A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 15

Today is Thursday. Me and Trevor have been going on a date every single evening of this week and tonight is going to be no different.
I gave myself one final look in the mirror and smiled broadly feeling really satisfied with my Gothic makeup and the outfit Trevor got for me earlier today- a sexy red lace bow flirt lingerie set from Savage x Fenty and matching red 6 inch heels.
As I was still examining myself in front of my full body size mirror, a soft knock landed on my door and I heard Maya’s voice on the other side informing me of Trevor’s arrival.
I left the mirror and took a look at the coats he got for me;
The first one was a suede striped fox fur coat with removable sleeves while the other was a hooded grey wolf faux fur coat.
I decided to wear the second because it looked a little bit more breathable than the first one.
I put it on and walked dramatically out of the room taking the stairs into the living room with my heels making a considerable amount of noise. Whatever!
As soon as I walked into the room, all heads turned to my direction and small ‘wows’ escaped from everyone’s lips. Yonas was also in the room.
Uno ran to our direction wagging his fluffy tail and sticking his tongue out.
I picked him up and cuddled him up for a minute before dropping him back on his little rug.
“What up shawty?” Yonas greeted with a smile as I got to where he was sitting.
“Lemme guess he dragged you here to babysit?” I replied with a laugh shifting my gaze suspiciously from Trevor to Yonas.
“Obviously!” He responded glaring at Trevor who raised his hands in surrender.
“We’ll be back before 9.” I told Yonas assuringly.
“Y’all better!” He scoffed as he turned back to play with his godson- Miguel who was in his arms.
“Bye Ma! See you fool!” Trevor laughed as he gave Manny back to Maya and pulled one of Yonas’ braids.
“Moron!” Yonas laughed arranging his braids back.
“Y’all super childish.” Maya complained rolling her eyes as she fumbled with the remote control.
“Bye y’all!” I shouted as we walked out of the house hand in hand and got into Trevor’s car driving out immediately.
At his place:
“Are we done yet?” I asked Trevor as I heard the shutter sounds from the camera in his hand for the umpteenth time.
“Just a few more.” He answered breezily
“That’s what you said about 5 minutes ago. I get bored easily remember?” I teased with a playful eyeroll as I struck another pose while he kept snapping with a smirk plastered on his cute face.
“I know you are having fun Lil mama. Now bust it open ” He whispers as he instructs me on the new pose.
I do a ‘Lil Kim’ pose and his gaze lands between my legs as his eyes widens and he licks his lips.
“Pervert!” I muttered with a little chuckle.
Thing is, all week long, Trevor buys me new lingeries and when we get to his house, I take off my coat and pose for him to take some shots.
When we’re done, he gets them printed and hangs them on the walls of the bedroom.
“Okay, that does it.” He announces finally as he takes out the adapter from the camera and walks over to the photo printer.
I took off the heels and tossed them on the floor before walking over to where he was now sitting before the laptop and trying to configure the photos for printing.
The ones from yesterday were still piled up on the table. I picked up a few and smiled as I went through them. I was wearing a black Victoria’s secret Lingerie with matching thigh high Fendi boots.
“Didn’t have time to hang those up.” He said in an almost inaudible whisper as he stood up groping me from behind.
I turned to face him and kissed him tenderly wrapping my legs around his torso.
He raised me up and placed me on the table and continued with the kisses.
I scattered the photos on the table as I felt some of the photos falling on the floor.
“Let’s eat something first.” He said soothingly as he discontinued the kiss making me a little disappointed.
I responded with an eye roll as he picked me up and dropped me on my feet.
He bent down and picked up the photos on the floor and passed them to me so I could get them back on the table.
He took off his t-shirt and threw it on the floor as he sprints out of the room heading for the dining.
“Catch me!” He sang as he ran out of the room laughing with me running after him.
After dinner, I helped him hang up all the photos both from the previous night and this night. The wall was filled with me posing in different styles.
I’m happy that the bedroom was a private space. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to see me in those naughty poses where I had my legs wide open and my butt in full disclosure.
“Let’s dance.” He said sweeping me off my feet and taking me back to the living room where ‘Long Night’ by 6LACK was playing softly. It’s going to be a short-long night tonight. Winks!

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