A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 14

“The operation was successful. Congratulations! You have two boys. Both mother and children are stable though the babies are preterm and underweight, they’re very healthy.” Doctor said without a pause.
“They’ll have to remain in the hospital for two weeks for proper observation and care.” He continued and we all nodded.
“You can go see them now before they’re taken to the nursery. And we’ll need the father to sign the entry in the birth certificate.” He added before finally walking off with the nurse.
I breathed a sigh of relief as Trevor, Yonas and I got up from the waiting chair and walked into the birthing room.
After taking turns to hold the tiny babies in our arms, the nurse took them away to the nursery while the other nurses tidied things up.
I placed the flowers Yonas brought on the bedside as I sat down on one of the small chairs watching the sleeping Maya.
❣️ Weeks later
We were back home from the hospital.
Trevor and Yonas had kinda divided the babies among themselves.
Miguel- the oldest is Yonas’ godson and Manuel the youngest is Trevor’s godson.
The amazing thing is that they are not identical.
I came in to the house with Trevor, yes, I said Trevor!
We have gotten back together and we are now in a kind of romantic this and that.
The babies’ cries rang from inside the room soon as we walked in.
“Maya! Maya!” I yelled repeatedly as we got into the room dropping my bags.
“I’m in the bathroom!” I heard her voice faintly from a distance as me and Trevor got into the babies’ room.
I lifted Miguel from inside the cot and as I sat down and dropped him on my laps, I realized that his diaper was already full. Maya is still new to this whole parenting thing.
“Their diapers!” I exclaimed and I could see Trevor scrunching his face in disgust. I couldn’t hold the laughter.
“Yuck!” He managed to say as he also examined Manuel’s diaper earning a little look of disapproval from me.
I sighed and got up from my seat taking Miguel along with me as I headed to the bathroom.
“Get me some wipes, and powder.” I instructed Trevor as I dropped the babies inside the empty bathtub.
Trevor returned with the items and Maya also walked in looking really stressed out.
“madre del año.”
“Mother of the year.” I joked as she walked in and stood by the doorway.
Oh Please! She laughed. Less at my statement and more because of how Trevor was staring at us in confusion.
“What she said was…
“Don’t!” I warned as Maya attempted to interpret and she bursted out laughing while Trevor’s frown tightened.
“Hold Manny!” I told Trevor as I handed Manuel to him.
“Good boy.” He teased tickling him lightly.
They have now stopped crying already. I also gave Miguel to Maya who tried patting him to sleep.
I finished up in the bathroom and we all returned to the room. After the babies had both gone to sleep, we left for the living room where we watched TV for sometime before Maya left us to feed the babies who had now woken up and started crying again.
As soon as Maya exited the room, Trevor bit his lips eyeing me up and moved closer to where I was sitting. He looked at me seductively as he cupped my cheeks and crashed his lips on mine.
These kisses only keep getting better and better as the day goes by.
I dropped the remote control on the table and sat on his legs dominating the kiss.
“Darn mami!” Trevor groaned as he unzipped my jacket and ran his hands all over my firm breasts which were hidden in the black camisole I was putting on while I bit his neck lightly.
“Lil Vampire” I whispered with a childish giggle.
“Okay, I’ve seen enough, you two need to get a room.” Maya rapped as she sat on the armrest of the couch.
“Don’t you knock?” Trevor asked sounding frustrated as I got up from his legs and back to my former position laughing naughtily.
“No doors in sight.” She responded throwing her hands in the air.
I glared at her and she bursted out laughing as she turned round and ran out of the room.
“Good night.” She shouted and shut her door. I could still hear her giggling though.
I sighed and looked at Trevor who looked slightly embarrassed at what just took place.
I should have been more embarrassed because my camisole was now on the floor leaving me half undressed, but I wasn’t.
Maya knows these things anyway. I mean what I’m I even saying, she has kids!!
We got up and gathered the clothes.
“Lock the front door will ya?” I told Trevor as I gathered our things holding them in a balled shape against my chest.
“You mean I’m sleeping over?” Trevor asks with a smirk as he locks the door properly.
“Yes sir!” I responded with a mock salute.
“Catch me if you can!” I yelled and ran up the stairs giggling.
He ran after me and caught up with me sweeping me off my feet.
He got to my door and kicked it open before dropping me on the bed.
“Go easy!” I laughed as he returned from shutting the door to join me in bed. A smirk plastered on his ever so cute bearded face.
“I love you Squirrel” he whispered as we made love.
“I love you too Wolfie, you don’t know the half of it.” I responded in a reciprocated whisper.

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