A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 17

“Y’all girls be crazy sometimes. I mean don’t understand y’all.” Yonas said on the phone.
“Oh please Yo-yo.” I replied as I struggled with my shoe.
We were talking about the drama in the clubhouse last night.
“I can hear the lil homies crying in the background.” He said as Mig and Mann started wailing.
“Oh shut up daddy.” I said with a laugh.
“Wanna come over?” I asked
“Nah, I’ve got a thing or two to do outta town.” He replied
“Like stepping out with Miss Thing.” I joked collapsing into a laugh.
“Aha! yeah, the po-po, gotta go, say hi to Ma and em lil dudes.” He raps and ends the call.
I’m guessing he’s gotten pulled over by the cops for speeding. Yonas drives like a crazy person sometimes.
As I dropped the phone on the table, Maya walks into the room holding Manuel who she was breastfeeding.
“Anything you want me to get on my way back?” I asked Maya as I pulled Manuel’s cheek playfully.
“We’ve run low on diapers and wipes.” She replied cheerfully
“These boys sure poo a lot for their age.” I replied laughing at my own joke.
“They’re the poopy superheroes.” Maya jokes and I laughed again as I took my car keys and phone heading out of the house.
“Adiós bebé.” I called to Maya and I heard her respond before I closed the door.
Today is a Saturday and I have to ride with Max for an exchange somewhere in town.
After I was done with the job, I picked up diapers, wipes and some groceries and dog food for Uno before returning home.
I got home and struggled to open the door as I had the shopping bags in both hands.
I could hear Uno barking and Mig x Mann were wailing inside.
I called on Maya but got no response from her. It was just the babies’crying voices that I heard ringing out from their room.
Gosh! I wonder where she has gone to now. I dropped the bags on the floor and called her a couple more times but still, no answer came.
Her phone was on the living room table which means she’s around somewhere since the front door was unlocked and the children are home.
I got into the babies’ room and tried getting them to stop crying but to no avail.
I got a little bit worried after checking every room in the house without finding her.
I walked out of the babies’ room sighing frustratingly as I got into the kitchen. I needed to warm up the bottle for them to get fed. I’m guessing that they’re really hungry.
As I was doing the needful in the kitchen, Uno ran into the kitchen and I remembered that I got him some edibles from the store.
I gave him the food I bought and he munched on it noisily.
I was really worried about Maya’s whereabouts after I called everyone we knew us and none of them have any clue of her whereabouts either.
Even Marco doesn’t know where she is at but promised to keep an eye out.
Towards the evening, Trevor and Yonas came around the house and I explained everything all over again to them.
After days of searching for Maya without any results, it dawned on me that she has abandoned the children. How could she?
I don’t think that I’ll be able to take care of this children on my own. They wouldn’t stop crying and screaming their heads off all day.
Plus, I’ve got no idea what to feed them.
I shook my head as I started the car and pulled out of the driveway.
Hope you remember that I have a mini ‘mansion’ somewhere far from town and two house servants- a middle aged maid named Mrs Jackson and a gateman called Fernando.
Only Yonas and Po knew this place and I rarely come around here. Trevor knows about it too but has never been here before.
The guys have encouraged me to drop the babies here with Mrs Jackson who will be able to properly take care of them.
 I still haven’t given up on finding Maya though. Marco and his guys are still on the lookout for her.
Mrs Jackson and Fernando welcomed me and the babies as I got out of the car. They thought Mig x Mann were mine for a moment until I told them the whole story during dinner.
Later that evening, Trevor called and wanted to know if I was okay. Of course I am okay. I missed him and felt bad cuz, I had wanted him to drive me here for the first time but Po had a job for him.
Next morning, I gave some money to Mrs Jackson to buy all that the babies needed before I left heading back home. I’m going to miss those sweet little boys.
I got home and found Trevor’s car sitting in my driveway. He’s here!
I got out of my car shutting the door and made for my front door. It was locked from inside.
I unlocked the door and got inside yelling Trevor’s name but no reply came. I wonder where he is hiding at.
I walked past the living room into the kitchen dropping the keys on the counter before heading back towards my bedroom.
I got into the bedroom and there, I found Trevor sleeping peacefully on my bed. I shut the door quietly before taking off my shoes and got on the bed. I gently got under the covers with him and after staring at his cute face for a long time, I planted a peck on his lips. Almost Immediately, his eyes opened and he smiled sweetly seeing me in bed with him.
“You’re back.” He whispered and drew me closer to him and kissed me back passionately and I can already tell where this kiss is leading to.

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