A Gangster’s Sweetheart Episode 1


Hi, I’m Ivy and I run a fakery together with my best friend Katie who also happens to be my boss’ girlfriend. When I say boss, I mean Po, the leader of our gang. Yes I’m a gangster, I’ve been one ever since I was 16 and now I’m 23 making it 7 years and counting.
And when I say fakery, I mean a fake eatery. During opening hours, we are just regular girls serving food to our customers and after we close, it becomes our gang’s secret base.
My other bestie is a guy and his name is Trevor. I’ve had a crush on him ever since the day I met him and that was 5 years back but he doesn’t really know that because I’ve done a lot of work concealing those feelings. The only person I’ve ever told about it is Katie.
Tonight, we’ve closed for the day and I’m currently in the kitchen washing the dishes and trapped in my thoughts as usual.
You might be wondering why a girl like me decided to roll with gangsters. Truth is, when I was 15, I lost both parents in a car accident and got kicked out of the house by my aunt.
I lived on the streets for a whole year picking pockets, starting fights and selling bricks until I met Po who offered me a better opportunity to work for him.
 He gave me a roof over my head and a means of survival and 2 years later, Trevor joins us having lost his mum to hypertension which was caused by his drunk dad. First time we laid eyes on each other, we just kinda clicked maybe, because we both had the same sad story of losing our family.
As I was busy with the washing, Katie walks into the kitchen looking really stressed out. She has just finished cleaning.
You done? I ask absentmindedly without even looking at her direction.
Yeah and ready to head out. Don’t wanna keep Po waiting for too long. She concludes with a little sigh as she drops the things she was holding back where they belonged and came over to help me out with wiping the plates and placing them in the rack.
We laughed heartily about the funny stuff that went down that day at the fakery. Katie and I were just like sisters. She was helpful, caring and supportive.
We’re finally done with the cleaning and Katie and Po have just left, leaving me to lock the door and dispose of the trash.
I glanced at my wrist watch and realized it was 9:03 already and as if on cue, my phone starts vibrating in my hoodie pocket.
I bring it out and check the caller ID. It’s Trevor calling. I picked up and got to where my car was parked and sat on the hood. My car is just an old chevy truck. With a very coy colour for a stupid outdated old car.
Hey squirt! What’s up? I half yelled excitedly as I picked up the call.
Want me to come get you or you on your way? He asks ignoring my question. Prolly because I called him squirt- a name that pisses him off.
I’m good. On my way! I replied in a duh tone. He already knows that I can take care of myself anyway.
Drive safe Bye! He adds and quickly disconnects the call.
I’m guessing he’s hungry already. I drop the phone back into my hoodie pocket and get into my car and start up the engine zooming off as fast as I can to get home in the least possible time.
I sometimes drive like a maniac maybe because I’ve gotten used to ditching the cops during operations and whenever I was riding dirty.
In no time, I was already pulling up in my driveway. My lights were on and I don’t have to guess. Trevor is inside.
Me and Trevor live a few houses apart from each other but he mostly crashes at my place whenever we’re free and tonight was one of those free nights where we are not out there risking our lives for some racks.
I locked the car and got to my front door and opened up getting inside.
Trevor was sitting on the couch watching TV in the small living room with a large bowl of popcorn on his lap. I shut the door as I got in and he turns his eyes towards my now approaching figure.
My legs were getting weaker by the minute an influence that only Trevor has on me. I love him but he doesn’t know and I’m a stupid girl to think that me and him will ever be more than friends.
He looked as cute as ever. From his uncombed hair to his barefeet which were resting on the table, he was totally adorable.
He wore a black basketball jersey exposing his muscular black arms which were both covered in tattoos all the way down to his fingers.
I see him everyday but my eyes are never satisfied with staring at him and appreciating just how cute this 26 year old is. It’s like he gets hotter and hotter with each passing day. Such torture!!
I knew the details behind all that ink so I don’t really have any problems with it though I wouldn’t have preferred for him to get so much ink on his body but I respect his choice.
As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up and his mouth curved into a wide smile which kept getting wider as I approached the couch he was sitting on. He drops the bowl of popcorn which was earlier on his laps on the table and pats the spot where it was previously for me to sit on.
I take out my phone from the hoodie pocket and drop it on the table before sitting on his laps with my hands round his neck.
He always has this look in his eyes whenever I’m with him that I can’t explain. I know it’s love but just not the type that I wanted badly.
He drew me into a hug bringing our faces inches apart causing us to breathe each other’s air. I gave him a sweet steamy kiss before rolling off his laps and sitting back on the couch giggling like a little girl.
(In case you’re wondering why me and bestie are kissing, it’s just how we greet each other after a long day. It’s the type of kiss which doesn’t have anything to do with romance. We never do it in public though.)
‘How was your day worker bee?’ he asks lovingly with his hand round my neck.
After a little giggle, I started blabbing;
Was great, you know the usual, busy and fun at the same time. Plus we made a lot as usual…. And on and on I narrated all in one breath while fondling with his beards which were as soft as a baby’s hair.
Lemme make us something to eat for dinner. I added and Trevor who was now focusing on the TV screen let go of me as I stretched and got up tiredly heading for my room.
I changed up into a black bralette top and blue shorts with my hair packed in a messy bun. I examined myself in the mirror one last time before walking out of the room heading straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
One of the good things about running the fakery with Katie is that I learned how to cook thanks to constantly watching YouTube while preparing the customer’s orders.

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