A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 10

…and she agreed to come stay with me.” I said as I concluded the narration of my story to Po and Yonas.
It was a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon and we were just chilling by Po’s pool side having a little talk about Maya.
“I’m glad that you finally found her. It’s like your dreams all came true” Po said after I finished the story
“Yeah me too” Yonas concurred
“Hey there’s hair in my cup” he adds and spits out the drink in his mouth into the pool while he drops the cup on the floor.
“Shut up man” Po orders with a loud laugh and I soon join
“What did you expect?” I managed to say amidst laughter.
I was presently braiding Yo’s hair. Even though he owns a classic men’s salon, I’ve been his personal stylist ever since we met seven years ago.
“All done!” I added as I finished the last portion that I was working on.
“And you are a darling! So make a choice, Saint Laurent or Chanel? He beamed observing the hair in the small mirror in his hand.
“I’m going for Saint” I pout like a baby.
“Smarty” He high-fives me with a smile.
“Now get your spit outta my pool will ya” Po says and we burst out laughing all over.
Then we heard Bruno (Po’s little poodle) barking from inside and the door leading out to pool opens, revealing boy wonder himself (I mean Trevor) holding him.
On sighting Po, he escapes from his hold and runs to him licking and wagging what remains of his cut tail.
“Get him off me” Po mutters struggling to prevent his drink from spilling only to end up spilling it on himself while I try to pull the excited little dog who had already peed on himself off his master.
This was so funny to watch. All of us burst out laughing including Po himself.
🌹 Wednesday Night
Me and Yonas are currently sitted alone in a reserved VVIP section of a classy restaurant a long way from home.
I’m wearing the expensive Saint Laurent outfit that he bought for me yesterday as a thank you for braiding his hair.
Yonas braids his hair every week and always buys me stuff everytime. Sometimes, for no reason at all. He treats me like his little sister.
The outfit comprises of a black sequined jersey top and a pair of shiny black pants plus a pair of black stilettos and a black purse.
While waiting for the waitress to come over and take our orders, we were laughing so hard as we took turns to take pictures of each other making funny faces.
A little while later, the waitress arrived to take our orders. Yonas had taken a flower from the table and stuffed it in his mouth posing for another shot. But the sweet voice of the waitress interrupted our game.
“Good evening sir and madam, would you like to place your order now?” She said politely.
We both turned to look at her and picked up our menus. However, Yonas was occupied staring at the beauty before him.
Yeah! This waitress was really hot and mind blowing.
“I’m Yonas and this is my lil sis Ivy” He said turning fully to face the waitress while extending his hand for a shake.
She took his hand out of professional courtesy and shook softly for what seemed like forever.
This is interesting.
So they got talking and after getting her phone number, Yonas left her a 10,000 dollars tip.
Don’t fall for Yonas cuz he’s the biggest player I’ve ever met.
Yonas dropped me off at my house at about 10 in the night. I had to get home early since I now have Maya to look after.
About that, me and Maya are getting along pretty well. One of these days, I’m gonna take her to go meet Po and Yonas.
🌹 Thursday Morning
I woke up early to prepare breakfast for me and Maya. I’ve not really been putting much into work at the eatery recently since Katie has hired two people to help her out. I mean, it’s more of her place than mine.
“Today we have a lot to do bebé, we’re going to see the doctor, go shopping and introduce you to a couple friends later on. How does that sound to you?” I asked Maya as I placed the dishes inside the sink.
“Sounds great, suena como un plan”
Sounds like a plan. She replied cheerfully.
“Perfecto!” I exclaimed excitedly as I dropped the dish and gave her a hug. I didn’t think she’ll easily agree to go see the doctor but she did and for that I’m just excited.
So after meeting the doctor, shopping for maternity clothes and meeting Po and Yonas who love her so much, we returned him a little exhausted in the evening to find Trevor’s new car in my driveway. Speaking of the devil.
I managed to get a spot to park and got inside with Maya to meet him in the living room watching TV with a bowl of popcorn on his lap as usual.
“Look what the cat dragged in”. I joked as I got inside dropping the shopping bags on the floor.
“Meow meow meow” he mimicked a little cat earning a scoff from me and a snicker from Maya. That reminds me, they haven’t met before.
“Maya meet Trevor my ex best friend and Trevor meet Maya my Uhm god-daughter.” I said sarcastically with a shrug.
“Ex best friend uhn?” Trevor queried raising his eyebrows a bit.
“Yeah, I mean kinda ignored me when you saw me at Po’s place the other day.” I fired as my face gradually turned red.
“That’s a misunderstanding.” He defended
“Oh wow. I misunderstanding, the kind that makes it impossible to return calls huh?” I fired on
“Or the kind that makes you suddenly stop letting me kiss you.” He yelled and my eyes landed on Maya who was now sitting watching us with arms folded across her chest.
“Eso fue interesante”
(That was interesting.)
Maya comments with a chuckle and walks inside with the shopping bags.
“Is she…
“Pregnant, yes!” I cut him off before he could complete his statement.
“I wanted to say Spanish?” He defends. With this, I explained the entire story to him.
“And don’t ask me if she’s my long lost sister okay? I just wanted to look out for her…” I concluded my narration.
“Like Po did for you and I” he concluded.
“Yeah, like Po did.” I repeat in a whisper as he draws me in for a hug.
We just sorted it out!

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