A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 16

I got out of the shower and walked into my bedroom and sat down on the stool before my dressing mirror.
I untied the towel from my body and tied it on my wet hair. I was now sitting stark naked.
I picked up my lotion and popped it open pressing out a little quantity and I started rubbing it soothingly on my skin.
A knock landed on my door and l heard Trevor’s voice on the other side of the door.
Geez! What time is it?
“Come in!” I said as I turned round towards the direction of the door.
The knob turned and the door gave way as Trevor walked in wearing a big fat grin baring all of his pearly white teeth.
Something else was also slightly different about him. Yes! His hair!!
His hair and beards were freshly trimmed. He looked extremely hot.
I stood up smiling back at him and jumped on him hugging him tight.
We kissed roughly like two long lost lovers reuniting at a train station.
I was with him last night but now, I was acting like I was going to swallow him up.
“Chill Mamacita” he laughed as he tried to catch his breath.
“Your hair cut is cute one hunnid.” I said scattering it slightly making him frown.
“Yonas did it by himself.” He muttered throwing his head back
He dropped me back on my feet and led me to sit down on the stool again. He even wanted to help me with applying my lotion how sweet. For you who may not know, Trevor’s palms are rough when dry.
He sat on the bed and watched keenly as I tried to get dressed.
I picked out an orange hooded Adidas sweatshirt with a pair of black sweat pants and put it on.
Trevor had his eyes glued to me as I made every single move.
“Pervert!” I teased as I caught him staring hard at me.
“So you mean I ain’t supposed to be looking at my hot girlfriend’s body?” He asks with a smirk registered on his face.
“Oh shut up!” I answered giggling as I styled my hair.
“Why y’all girls take too long to get ready erry time?” Trevor asks yawning tiredly.
“So we can get cute for y’all ugly dudes.” I replied sarcastically as I picked my phone up from the nightstand and tried to pull him up by the hand but he wouldn’t budge.
Using masculine agility and strength, he pulled me back instead making me land on his chest as he lay down on the bed.
“Not so fast shawty. Let’s get wild!” He said in a whisper as he carefully zipped down my hoodie and cupped my Uhm… you know, before flipping me over and getting on top😉
At Po’s clubhouse,
I felt very nauseated and choked as the smoke from several lighted blunts got into my nose.
I wonder what was wrong with me tonight. I’ve been used to the smell of smoke mingled with alcohol for seven whole years. But tonight, I just felt like throwing up.
I was sitting and chatting with Trevor and Ken when Max walked over to where we were and slumped down beside me on the long comfy seat.
“What up partner?” He greeted as he threw his arm around my shoulder leaning back on his seat.
He was drunk and higher than the ceiling.
Trevor glared at him and he quickly took his hands off my shoulders raising it up in surrender.
“I’m the highest in the room.” He sang along to the loud music and belched loudly making Trevor and Ken roar with laughter.
I rolled my eyes as the harsh stench hit my nose directly. Geez! I felt like throwing up on the spot.
“Beat it fool, you’re making my woman uncomfortable.” Trevor orders as he noticed the look of discomfort on my face.
“You good Mami?” He asks feeling concerned for me and I nodded resting on his shoulder.
Just then, I saw Katie storming out from the VIP angrily shoving past the people on the dance floor and heading towards the restroom.
“Wonder what’s up with her.” Trevor says
“Jealousy!” Ken says as he points up at the VIP section. I saw one of the strippers giving Po a lap dance while Yonas and the rest of the gang were throwing money in the air.
Everyone’s attention was now on them.
I stood up and walked to the restroom to comfort Katie. The Katie I knew never gets jealous about this kind of stuff. Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones making her emotionally drained.
The guys just don’t understand.
I saw her sitting on the floor by the doorway of the restroom and I joined her immediately. She was even sobbing.
“Calm down Katie!” I said as I rubbed her shoulder trying to soothe her.
“He kissed her back and wouldn’t let me slap those demons out of her.” She hissed angrily.
“Calm down Katie.”
“He’s cheating on me again you know?” She added, her voice sounding hoarse.
I stayed quiet. Everyone knows Po is a Playboy. All guys are players until they find a keeper.
As if someone was calling her, she stood up immediately from the floor and stormed off back towards the main hall.
I heard the music stop so I ran after her.
Party’s over Y’all! I heard her yell as she took a bottle and broke it on the wall earning a few gasps from the ladies.
Katie is just a little bit too crazy sometimes.
I could see the girls running out from the VIP section as Katie approached them with the broken bottle still in her hand.
I shook my head in dismay as I went back to my former position with Trevor and Ken.
This room is going up in chaos.

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