A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 11

It’s been a week already since I moved in with Ivy.
I never thought that I would ever feel happiness again. When I got pregnant, the goal was to deliver and give the baby up for adoption. But now, I have Ivy who loves me like family and is able to afford a great future both for me and my baby.
I stood there thinking and looking out of my window with my hands stroking my bulging stomach when I heard Ivy yell out my name asking me to open up the front door.
I hurried out of the room and got into the living room where I unlocked the door to find Yonas at the door wearing a big smile and holding a cute little puppy.
He held his arms open for a hug and I hugged him happily as he said that the puppy was for me.
I unlocked from the hug as I took the puppy from him happily and ushered him inside.
Ivy came down a little while later to find me holding the puppy and guessing up names for it.
Yonas was laughing heartily at the last name I mentioned.
“You can’t name him Max because I have a friend named Max.” He said amidst laughter.
“Tell me that fella is mine.” Ivy said while taking a seat beside Yonas.
“Wish I could.” Yonas said and we both burst out laughing all over.
“That was funny.” Ivy responds sarcastically as she couldn’t get why we were both laughing.
“I wanted to call him Max and Yo says y’all know a person named Max.” I responded as I noticed the confused look on her face.
“Dear God!” She exclaimed and joined in laughing.
“Okay so what should we name the little guy?” Yonas asked after the laughter subsided.
“Uno… I’m gonna call him Uno” I concluded taking the dog from Ivy.
“What’s that mean?” Yonas asks cluelessly
“It means one.” Ivy interpreted.
“I’ll get you a name tag for him then.” He added with a shrug.
“Thanks again Yonas.” I exclaimed excitedly before exiting the room giving them some privacy to do their talking while I walked out with my new friend.
“So how’s it going with your ‘aprendiz’?” Katie asks making air quotes at the word ‘aprendiz’.
“Been an amazing and interesting week with her around.” I responded with a smile.
“How’s the baby?” I continued.
“Developing” Katie responded and stifled a laugh.
“Oh wow!” I replied and we laughed a bit.
“Here’s more orders” Lily- one of our staff says as she walks into the kitchen with more orders interrupting our discussion.
Wednesday Evening🕢
I was about to knock on Trevor’s door for the second time when it swung open revealing a handsome, smiling Trevor.
“Hey Squirt” I holler as a smile tugs on my lips.
“Yes ma’am” he replies sarcastically with a chuckle as he steps aside from the doorway to let me in.
I got into the warm living room and he drew me into a hug. I kept my face down to prevent him from trying to kiss me.
He unlocks from the hug as he leads me to take a seat in his comfortable couch.
“I was just watching some Netflix” he says as we settled down.
“Maya is crazy about this movie.” I said as I stuffed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.
“That reminds me, how’s she doing?” He asks sounding concerned.
“She’s doing great. It’s been awesome having her around.” I replied with some excitement as I took the half empty bottle of Coca-Cola he was holding and drank a gulp.
“I should prolly get you a bottle.” He says with a little frown earning a playful hit on the shoulder from me.
“Baby…” I hear someone call from upstairs as he attempts to stand up.
“I’m down here babe.” He replies and turns to look at me with an apologetic expression.
“Why didn’t you mention that you had your girlfriend over?” I ask with furrowed brows and hands folded on my chest.
“Sorry” he begs while I roll my eyes.
I could hear her every step as she descended the stairs and walked into the sitting room.
 “Watchu doing down h…” She ends mid sentence on seeing me sitting with Trevor on the couch.
“Babe, you remember Ivy right?” Trevor says trying to cut off the awkwardness.
“Oh yeah!” She replies standing akimbo.
“Lemme get you a bottle” Trevor says as he gets up from the couch and heads towards the kitchen.
“I’m seeing too much of you around my man.” She blurts out rudely as she walks closer to where I was now standing.
“Don’t worry hunny, if I wanted Trevor, I woulda had him 5 years ago.” I reply icily as I take my eyes to Trevor who was returning to the room with a sweating bottle of Coca-Cola.
“I’m gonna go continue this movie at home where it’s much less toxic” I muttered to Trevor as I collected the freezing bottle from him and head for the door with Trevor trailing behind me.
“What’s up I..?” Trevor asks as we got outside sensing that something’s up.
“Go spend time with your girlfriend Tboy.” I replied coldly stressing the word ‘girlfriend’
“Really?” He asks in a tone which indicated that I was sounded like I said something really ridiculous.
“Good night.” I said instead as I shut my car door and pulled out of the driveway.
I turned up the car radio and ‘Trollz’ by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj rounded up as 6LACK’s ‘Balenciaga challenge’ took over.
That reminds me, I bought a new phone for Maya. I increased the speed of the car to get home early enough so I can get it to her before she falls asleep.
It’s currently Friday night and we’re at Po’s clubhouse for our usual Friday night party.
I was chilling with Yonas and Max who were busy making drunk jokes over the loud music when Trevor and his girlfriend walk in the door. The audacity!! Does he trust her that much to reveal his true identity to her?
“Hey Yo Wolfie brought a shawty!” Max yells to Yonas who was talking to someone else. All eyes on Halle, she must feel on top of the world right now.
Trevor was visibly frowning once he sighted me. I haven’t seen him since Wednesday night.
They came over to where we were and greeted Yonas and Max totally ignoring me and took their seats. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I saw the innocent look on Halle’s face.
Some people are worst nightmares than snakes. I shook my head as I made to stand up from where I was sitting but a drunk Max pulled me back to sit down.
I was now stuffed between Yonas who was now busy texting with his phone and a drunk Max who was higher than the tree tops.
I also whipped out my phone and kept myself busy by texting Katie who was a few feet away in the exclusive VIP with Po.
Every now and then, I stole some glances at Trevor who was now glaring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I wonder what Halle told him.
I can’t wait for this party to come to an end.
After a long night of watching dancers at the pole, listening to plenty of new hip hop music and being continuously glared at by Trevor, the party came to an end for the rest of the people who attended while we held a brief meeting where assignments were shared among us for the next day.
As usual I’m supposed to ride with Trevor to deliver some merchandise first in Edgewood, then Decatur and finally Birmingham.
It was going to be a long day at work tomorrow. I understood perfectly why he wanted the two of us to handle these was because we always deliver according to expectations.
My only problem now is the fact that me and Trevor are not even on talking terms right now, and I still wonder what his girlfriend told him that got him acting up.
I hope this doesn’t interfere with our jobs.


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