A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 2


Me and Trevor had pasta for dinner and stayed up till midnight watching TV before I fell asleep on the couch beside him. I woke up in my room the next morning. Trevor must have carried me in here.
I sit up in the bed as a wide grin creeps up on my face. This is why I’m crazily in love with him. He is very caring.
I stretched under the covers. I checked the small clock on my  bedside table. It was almost 8 in the morning. My eyes widened as I jumped out of the bed and scurried off into the bathroom. Trevor must have tampered with my alarm. He’s gonna get it hot from me today.
After a few minutes, I walk back into the room and hear my phone ringing. I wonder where it was. I listened carefully and realized that the sound was coming from under the bed. How on Earth did it get under the bed?
I dropped the wet towel I was holding on the bed and dropped on my fours on the floor beside the bed and looked under it. I saw the gold plated case of the device glittering under the bed.
 There you are!
I carried the phone up which had now stopped ringing and got back up sitting on the bed. The screen had a crack on it which means that it must have fallen off the bed while I was sleeping.
 I’m going to kill Trevor. How could he keep my phone on the bed knowing that I’m a heavy sleeper who chooses the worst sleeping positions of all time.
I’ll get a new one anyway. I sigh and drop the phone back on the bed as I reluctantly get up and strut to my closet to find something suitable to wear.
We’ll be going for a job tonight so I need to dress like the baddie that I am.
I picked out a black long sleeved bodysuit, a pair of black cargo trousers, a pair of black Madden girls Parker ankle combat boots, a black leather jacket and a black Nike face cap.
Having fully dressed up, I looked at my self in the mirror one last time and smiled. I’m a real life baddie and for that, I ain’t sorry.
I stuff my phone and leather gloves into the jacket pocket before putting my face cap on and heading out of the room humming Drake’s song ‘Toosie Slide’
🖤 Black leather gloves no sequins….
I keep humming as I got into the sitting room and pick up my car keys and house keys which were both in the same bunch.
I reach for the front door and realized that it was locked. He has my key so he must’ve locked it from outside I mean, was I expecting him to leave my front door open?
I insert the key into the door locking from outside and jumped straight into my ugly and beat up Chevy pickup truck.
Truth is, I have a lot of money thanks to seven years of hard work and saving up but I didn’t want to raise any suspicion so I live on the low, driving an ugly and old grandpa truck when I should be letting the top down on a Lamborghini. Whatever!! I’m off to work.
🌚 Evening 🌚
It’s currently 8 in the evening and we decided to close early today so the gang could assemble. That’s the norm on all days when we have to meet.
While the guys were still arriving, me and Katie were busy preparing dinner for all of us.
We prepared a tasty mouth watering dish of rice 🍚 with poached chicken 🍗 and some salad 🥗.
I walked into the Hall with a tray full of plates to realize that Trevor hasn’t arrived yet. He and Max had the habit of always being late.
As soon as I walked in, I heard wolf whistles and compliments like:
‘Mighty fine Ivy’ , ‘Lotta Cargo in those Pants shawty, Hot lil mama’… While others just tried to touch me but I shrug their hands off playfully while bending over dramatically teasingly and on and on.
I’ve known these guys for so long and they are like family to me but I know they won’t mind getting tight with me cos they are gangsters.Whatever!! I smile and wink at them.
I arranged the plates on the tables where some of the guys were already seated.
I pick up the remote control and switch to a music channel preferably hip hop (gangsters love hip hop you know). The sound of ‘Solitaires’ by Future and Travis Scott filled the room and the guys as if on cue began cheering and rapping along.
The guys really loved Future mainly because he was also from Georgia and also because his voice and his songs were just amazing. And the lyrics are always very relatable especially to us in the streets.
I smile and made to go back into the kitchen but the front door opens and Po walks in and the guys start cheering again.
Just when we’re done exchanging greetings and gangsigns, Max walks in the door and the noise in the room went on and on.
I greet him with a warm hug and a kiss on his cheek.
‘You keep getting finer and finer each day, wanna go on a date with me any of these days?’ Max whispers in my ear as the noisy chatter in the room increased.
‘Place it on hold dawg!’ I reply playfully pulling his nose.
‘Oops! That hurts!’ He mumbles holding his nose dramatically.
I chuckled and hit him on the chest playfully as I walk back into the kitchen. I’ve taken enough time out here already.
Me and Katie came out of the kitchen with the food a few minutes later. By now, every member of the gang was present. Trevor had finally arrived as well. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw me but quickly took his eyes off me and continued with the discussion he was having with Po which kinda seemed serious.😏
Their noisy chatter increased immediately they sighted the food we were now dishing out for them.
Katie and Po sat down together as usual on a separate table, while I sat with the others to eat. To make matters worse, I sat next to Trevor whose free hand rested on my lap gently caressing it from time to time.
The warmth of his touch made it difficult to concentrate or eat the food like I wanted to as it kept sending shivers down my spine.
I don’t think he realizes what he does to me everytime he’s close to me.
And to think that I was still mad at him for leaving my phone on the bed last night. Nah!
Our gang is called the Cash-House Gang and we’re 19 in number having me and Katie as the only females. Yonas- the next in command is currently working undercover in another gang.
Tonight was about getting money back from Po’s debtors.
Max and ten of the guys were supposed to intercept the shipment of a rival gang whose leader owes Po about 500 grand, Denny, Trevor and I will be paying a little visit to an old friend- a former gang member of ours who made away with many kilograms of brick belonging to Po.
Young blood k who was our handyman hands each of us our guns,our maps and car keys. I collect the slightly heavy metal and conceal it properly under my jacket before heading out with Trevor for our mission.
Skeezy is the guy that we’re going after. A backstabbing moron who needs to be taught a lesson.
We got outside the eatery and Trevor tosses the keys to Denny who is driving us. We all got into the car and Denny zoomed off immediately driving at top speed.

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