as possible, I got dressed up in one of the new Gucci outfits that we got today at the mall and put on one of Trevor’s face caps.
I got down stairs about thirty minutes later and followed the patiently waiting Trevor out of the house.

At the Club……

“Yeah, me and the homie we all cool” I said as Trevor pulled up outside of the clubhouse. I was talking on the phone with Katie updating her on all the stuff that has gone down since I came back to town.
“Kindly help me keep Po from those lil girls will ya?” Katie said with a chuckle on the other end of the phone.
“And the lil girls from Po” I added laughing breezily as I got down from Trevor’s drop top. I could hear the music playing rather faintly from inside the club.
“Gotta go now girlfriend.” I added before finally ending the call.
“Remember you ain’t drinking nun but water.” Trevor said placing his hands on my waist and giving me a kiss on my hair.
“Someone’s getting a little clingy, ain’t we?” I said sarcastically as I approached the door of the clubhouse. Knox, one of our guys was now Manning the door since Casper was no more. We exchanged greetings before we went inside shoving past a whole lot of drunk people.
Okay, we’re currently inside the club where there’s loud music as usual, strippers, gangsters and drugs. Seems like the turn up of clubbers had tripled. People were really eager to get back here.
After greeting our guys, we found out that Po and Yonas are out. They have taken Grey from the basement of the clubhouse where he was being held to somewhere more secret and secure.
We took our seats on the bar stools since our usual spot on the sofa had been occupied by some of the guys who were busy making out with some drunk girls.
As we sat down talking, Ken approached our location and joined us at the bar. Our conversation was sorta difficult over the loud music blasting from the expensive foreign speakers of the club’s sound system.
After a while, I felt the urge to go pee so I stood up and left for the bathroom. I pee a lot these days. Maybe because of the pregnancy, the OJ and Coca-Cola I indulge in.
🐺 Trevor
As soon as Ivy left her seat, a shawty with purple curly hair and blue eyes walked over to where we were sitting and hollered at us. It was as if she was lying in wait for Ivy to leave so she could step in.
“Hey boys!” She called playing with her hair. I could tell she was checking me out with those big, bold and flirty eyes.
“Hey shawty!” Ken answered before I could, waving at her to come over and sit beside him but she ignored him completely.
“I love your tattoos.” She cooed running her long painted claw-like nails along my arm. I cringed in discomfort and slowly took her hand away from my arm placing it on the bar table without saying a word as I returned to sipping my drink, hoping she will take that as a cue to leave that I’m not interested. She stuck around still talking tryna get my attention. By now, Ken had lost interest and was busy flirting with another pretty young thing who just took a seat beside him.
🐿️ Ivy
I returned from the bathroom and from a distance, I could see some random girl openly flirting with Trevor, my Trevor!! She even ran her fingers across his tattoos. I boiled up in anger as I walked over to the bar after watching them for a while.
“Thats my seat you took there. Why don’t you just beat it!!” I huffed angrily at the girl as I stood behind Trevor. Trevor who was sipping on his drink turned around to look at me when he noticed my presence and smirked feeling himself that I was actually being jealous and fighting with another girl over him.
She eyed me from head to toe and turned to walk away.
“Oh wait!” I said grabbing her wrist with force as she was walking away from the bar rubbing my forehead as if I was just remembering something important.
“The next time those wack cat claws of yours try to touch these, I’m going to cut your fingers off.” I said whipping out a pocket knife and running the cold metal along the tattoos on Trevor’s arm.
“Tell your friends to tell their friends.” I warned sternly and freed her arm as I slapped the knife with force onto the surface of the bar table.
I could see the frightened look on her face as she cringed on realising that I was gang, ghetto and psycho and half ran all the way out of the clubhouse.
“Jealous much?” Trevor asked still smirking and feeling himself.
“Oh shut up!” I huffed rolling my eyes and took the knife back into my jacket pocket.
“I love you too Mami.” He said instead with a low laugh and I wished he could choke on his drink. Little peacock!!
“Let’s bounce. I’m kinda tired.” I told Trevor after a while and he reluctantly agreed. I could no longer stay since Po and Yonas were not returning tonight.
We got home and I dragged Trevor into the shower so he could completely wash off that girl’s touch from his body. I want him sweating on top of me tonight and tomorrow and the next and forever.(winks) I love this dude and I’ll gouch those girls’ eyes out to prove that.

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